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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Google’s New Tool, The Wonder Wheel

What exactly is this new tool and why is it being spoken about? The Wonder Wheel brings out a whole new game field when it comes to keyword research. Why is it being spoken about? Because it is just that great.
The Wonder Wheel
The wonder wheel is a simple tool designed especially for webmasters. It brings out a whole new ball game to keyword research and keyword analysis. It is a new outspoken tool that simply does what it does and pulls out 8 of the most searched terms originating from the keywords you first imputed, and the cycle goes on and on. If you don’t seem to see what new opportunities this new tool unveils for webmasters, you should read more about keyword research before using this tool.
What You Can Accomplish With This
  • Non-competitive keywords with high search rates that were buried and never discovered on your niche.
  • Find multiple long tail keywords.
  • Target only keywords specialized on your market.
  • Shows the most searched up pharses coming after a root keyword.
It is almost as if Google is laying all the tools around just for the webmasters.
How to Get This Tool
How to get this tool? It is completely free, and is already within your grasps. Simply search up a keyword through the Google page and on the left hand side, you should see a link called, “Show Options.” Click that, then scroll down and hit the ‘Wonder Wheel’ button under the category, ‘Standard View’. If you still didn’t get it yet, don’t worry, here is a video tutorial specially made from the nichemarketninja.

Why Video Advertising Is a Must

Video advertising comes a long way for advertising campaigns. They have shown to be a great marketing tool to spark new reader’s minds. Did you know that a study by the Online Publishers Association from 2005, showed that almost 50% of all the people who took the survey had some immediate response right after?
It is time for marketers to maximize their capabilities with video advertisements and not just stick with the plain old black and white pictures. Online marketing takes more than an anonymous person saying what’s good and what’s bad, it takes more sophistication and video advertising provides just that.
The Benefits Of Using Videos
Using videos give your readers a new image for your site and what you are trying to emphasize on. People like sophisticated stuff that can move, dance around, whatever and using videos to advertise your site or blog gives your site just the attention it needs.
  • Gives your readers a new feel and comfort zone for your site.
  • It has more impact on the audience than just in text advertising.
  • Videos aren’t boring and it keep your audience awake, giving you the opportunity to point out your objective and main points.
  • Video Advertising is simple, you can just publish only one video and keep using it as your site’s main theme.
  • Easy to insert your videos on advertising campaigns like Adwords or anywhere else like on Youtube and etc.
Why Add Your Video To YouTube

Although posting a video on Youtube may not be promising, it is a very effective marketing move. Gaining new readers and creating a audience like through social networking sites from scratch is a great marketing tool to advertise your site and keep your readers feeling happy and secure. I believe all videos should be posted on Youtube, for it will be possibly one of the top suppliers of providing new incoming traffic and act like as a search engines for all videos videos.

Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Get Results With YouTube Marketing

