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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Increase FeedBurner Subscribers To Your Blog

One of the ways to show your blog potential is by displaying the number of FeedBurner Subscribers. The most important thing to be noted regarding the Subscriber's count is that, they are real people with real thoughts and should never be associated with numbers. I had a Google search, for the past one week, related to this topic and I found out that, there is a hack for doing the same using a Netvibes accounts and an OPML file.

It is quite unrealistic to get 2500 subscribers overnight. Moreover, there is no use in doing the same. No real person is reading your blog to generate valuable comments or to increase your traffic. You just show people a couple of thousand readers more than what is in now. So, I advice you not to indulge in any such activities because, one day or the other ,"The Big G"(Google) will find a lock and your key will never fit the lock anymore. Some of the valuable tips that every new blogger can adopt to increase their FeedBurner Subscribers are listed below.

1. Placement Of Your Feed - This is the most important key to increase the subscriber's count. Anything you want to promote in your blog should be placed at the top, that is, above all the widgets. You should have noticed this in my blog provided you followed my blog on a regular basis. Initially, I had the Email subscription option at the bottom of my page(had 14 readers). I shifted it to the top, 2 weeks before and at present, the number of subscribers are 18. I think the results prove why it is so important to place your feeds above all folds.

2. Feeds Below Every Post - It is always intelligent to place a email subscription or your RSS feed below every blog post because, every person who visits your blog is not a blogger . They are just people who landed on your page searching for some information. Thus, it is important to tell in what way, your blog will benefit the user who came from a search engine. You may visit this page for implementation of feeds below every blog post.

3. Post About RSS - This method is self explanatory. Basically, this method tells you to spread "What is RSS" and educate your readers about RSS. Most of the blogs do not have high RSS subscriber's count, simply because many of them don't understand what RSS is all about. So, you may publish post explaining what RSS is and how it will be useful for the reader to stay up-to-date with your blog. Finally, place a RSS link below that post and I am very sure, you will definitely see the difference.

4. Promote Your Blog Feeds - You may promote your RSS feeds by placing them in various forums, email signatures, discussions, etc... You may also place your RSS feeds along with the home page URL when you comment on posts in other sites. This method will serve to be very useful provided you comment on blogs related to your niche. Also, you may solve some problems for your fellow bloggers and later ask them personally to subscribe your blog. Not as a gratitude, but as a token of appreciation in solving their problem.

5. Include A Bonus For Your Subscribers - Last but not the least. A free bonus for Subscribing to your blog. It is very tricky to do this in a blogger or blog spot blog. But, I recommend every one to place some useful Ebook below your subscription form. This will definitely increase the subscriber's count. You have to personally send the Ebook, you mentioned in your blog, through mail to the subscriber, once you know his/her email address via FeedBurner Email Subscription Service.

I have mentioned a few effective methods to improve your subscribers. Am sure there are lots more effective ways in achieving this, so feel free to leave your opinions here via comments. See you in my next post!!!


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Get More Twitter Followers TODAY

Yes, that’s right! YOU can have hundreds and hundreds of new Twitter followers starting today, and it won’t cost you ONE CENT. That’s right. Free! You can have all the glory and benefits of more Twitter Followers (and followers=power, right?) without having to pay someone else, and without having to surrender your login and password to a third party source (who will then just spam all your existing followers with links to their site anyway). Are you ready?
Just be ready to follow these steps!
Get out your pen, your paper, and shut off the cell phone. You DO NOT want to be interrupted while I tell YOU (and don’t share this with your friends) how to get more Twitter followers TODAY!

Get More Twitter Followers TODAY

  1. Find great stories from other people and share them with a link (and/or attribution). Do this 3 times or more a day!
  2. Share useful information that others can use, too! example: “I’ve discovered that Blip.fm is very useful for sharing my musical interests.” (Bonus points if you provide the URL).
  3. Participate in online events that use #hashtags, because others in the event will find you and appreciate you, too!
  4. Respond to OTHER PEOPLE using the @reply method. This is advanced, so here’s an example: “@glendawh – Is it true you were out all night last night singing karaoke?”
  5. Use Twitter Search (http://search.twitter.com) to find people talking about the things YOU talk about, and follow them!
  6. Add your Twitter URL to your signature line in your email! (Easy to do!)
  7. Don’t overtweet (more than 20 a day is a bit spooky to most people).
  8. Don’t talk about your food (unless you’re me!)
  9. Don’t use Twitter like IM (use direct messages for that)
  10. Don’t tweet all about you: tweet all about them.
  11. And never, ever, ever invite your friends to be part of your Ninja dojo (unless you’re @cspenn), your mafia family (unless you’re @jgottinotdead), or to participate in a “what type of piercing am I?” quiz.

