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Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Ways to Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

Every successful blogger will tell you that it took great content and hard work to reach where he has. A point he will mostly miss to tell you is that of the benefits of building relationships with other bloggers. It is very important that you have good professional relationships with other bloggers. There are many advantages to be gained from good relationship with other bloggers.
Here are some great ways to build relationships with other bloggers:

1. Commenting on Other Blogs

This seems like a basic idea, but it is a good place to start and let the other blogger know about you. If you want this point to be really effective then it is important that your comments add value to the post and are not simple comments like – “Nice Post” etc.

2. Guest Posts

This is another great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Providing great content to other bloggers is a sure-shot way to get them to notice you. Most blogs related to blogging, technology niche allow you to guest post. Another important point is the timing of your guest posts. Suppose if your guest post comes in at a time the blogger is sick or on a vacation then it will mean much more to him and you can create lasting relationships.

3. Link love

You might get really worried when you link out to other blogs competing with you, but don’t think that way. Be open and break free of all insecurities – giving link love to other bloggers is a great way to build relationships. All bloggers know the hard work behind getting backlinks and when you give them link love then it is really appreciated by another blogger. Would you not be happy if some one links to any one of your posts? Think this way and make the most of this point.

4. Interviews

This is a very effective way to build relationship with another blogger. It is very flattering for anyone to get an email that requests them to give an interview. An interview can really help in the branding an image of any blogger. So this point is a cool way to approach and get to know other bloggers. Moreover, interesting interviews can become great content for you and even get you search engine traffic in the long run.
Although, the points above are very effective to create relationship with another blogger, but be careful not to overdo it. Please leave your comments below..



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