How to Get Results With YouTube Marketing

There is one thing that almost always determines the outcome of a campaign even before starting a campaign, and that is research. Research enables webmasters to foresee the outcome of their campaigns without even starting or lifting a finger. One of the main reasons why research is a very important topic to consider in any marketing campaign is because the idea is like supply and demand. The main purpose of research is to try and find markets that have no ideal established web zone, and to make use of these “empty markets” to ultimately profit money wise for your self. Research in YouTube marketing is no different from trying to learn search engine optimization. If you already grasp a good hold of SEO and keyword research, chances are, this will be a piece of cake.
Learning how to use YouTube wisely will not only give you an additional source in your arsenal of websites to bring mass traffic to your money sites, but it will also help give you a general idea of how crucial research is in any marketing campaign.
Here, I’ll discuss a few methods I use for YouTube and techniques I use to optimize my campaigns ultimately for YouTube marketing to get results.
Learning How to Filter
If you are a regular YouTube user, chances are, you still are not 100% aware of the advanced filters YouTube has incorporated in their website. What this feature enables for marketers ultimately, is let them be able to filter out unsuccessful web videos and take a peek at and learn from the more prominent videos on the web that are up-to-date. Learning how to use YouTube advanced search is mandatory for any of your video marketing campaigns. The reason why I say this is because it enables you to see what is considered “hot” and what is not.
Here is a great example of how easy it is to use YouTube’s advanced search functions to funnel out only the videos you want. Lets say you were into American Idol videos and only wanted to find out what videos are among the most popular of the batches that are available.
Your settings could look like this:
Search Term: American Idol 2010 | Sort by: View count | Upload date: This month
You get the idea. The purpose of this is to look ahead of time of what is popular and what is not because as being a marketer, especially ones who deals with entertainment, you want to be decisive and correct when beginning your campaigns — because or else, you will only be blindly uploading videos. The key to any marketing campaign is to find out as much information as you can beforehand and with that knowledge, utilize it to ensure your campaigns have the best impact. Now that you know how to use YouTube’s filter function, you can use it to your video marketing advantage from now on.
Use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool
Another great tool to help fortify your campaigns is the YouTube Keyword Suggestion tool, which Google enables users to openly access to find out which keywords are among the most searched among YouTube viewers. What information presented within the tool allows you to do, is allow you to generally approximate and find high search phrases at your disposal within just clicks of your mouse.
Although you are not only limited to these methods, these are just some ways that I utilize to help me gather enough information to decide if a market is worth tackling or not before even investing time and money into a project. Also, one of the most important factors to getting your videos to have the most impact on YouTube that I cannot emphasize enough on, is to use proper titling, tagging, and description writing. Although many people may not realize the impact of these factors, they do still play a role even if it may be a minor one in deciding if your video is worthy of being on the front page of the search term you are targeting.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Search Engine Traffic is Better Opposed to Other Traffic Sources

Search engines today, we know has a wide variety of search engines to chose from, such as, Google, Live search, and Yahoo search, but why is it that search engine traffic is the best traffic source? Why can’t I just stick to getting referrals and pay for advertising rather than play by the search engines’ rules? Here is why.

Why You Should Play By the Search Engine’s Rules
Although we know that any source of traffic, whether it be considered as a referral site or not, traffic is traffic, but in particularly why is search engine traffic better overall? Here is why.
  • Search engine traffic is completely free.
  • Everyone uses search engines to browse for websites for a specific reason.
  • It is reliable and delivers constant traffic depending on what terms you rank for and how much effort you put into ranking for those keywords.
  • Although it is tedious to try and rank for keywords, any marketer recommends optimizing for search engines in the long run.
  • Referral traffic lasts only a couple of days and stops delivering traffic at some point.
  • There is more exposure of your pages in the search engines.
  • Search engine traffic is targeted, meaning that they are interested readers that can be potential buyers.
  • Search engines is like a yellow book to get found, and you want to be part of the front page and not in the back pages.
  • Ranking for search engines is more convenient to get traffic from than lets say, forums with strict rules.
  • Most successful web owners say that search engines are their biggest source of traffic in the long run.
Any successful web owner would say that ranking for specific keywords is worth the effort, and in the long run, traffic from the search engines will most likely outrank your other traffic sources. Although you may not see much results from the search engines now in the early stages, optimizing for the search engines is considered as a must for traffic for any serious web owner.

Monday, April 5, 2010

8 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Seeing Search Engine Results