You’re Almost There!

Can you smell that new friend smell? I know I CAN!
You are almost at the top of the Twitter list, just by following the above steps!



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Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Ways to Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

Every successful blogger will tell you that it took great content and hard work to reach where he has. A point he will mostly miss to tell you is that of the benefits of building relationships with other bloggers. It is very important that you have good professional relationships with other bloggers. There are many advantages to be gained from good relationship with other bloggers.
Here are some great ways to build relationships with other bloggers:

1. Commenting on Other Blogs

This seems like a basic idea, but it is a good place to start and let the other blogger know about you. If you want this point to be really effective then it is important that your comments add value to the post and are not simple comments like – “Nice Post” etc.

2. Guest Posts

This is another great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Providing great content to other bloggers is a sure-shot way to get them to notice you. Most blogs related to blogging, technology niche allow you to guest post. Another important point is the timing of your guest posts. Suppose if your guest post comes in at a time the blogger is sick or on a vacation then it will mean much more to him and you can create lasting relationships.

3. Link love

You might get really worried when you link out to other blogs competing with you, but don’t think that way. Be open and break free of all insecurities – giving link love to other bloggers is a great way to build relationships. All bloggers know the hard work behind getting backlinks and when you give them link love then it is really appreciated by another blogger. Would you not be happy if some one links to any one of your posts? Think this way and make the most of this point.

4. Interviews

This is a very effective way to build relationship with another blogger. It is very flattering for anyone to get an email that requests them to give an interview. An interview can really help in the branding an image of any blogger. So this point is a cool way to approach and get to know other bloggers. Moreover, interesting interviews can become great content for you and even get you search engine traffic in the long run.
Although, the points above are very effective to create relationship with another blogger, but be careful not to overdo it. Please leave your comments below..



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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get paid for blogging with Smorty

Are you willing to monetize your blog more and earn more money from it? Today I’m going to introduce blog advertising program Smorty, where you will be paid for whatever you have been doing so far i.e. blogging.
Make money fast with Smorty paid reviews service With this kind of advertising program, advertisers will be able to get thousands of quality links from the blogs of their niche and thus will be able to bring lots of traffic as well as higher page rank for their websites. And bloggers will have lots of money making opportunities by reviewing advertiser’s websites.
So it’s a win-win kind of situation for both the bloggers and the advertisers.
To start making money with Smorty, one need to have a blog of his/her own. If you don’t have a blog, create on at blogger.com for free. Once you have a blog, you can submit your blog for approval on Smorty. There are some basic rules that your blog must abide by for getting approval here.
  • Your blog must be index by Google and Yahoo search engines
  • Blog must be 3 months old at least
  • Must not contain adult, hated or violated content
  • Blog must be in active stage and should have 2 posts per week on average
  • No duplicate posts
Once your blog is approved here on Smorty, you are ready to write reviews about various products, services and sites that comes your way. Bloggers can earn five dollars to hundreds of dollars per review. The amount of money that you earn for each paid review depends upon your blog page rank, alexa ranking, average number of visitors and the number of subscribers your blog have.
A blog with higher page rank as 5 or so will get opportunities from $50 to $200. And a blog with lower Page rank will be making lesser amount of money per review as compared to the high pr blogs.
Increase page rank and Traffic
In Smorty, there is a Post Exchange program where you the bloggers can exchange posts with the bloggers as per their niche and per their Smorty rankings. For every post that writes for other bloggers, a different writer of your niche and of similar rankings will write a post about your blog. So this is something sponsored post kind of idea but it’s free as you are going to write a post in response to a post for your blog. This is one is to one situation. This way you will be sharing traffic with the bloggers of your niche. It will help you get more traffic from search engines and will also help you better page rank as a result of free links from other blogs of your area.
Payments system
Payments at Smorty are made on weekly basis. The only payment method available here is Paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account, open one Paypal account today as it will not take more than five minutes for you to open a new account.
So if you a re interested in making money for blogging, then do sign up at Smorty, submit your blog and let the websites, products or services review related opportunities come your way.



