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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Promoting your Referral Links to Earn Money

Finding the perfect website to join is hard enough. By promoting your referral links you can earn more money and help others in the process.
All summer long I've been trying to find different ways to earn money online because being hired for a job was nearly impossible. I never tried to do this before and was scammed my first time around. It only took that one time for me to realize that it wasn't going to be easy finding legitimate websites that could help me earn some money. After doing my research, I've found that there are tons of sites out there that could help me on my quest:
  1. Survey Sites
  2. Paid to Click Sites (PTC)
  3. Sites where you’re paid to read emails
  4. Sites where you’re paid to play games
  5. Sites where you complete trial offers
  6. Sites where you take quizzes
  7. And the list goes on…..
After finding these websites I thought that money would be rolling in. However, it took a lot more time than I anticipated to make a decent amount or even reach payout. I went on different forums and realized that the best and quickest way to earn any money is by having others become a part of your site by using your referral link. There are many ways to promote your links:

1. Post on Forums

  • Have your signature be a link to your referral
    • o Be careful with this. Although it is beneficial to your cause to post your opinions in lots of discussions, make sure what your saying is relevant to the conversations. Don’t overly promote your website to the point where you add no insight to the topic. If you do, the forum administrators might catch wind of this and freeze your account.

2. Tell your friends and family

  • This might be the easiest way to promote your link. Just tell everyone you know about the website.
    • o If you’re a college student you can go around campus posting flyers about different ways to earn money online.
    • o Also, telling others on your Facebook and Twitter accounts is a simple way to promote.
    • o However, remember to tell everyone that this isn’t a get-quick-rich website and that they should set realistic goals.

3. Write articles on the web

  • Post your findings online about the websites that have worked for you.
    • o Give your reviews about different websites and your experiences using them. Let people know how much you’ve made, how long it took you to make it, and any problems that you’ve encountered with the website. Add a referral link to direct them to registration.

4. Go on Yahoo! Answers

  • Answer as many questions as you can about earning money online with your referral links included.
    • o This works. It may take a little while to go around answering all of these questions but in the end it‘ll be worth it.
Putting forth a little bit of effort in promoting your referral links will do you a world of good. If you can think of anymore ways to do so, just leave a comment. Here are a couple of websites that will help you start earning money: http://www.squidoo.com/earnalittlemoney

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