8 tipsThe search engines has been known to reward blogs who are reputable and are of quality with free endless stream of new visitors everyday, however, what about blog owners in the other end who aren’t as reputable, and are not the brightest of SEO?
8 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Seeing Search Engine Results
Don’t worry, it isn’t like the search engines single handily pick out blogs that they simply don’t like. The search engine’s objective is to display the most relevant, popularized results for a certain search term, and they will do just that.
  1. You don’t have fresh, valuable, handwritten content to offer.
  2. Your site is new.
  3. You’re not link building enough.
  4. You’re not considering on-page optimization.
  5. You’re targeting keywords that are too competitive.
  6. You’re not updating your blog like you used to be. You are getting lazy.
  7. You are too impatient and unpredictable.
  8. Site does not follow the webmaster guidelines.
1.) You don’t have fresh, valuable, handwritten content to offer.
Google and any other search engine would agree that they really hate duplicate content that was just copy and pasted off somewhere else because first off, it isn’t helpful, nor is it offering anything new to the table, but just cluttering their search engine results. That is why fresh unique content is important for search engines as well as users whether or not duplicate content penalties exist or not.
2.) Your site is new.
Don’t expect a miracle once you start your website thinking that you would start ranking high immediately. There is a process or should I say a phase that most search engines undergo new websites until they have enough “data” to say, this site offers really good content and respectively rank them higher. This process can take over 1-4 months for the search engines to develop depending on how knowledgeable you are in the SEO field. There is no short cuts in terms of ranking quickly. It is more of a mixture of link building, on-page optimization, and much more, which determines your site’s rankings.
3.) You’re not link building enough.
Search engines uses the number and the quality of the links linking to you to emphasize how important a page is to respectively increase their rankings in the search engines. If you are not seeing any significant increase in your search engine rankings, it could be due to the lack of link building. If your site is new, I recommend building links little by little in a continuous stair way pattern that slowly builds up, to ensure that your site doesn’t look “odd” to the search engines. The early stages of a new web site is it’s most vulnerable stage to facing deadly consequences because the search engines has no data or “trust” on your site just yet.
4.) You’re not considering on-page optimization.
We don’t want to start a whole body paragraph on on-page optimization due to the fact that we already made a post on the 14 Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips regarding on-page optimization. Follow these tips and we promise that you will see improvement.
5.) You’re targeting keywords that are too competitive.
If you just started your blog just a few days ago, don’t expect to be ranking even somewhat close for the keyword “Make Money Online” or any other money keyword. Slowly devour smaller keywords and build from the bottom up because remember, if your site is still in it’s early stages, the search engines are still trying to gather enough information on your website to rank them respectively. So until then, it may be hard to rank until the later stages where you can build more links without worrying about getting any “odd” penalization.
6.) You’re not updating your blog like you used to be. You are getting lazy.
Don’t forget that search engines are here to give your content exposure, and if you stop giving content, they will stop giving your site exposure as well. Readily updating your site, even if it is a minor change, at least once a month is a given.
7.) You are too impatient and unpredictable.
Your simply unpredictable when it comes to committing to your website. It can be discouraging at first due to the fact that having a website on it’s early stages, it can be hard to rank, but after the initial stages, it pays off. If you aren’t the type of person who can commit without even having the slightest incentive to motivate you for the first few months, then perhaps search engine optimization isn’t the right job for you.
8.) Site does not follow the webmaster guidelines.
Ensuring that your website follows Google’s webmaster guidelines is a must if you want to get into good hands with Google. If you won’t compile to their guidelines, then you will simply not be listed in Google’s index. They take quality seriously and you should too if you want to rank well. Put everything into that one site and show them what you are made out of in terms of building a quality reputable site from scratch. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Tagging Posts in General is Important

One of the most unspoken of topic is whether to tag or not in posts in general. When we refer to tags, we generally mean sub-categories where posts are simply organized like in a new neat file, but why is it important people say?
What Are Tags
Tags are generally simple keywords, from one to three small descriptions that classify what the post mainly about, like you see in the bottom of most of the posts MoolaDay publishes. So, why is it important, and why you should care for your blog? Find out now.
Why You Should Tag
Although it isn’t really time absorbing to tag a few posts here and there, it really can’t hurt to tag.
  • Blogs with low # of pages, each tag has it’s own unique permalinks that can widely help distribute your pages and get more exposure over the search engines if you rank high. There should be a balance of the # of pages, so it doesn’t dilute the page rankings completely.
  • If you do enough link building, tagging can pass page rankings to posts and so on to help your site get more exposure in the search engines while your posts rank.
  • It is a great way to build up keyword density in a post for the benefits of on-page keyword optimization.
  • It helps readers to know what your post is talking about in a few simple words. That is why it is defined as “key” words.
  • Tagging doesn’t really have an negative impact, however, if you abuse it, it is another story. I generally stay around the 1-3 tags per post mo do.
  • It helps to categorize simple projects or posts together without having to make a whole new category.
  • All blog owners simply do it, and you should too if you aren’t now.
Tagging is basically a function to greatly engage your on-page keyword optimization by allowing the web owner to target any three keywords that they want, and put it in the page for search engines to count it in the keyword evaluation. Although tagging may not have much effect in terms of rankings and such, it sure certainly helps both your efforts of optimizating and your readers’, so why not integrate tagging now? There is nothing to lose in tagging.