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Monday, July 26, 2010

Using Text Link Ads for making money online

Text Link Ads is the targeted traffic and link popularity ads firm located in NY. I have been working with TLA for more than a year now and have so far earned thousands of dollars from its link popularity program.
Text Link Ads are really helpful for the site owners who are willing to gain top rankings in search engines as they offer static link and that also on the choice of your sites.
Use for Advertiser
TLA is a great market place for the advertisers who are willing to purchase some quality and targeted links for their website. Advertisers find it really easy to buy links from here because their whole process is really simple.
This service displays its publisher’s sites by categories and orders them with their Alexa Rankings, their link popularity and their monthly prices. As an advertiser, you have to choose the targeted category and chose a website for purchasing link according to your budget and requirements. Once you have found the website where you want to advertise, click on ‘Buy’ check box and click ‘Add to cart’.
If you are new here and want to try Text link ads, then you can get $100 in free links.
Use for publishers
As a publisher, You can make money with text link ads from your website by selling link space on your website for a week or month. You can sell its link side wide or even for individual pages and also can decide how many of its ads you are actually willing to sell. You also have the option whether to accept or reject a particular link offer that is being made to you.
As a publisher, you can use Text link Ads Calculator to know the value of a link for a website which depends upon where you are going to place it and also whether you are offering the link side wide or single page. You will be able to make maximum with your link ads when you place them in your left sidebar and the link value decreases when you move towards the right on your website or blog.
As a publisher, you can make more money with it by referring other publishers and Advertisers to it. You will be paid $25 when you refer a member who sign up on Text Link ads and add the TLA script on his script on his/her website for seven days. You will also be paid when you refer an advertiser on here.
Which Sites are accepted
There are many factors like Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, RSS subscribers that plays an important role when it comes about submitting your website on Text Link Ads. You have greater chances of being accepted here if your site has Good page rank as well as Alexa. Don’t try to submit a fresh new website or a site that has Page rank less than 3 as in that case your site will mostly be rejected there. According to me, your site has greatest chance of being accepted here if its page rank is greater than or equal to 4 and has good Alexa rankings as well.
Payment System

There are many payment options that TLA is offering to the publishers. As a publisher, you can accept your payment via Check, Paypal or Payoneer. I have so far used its check and paypal paying methods. But my choice is paypal which is a convenient and fast method for accepting and sending money.
So Try TLA
As I have told you, I have been able to make thousands of dollars from TLA within a year time. I know many publishers who have even been able to make more than thousand dollars from TLA every month. For many publishers, text link ads in one of the main source of income. I even noticed while checking the earning stats for some of marketing experts sites, they have been able to make more with Text link ads than Google adsense i.e. their TLA earnings have been much higher than what they made with Google Adsense in a month.
So there is nothing wrong in trying Text link ads.



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3 Secrets To Promote Your Blog Through Forums

Forums are a great place where you can build a robust network of loyal community around you and your blog. If you are interested in what the forum is about, then you will surely find it fun. Recently, there has been an even bigger rage surrounding high page rank forums due to backlinks, which they can give bloggers – so here in this post I have given three forum secrets that will help you to promote your blog:

1. Don’t Try To Be At All Places At Once

If you try to be active at all places at one, then you will not optimize any of the forums, which you are using. It is only practical that you cannot be active in too many forums at one time. So it is my advice that you go through a list of High Page Rank forums and then focus your attention on two or three of these forums. Then after a period of three months or so you can switch to another group of high Page Rank forums. This is how you should ideally proceed towards building backlinks from high page rank forums.

2. Select A Forum Niche

Many bloggers make the mistake of trying to be involved in any high page rank forum, which they can find. This is a poor practice because you are essentially destroying a lot of potential readers to your blog (which will be on your interested niche). Also you can never give 100% to a forum where you are not at all interested in their threads and topics of discussion. So be really careful when you come to this point. Many bloggers regret having promoted their blog on the wrong niche forums.

3. Respect A Forum

If you plan to join a high Page Rank forum to only contribute junk so that you can get a backlink – you are affecting the image of yourself and your blog. Remember forums are also a great source of traffic. Understand what a forum is really for. If you can provide quality responses to other contributors they will also give respect to what you comment on the forum threads. Also, make full use of the forum – ask questions and doubts that have genuinely struck you and also help other who are in need of some kind of help. This is why I have mention in the previous point about the Forum niche selection.
Do you have any secret, which you use to promote your blog on forums?



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How to get free money from blogging: How to Make money from blogs

When I think of a way to get free money from internet, some terms that automatically comes into my mind are blogs, freelancing, blogging, Google Adsense, Ads, Banners, Surveys, paid to surf or click websites etc. We cannot really make regular income from survey filling websites and paid to click kind of websites. But we have a very realistic and good chance of getting free and regular money from blogging which you can start instantly without making any investment. There are many blogging engines available where you can create your blogs for free. Some of famous blogging platforms where you can create your blogs for free are Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, LiveJournal, Vox, Xanga and Blog.com etc.
I would suggest you to start with Blogger where you can create blogs for free and gives lots of freedom when we compare it with other blogging engines including WordPress. Best thing about free blogger bogs is that, you can chose a template of your choice and can add lots of elements to your blog quite easily like HTML or Java Script Code (that would allow you to add Google Adsense Ads on your Blog) RSS Feeds, Polls, Videos, images, News Feeds, Subscription links etc. And best thing about blogging with blogger is that you don’t need to be an expert or need prior knowledge of HTML language.
So start a blog about the things you are most knowledgeable about or about a particular topic or niche you have expertise in. Make a list of topics that you want to cover on your blog and start writing on these topics in your word document. And once you have covered 10-15 articles, publish them on your blog one by one. To keep your blog being updated on regular basis, you can make a system of adding 2-3 posts in a week or even more depending upon how much you can write and the topics you can cover on your blog. With content publishing, don’t forget to submit your blog posts on top social media networks. Once you have some decent of content and traffic from search engines on your blog, look for ways to make money online from it.
Here are some of ways you can get free money from free blogger blogs:

Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is the most popular and most used monetization method adopted by website owners and the same thing applies to free blogs from blogger. We must have a Google Adsense account before start making money with it. And you should submit your quality blog with some age for qualifying for a publisher account on Google Adsense. Apart from Google Adsense which is a pay per click (PPC) Advertising program, there are some other pay per click advertising you can try are Yahoo Publisher Network (Currently available to US citizens), Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Oxado, Chitika etc

In Text Advertising

There are some in text advertising options available where you will be paid for every click made on any of ads placed around your website content. Some of popular in text advertising networks you can try are kontera, Infolinks and vibrantmedia etc.

Paid blogging networks

There are lots of paid to blog networks available on internet that you can use to earn some quick cash from your blog. Click here to check the list of popular paid blogging networks

Affiliate links

if your blog is focused around a particular niche, affiliate products can be your biggest source of income. Spend some time in finding products focused around your blog content in some of popular affiliate websites like Amazon, ClickBank, LinkShare and Commission Junction Etc

Sell Advertisements

you can get lots of money from advertisers if you are able to make your blog popular and have lots of search engine traffic. There are lots of blog that earns thousands of dollars every month just by selling advertising space on their blog only. If you have a blog that gets lots of quality traffic from search engine and has huge amount of readers, you can make money from everything like selling banners, links and even for reviewing a website.




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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top 5 ideas for Beginners to Make Money Online

There are some ways to make money online for beginners. At most you require a blog or a website. Moreover, you do not have to invest or spend any amount of money from your side. Here are top 5 ideas:

Idea 1: Freelance Writing

This is the best way for a person to earn money as a beginner. Freelance writing is a work on the web which offers a lot of money making opportunities online. You can also improve your writing and researching for topics. Also, you should be comfortable in generating content for almost any niche. There are ample opportunities on the internet for freelance writers and they are paid quite well.

Idea 2: Web hosts/Domain Name Selling

This is a lot like affiliate selling but many webmasters have a site especially dedicated towards web hosting reviews and domain name selling. They sell products related to web hosting and domain names. All the web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Dreamhost etc. give very high commission to their affiliate sellers.

Idea 3: Making Affiliate Sales

You need not be a pro-blogger if you want to sell products on your website. If you have a website with enough organic traffic then affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online. The best sites that can be used for affiliate products are commission junction, Amazon, ClickBank. Most successful affiliate marketers who sell affiliate products do so from these listed sites. The trick is to market your product by writing great posts and selling quality products you have, your audience will also like. The affiliate products you sell should be related to the niche/theme of your blog or website. Making money online from affiliate products is highly profitable as it requires zero investment and provides high returns.

Idea 4: Social Discussions

Did you know that there are many social networking sites that pay you to simply discuss your favorite topics? Websites like mylot, Yuwie etc. which pays you for getting socialized. You can earn a lot depending on your level of participation. They usually have a low payout about as low as $10. These social networking sites basically pay you to start topics and respond to discussions. Apart from paying you these websites are also good to provide exposure to you and your own websites.

Idea 5: Sell unwanted stuff on Ebay

Ebay stores have made many people rich. When you start an online Ebay store you can sell used or new products or both. Millions of visitors come to Ebay for buying products. You can take a share of the pie. The key is to sell products that you do not require and provide a competitive price at the Ebay market place. If you do some research you can find great tips on how to make money online using Ebay.
Would you love to implement any of these ideas especially if you are a beginner in money making niche?



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Top 10 Web Applications for Making Money Online with Twitter

Twitter is a social networking website that allows blogging through very short messages (140 characters maximum) called tweets. These messages are sent and received by registered members of the site via Twitter, cell phone, and a number of other web applications. The immense popularity of tweeting has attracted the interest of many users to make money online with twitter by using one or more of the many available web applications. Here are the ten most popular web applications to help you make money online with Twitter.

1. TweetDeck

This is reportedly the most popular Twitter web application so far. Compatible with different operating systems, TweetDeck is used for tweeting as well as viewing profiles with some popular customizing options.

2. Twittervision

Twittervision allows users to interact with the Twitter community in real time by sending posts in a geographically visualized mode. What you see here is a world map where tweets appear automatically, soon as they are posted, showing the sender’s location, an image, and the message. Many Twitter users send short ads or business website URLs as tweets to make money online by making a few clicks. Users can enjoy tweeting with Twittervision.

3. Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed has the appealing advantage of allowing direct posting to Twitter as well as Ping.fm which connects to several other social networking sites. So the ad or promotional tweet that you post reaches multiple social networking sites at once.

4. Twitterrific

This is one of the most popular clients of Twitter, allowing users to read and post tweets as well as upload images from an iPhone. With a clean, fun-to-use interface, Twitterrific’s iPhone OS version claimed the 2008 Apple Design Award Best iPhone Social Networking Application. Log on to Twitterrific website to learn more about Twitterrific.

5. Twhirl

Twhirl is another popular free desktop client for Twitter. It hosts most of the Twitter features along with many options for customizing the view and usability of tweets including color coding, timeline filtering, URL shortening, localization, and many more.

6. Twitter Search

Twitter Search is a specialized search service, much like Google, that allows anyone to search for a particular word or phrase in tweets submitted to Twitter. It filters the tweets for a particular name, product, or brand on Twitter and reproduces the same upon quick online search.

7. TwitPic

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is true of TwitPic, a web application that allows registered members to share pictures and images with fellow Twitterers, through the website as well as from their cell phones.

8. Tweet Scan

Organizing tweets and using email alerts for better interactivity are the key merits of Tweet Scan, making it easier for users to organize their tweets around a potentially paying trend in microblogging.

9. HelloTxt

HelloTxt serves the purpose of communicating with different social networking websites, including Twitter, at the same time. Promotion through text messages becomes easy and quick with HelloTxt. To tweet with HelloTxt, log on to tweetscan.com website.

10. Twistori

Twistori is a popular Twitter visualizer that incorporates audiovisual media into the Twitter experience, increasing its visual appeal and hence its potential marketing value.
Twitter users from around the world continue to make money online with the above and more web applications. Perhaps you are one of those millions of Twitter users who love to tweet and earn with tweeting, using the above mentioned web applications and others. If so, we’d love to hear from you on what web applications you find most useful and why, and for what kind(s) of promotional purposes you use Twitter. Feel free to send us your comments and feedback on any web applications you have used for tweeting. You’d also love to read what other Twitterers are saying about their experience with web applications for making money online via tweeting. Stay tuned, and of course, don’t forget to tweet my post!



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How to Make Money Online with the Right Keywords?

This post deals with how you can optimize your site’s potential to make money online by using the right keywords. The content on your website is a mixture of powerful advice and the right selection of keywords. Keywords can make or break your website. Every user who wants to search content searches it by typing a set of keywords, and if your content does not have that keyword your content will not be prioritized by the search engine or the user. The use of right keywords will make your website search engines optimized and your website will be having high organic search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is extremely important if you want to monetize cost-per-click ads.
Here are some of the tips for choosing a right keyword so that your content will be viewed the maximum time:
  • Before you choose your keywords, try to understand who your audience is. The primary focus of your website will give you clear idea about this. All your keywords need to be related to the niche of your blog/website.
  • Think of yourself as an audience for your blog. Then brainstorm all the searches that you could possible make related to your niche. Collect all those keywords which you think your audience may look for. Normally you can choose the keywords which are very common and searched a lot by the user. For this, there are many keyword tools available on internet. You can get one of those tools and can know the best keywords you can use for the website. Some of these tools are Google AdWords, Wordtracker, Good Keyword, etc. There are many websites who have inbuilt keyword finder.
  • Try not to focus on the keywords which are too competitive. If your keyword is so common that every webmaster is trying to use it then it can be tough for you to gain audience and make money. You should focus on optimizing keywords that are not that popular. Market your keyword by using different services like videos, blogs, posts, advertisements, etc and get users to your content.
These are some ways that you can use keywords to drive traffic and make money. The more the user finds your content by using those keywords, the more trustworthy your blog can become. Eventually, you can even make your website an authority blog for a particular keyword. This will make your website listed on the top on various search engines and you will able to make more money through that.



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Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Make Money from Traffic Exchange Sites?

This post will explain how to make money from Traffic Exchange sites. Before I proceed with telling you how to make money from traffic exchange sites, first I will tell you what Traffic exchange sites are. Traffic Exchange sites basically allow members to exchange traffic among each other. I have given a detailed explanation below.

What are Traffic Exchange sites?

Traffic Exchange websites are sites that provide traffic to their members. Basically, after you sign up with them you can earn credits by browsing other member sites. For each website you are given a fixed amount of credit. Depending on the credits you have earned, the Traffic exchanger sends hits to your website when other members browse.

Advantages of Traffic Exchange Websites

The main advantage is that Traffic Exchangers can be considered as a way to bring traffic to your blog/website in the initial days when you require exposure. However, the disadvantage is that it is kind of time consuming. Otherwise, Traffic Exchangers are good way to generate hits to your website.

How to Earn Money from Traffic Exchangers?

In case you are not already aware it is also possible to earn some money from traffic exchangers. Your question must be how to do that. Well, the answer is that almost all Traffic Exchanger sites allow you to use or save your credits. The credits you earn by browsing other sites. Once you have accumulated a decent amount of credits, then it is possible to sell them.
Many people on Traffic Exchangers do not have time to browse and earn credits themselves, so what they do is purchase credits from others who browse. In return, they give the creditor some payment. The payment is generally a few dollars, the total you can earn is solely dependent on how many credits you can earn and sell.
There are many popular traffic exchange websites on the internet. Some of the most popular are Traffic Pods, Hit Pulse etc. You can try them out for a start.
Although you may not earn hundreds of dollars or so, for a start I feel that this is a good way to earn some money. Eventually, you can use this money to invest in domain names and such.
Hope you find this post useful. Have you tried traffic exchangers? Did you find it helpful when you used it? Tell others whether it is a feasible way to earn money online. If you want you can also share the amount of money that you were able to earn this way.



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How to Make Money from Squidoo?

Squidoo is a very popular publishing platform. Most people consider Squidoo as a source of interesting information and fail to look at it as a wonderful money making opportunity. Squidoo is a great way to make money online even if you do not have any blogs or website to run your own. Squidoo offers opportunities for you to sell affiliate products, start PPC campaigns etc. Many bloggers even utilize Squidoo as a website to generate traffic to their blogs/ website. In this post I will explain some ways in which you can make money from Squidoo.

Become a Lensmaster

Lensmaster is a lot like webmaster. Basically, you are the person responsible for all the content on your lens. A Squidoo page is called a Lens and the person writing on it is called the Lensmaster. Whenever, you create a lens – you are entitled to royalties generated from the ads on your lens. Squidoo follows a revenue sharing program where you get a cut earned from the pay-per-click ads. That is whenever a reader clicks on the ad, you also earn a share of revenue from Squidoo.

Sell/Promote Your Products

If you have an Ebay store or have an affiliate product related to a niche – then you can use the Squidoo lens to promote it. You can create a lens that is based on the niche of your affiliate products and encourage buyers. Apart from this Squidoo allows you to make use of the in-built function of adding eBay or Cafepress affiliate products. So it becomes easy for you, publish it on your lens and promote it. Even search engines might turn up with your lens for a particular keyword.
There are actually two ways in which you can earn money from the affiliate products using Squidoo lens. The first one is as mentioned above, by selling products through the in-built function that Squidoo offers to its webmasters. Squidoo offers a ton of choices for you to use as affiliate tools. There are many well-known brands such as Amazon, CafePress, iTunes, eBay and NetFlix. However, you will have to share a cut of the revenue earned from affiliate sales with Squidoo in case you make use of their in-built affiliate tools.
The second way is by linking to your own affiliate links using the lens. This method is much more preferable because you get to keep hundred percent of the revenue you make from your affiliate product sales. The only advantage of using the Squidoo’s in-built affiliate product functionality is the ease of setup.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog/Website

Squidoo can also be used to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. When your lens is focused on a particular topic or niche, you can use it to drive traffic to your blog or in fact a squeeze page. That way the visitors to your website/blog through can become your readers or customers. If your visitor is landing on a Squeeze page you can even become successful at selling a great deal of affiliate products. Apart from that, you can add your website link with an anchor text. So when the Google spider crawls it – you get a back link. This can do a great deal in improving your Page Rank.

Become a part of the Squidoo Affiliate Program

When you sign up for Squidoo, you also get a chance to earn affiliate income when you make other join Squidoo. Whenever, someone signs up through your Squidoo affiliate link and makes the first $15 then both the affiliate and the person who signed up get credited with $5 into their account. This is a case where both the parties are beneficiaries unlike usual affiliate programs where only the affiliate seller gets paid. For example, you sign up using my Squidoo referral link then when you reach the $15 mark in earnings for the first time then I as well as you will earn $5. Basically, the advantage of the Squidoo affiliate is that it is easier to promote as the person signing up also has obvious advantages.
The main advantage of Squidoo is that it is super-simple and fun way to share your interests. Along with the fun, it is also a powerful way to make money online. The registration is totally free and easy to get started. Many lensmasters are making more than $1,000 a year from Squidoo. Some even make $10,000, while others are happy with $40 or $4.
The main advantage of Squidoo is that it is super-simple and fun way to share your interests. Along with the fun, it is also a powerful way to make money online. The registration is totally free and easy to get started. Many lensmasters are making more than $1,000 a year from Squidoo. Some even make $10,000, while others are happy with $40 or $4.



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Why Most Blogs Don’t Make Money Online

We all want to make money online. But unfortunately not every one is able to do it. But if every one was able to do it then what is the difference between you and the other person. It is important that you understand most blogs on the internet will never make any money online – because the fundamental concept of the blog is wrong.
Daily millions of blogs are created of which, may be one of them may get successful, generally, the ratio is even lower. This tells us that there is something that is genetically wrong in most blogs which are started. The proof to this is the millions and millions of dead blogs that are lying around in the internet – all of them have a few months worth of content. But then the blogger stopped updating them after the blog never earned him a dime.
There is no need to be de-motivated though, if your blog does not earn money online, all you need to do is make changes to your blog until it is a blog which makes money. This can be done from simply improving content to altogether changing the niche.
At the same time, the way to making sustainable and continuous money online is not scamming – as they never will pay you in the long run. Moreover, making money from pyramid schemes and other questionable methods is unethical.
However, the real trick to making money online is experimentation and determination. It is a well known fact that all blogs cannot make money in the same way. Some blogs can earn well from affiliate products while other may be more adept at roping in new members into your membership site- while others will be an asset for you in terms of sponsors and advertiser reviews. The way a blog makes money online will also depend on the blogger – as some bloggers are pathetic at selling affiliate products.
So once you get decent amount of traffic coming to your blog, then it is time you begin to ponder how you can make money out of it. You can do it by experimenting by different methods. First thing you can try is by suggesting your readers products which they can use – earning from affiliate commissions is one of the most rewarding and tough things you may do. If you are successful at it- great, otherwise gear up to sell your readers e-books or promote your membership website. Keep trying until you make money online.
Hope you learnt something new from this post. Do leave your comments.




Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make money online selling text links with Teliad

About Teliad

learn to make money online with teliad, text link buying selling 
marketplaceTeliad is a text link selling and buying marketplace like text-link-ads.com. Teliad website is available in five languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. So it is another opportunity to make money online with their blogs for bloggers. Good thing about Teliad is that, you don’t need a PR blog to be sell links via their network.

How to make money online with Teliad

There is no minimum page rank requirement for your website to be accepted in their marketplace but your website should be cached in Google. Content of your website should be interesting and it may not contain objectionable or dubious content.
As a publisher, we can make money in two ways with Teliad. First one is by selling links on our websites and second one is by working as an affiliate for them.
As a publisher, you can make money with Teliad on your blog in the following ways:
  • Sitewide links: Selling text links in your blog Sidebars, header, and footer
  • Contextual links: with this scheme, you have to write an article about the advertiser product or services on your blog with the anchor texts that advertiser offers you.
  • InLinks: this scheme is really effective if you have a blog with lots of content. In this scheme, the advertiser select the keywords that can be found in your publisher posts and pay on the basis of purchased text links for those keywords.
As an affiliate – We can make some good amount of money working as an affiliate with Teliad. For this purpose, we need to send new members to Teliad marketplace who use our affiliate links. We will get 20 € for each new members we send, the only requirement is member need to buy or sell text links of 10 € within first two month of joining this network.

Payment system

They send payments to all eligible members via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Moneybookers, and Check whichever you prefer.
Create an account with Teliad today if you want to make money with them by selling or buying text links or want to work as an affiliate for them.



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SponsoredReviews: a real money making opportunity

As all of us know Sponsored Reviews is a paid review providing website where we can buy or sell reviews for or on our websites and blogs. In today’s post, I am going to talk about how to make money online with SponsoredReviews working as a blogger and will also share my experience I have with them.
Account creation on Sponsored Reviews

You must have an active blog with 3 months as its minimum age when you sign up as a blogger on SponsoredReviews.com. If you have a 3 months old blog with little traffic or few back-links, may get rejected here. So it will be in favor for you to submit your best blog here if you want to earn some real cash from them.
How to work as a blogger
Once you accept your blog into their marketplace, you are one step closer to making money with them. When we go to Manage Blogs section in our account on Sponsored Reviews, there is some Suggested Price range defined like $20 to $100 for every blog that we submit. This suggested price is calculated based on our website or blog link popularity, Technorati statistics and Alexa ranking.
So sign-in into your Sponsored Reviews account and start making bids on all open opportunities by browsing Find Advertisers section in your account. There are hundreds of opportunities available when you first logged-in into your account. So you can be selective about the kind of task you place your bids for. For every opportunity, there is some bidding amount you can place bids for and please keep your bidding amount below or equal to the maximum bidding amount allowed for a particular task. I would suggest you to test different set of bids and see which one works for you.
There will be certain advertisers who will be contacting you with a different price bid on some opportunities where you placed your bids earlier. It’s up to you to decide whether to accept their request, decline it or suggest some other price for that opportunity. Suppose you placed your bid as $40 on an opportunity with $60 as maximum bidding amount. And the advertiser is contacting you with a new price of $20. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to reject or accept this task or suggests some different price like $30 as your new bidding price.
Once any or some of your bids get acceptance from the advertisers, you should start writing about those tasks. You have to finish writing and submitting all accepted tasks within a week time from the date they were accepted by the advertisers.
Revenue Sharing & Payment System
They have revenue sharing system of 65:35 i.e. bloggers will be getting the 65 percent of total amount from a completed task and the test of 35 percent will be kept by Sponsored Reviews. They send payments to all bloggers into their paypal account. They make payments two times in a month, on the 15th and 1st of every month.
My experience with Sponsored Reviews.com
I started working as a blogger with them in the month of November last year. And I have been able to earn more than $1300 with them in this short period of time. I’m using Sponsored Reviews on two of my blogs only. So earning of $1300 from one network only in 10 months is not a small earning at all.
Click here to create a blogger account on SponsoredReviews If you also want to make money online writing paid reviews for hundreds of advertisers available on Sponsored Reviews. Please let me know in the comment section if you face in any problem in creating an account on this paid blogging website or have some doubts or questions about SponsoredReviews. Here is my earnings summary screenshot with them:




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Should Bloggers Reveal Their Income Details?

It is the latest trend that is hitting bloggers, who are blogging to make money online. They do a monthly post on the income that they earned in the past month.  And income report kind of posts are published towards the beginning of a month by most bloggers. The income report is a total declassification of all the sources of income that the blogger has used. Although there are many bloggers who do this, there are also many bloggers who are hesitant to reveal all their sources of income. Make Money Online Guru John Chow is the best example of a pro-blogger who regularly reveals his monthly income – along with all the sources. So should you really share your income details with your readers?
If your blog is in the Make Money Online niche, then sharing your income details is a good idea. The Make Money Online niche is rather polluted by a lot of negative bloggers who are simply providing no value to readers. Also some blogs are more or less trying to fraud visitors. In such situations, revealing your income details to readers might seem like a good idea. The reason is that the information will seem to be coming from someone who is actually earning from what he preaches. Most Make Money Online niche blogs hardly earn any income themselves- still they go about teaching others how to make money off the internet.
Also I have noticed that revealing income details to other bloggers helps develop a lot of trust with them through the transparency. Letting your readers and peers know your sources of income simply displays the transparency that you maintain – it reflects on your personality that all your information is clean and effective.
When I see other bloggers who reveal their income details it is a source of inspiration for me. This is why you should also reveal your income details – so that countless other bloggers are also able to gain motivation from it. For doing so, you need not be earning a six-figure income; even a decent three-figure blogger can share his income details online. Since any ways most of his readers will be earning more than him. Either ways you are accomplishing the task of inspiring your readers to a better blogging career.
Sharing your sources of income and the amount earned from each source is the best way to show that you actually apply what you write. It calls your readers into your action and your content will become “expert advice”.
What do you think about sharing the income details of your blog? Let me know below.



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