How To Get Heard In The Internet

Getting your name out can seem impossible especially if your new to blogging and you may feel like banging your head against a wall, however there are many ways to speak your name out, but it takes time and commitment and social networking is one of them.
Social Networking Social networking is a great way to attract readers, especially nowadays where it is filled with thousands of readers who visits daily. Social networking sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon are great ways to spark new incoming readers. Social networking takes a lot of time and commitment to build a large community. Just like everything else in life, you have to work for it. Social networking makes it possible for new blogs to connect with other blogs and speak their name publicly in discussions relevant to their topic. Social networking has immeasurable potential that can possibly grant you to becoming the next big hit like many big sites such as Problogger, Mashable, and many more who grew from social networking sites. One thing about social networking is that you may see that it can be inconsistent if you don’t use it correctly.
You may see an tremendous jump of incoming traffic one day, shooting straight up to 1000 visitors and then the next day it drops down to 50 visitors and was as if they had never step foot on your site. Many people fall in this category and it can be very disheartening to see all the incoming traffic disappear that you worked so hard for, however It may not always work out as planned and there are many other options also.
Article Writing

Article writing is one of the options that few people choose because it is the most time consuming and the incoming visitors aren’t as rewarding, however article writing is a powerful technique to target loyal readers. Article writing is a great method to gaining targeted loyal readers who are more likely to visit your site again and again. If, you are looking for potentially loyal readers, article writing might be an great option for you.

Joining Groups Joining a group where there is a relatively large community such as forums can be a great source to showcase your site to the public for free. Not only are you given the tools(Signature, profile, & more) to advertise your site to the public, but you are also given a large opportunity to speak out to thousands of readers who reads the forums daily for free. The forums is a great source to finding targeted readers who have some expertise in your niche. It is generally one of the best contributors for attracting targeted readers. You can follow up on hundreds of forum boards relevant to your niche, here.

Mutual Partnerships

Making friends in general with other sites can be one of the biggest contributors in getting traffic. An simple task such as creating ablog roll can substantially increase your traffic. Creating a healthy relationship where two bloggers start a partnership and exchange links can be really rewarding. Where one another can benefit from each other’s traffic by directing a link to each other sites and read each other’s post. It is a healthy connection where everyone benefits from and creates an on going cycle where traffic passed around like a plate being passed around a table of 20.
Feed DirectoriesJoining feed directories is a must for all bloggers who are trying to publicize their site. It is one of the most simplest ways to get heard and best of all, it is low maintenance and once you submit your feed, you never have to return. Joining as many large feed directories doesn’t hurt you and the more you join, the better. Feeds make it possible for directories to receive site’s up to date entries and inform readers who are interested in your genre.
Join discussions, get heard and speak your mind. State your ideas and opinions and speak out. Talk about what informative articles you have in your blog and what makes your site so special. Speak out in discussions and show that you know what you are talking about and the rest will follow. Don’t lure people in with false conduct, that only leads to dishonesty and brings your site a bad name. Join discussions and talk with other people and use luring lines like, click here to continue to read the rest or just stop your sentence where it starts to get crucial and add a link to your blog. This will attract more loyal readers and will more likely subscribe to your feed.

Why Every Site Should Have a Blog

Blogs are becoming one of the biggest online pandemics. They are practically everywhere you surf on the Internet. You visit a business site and you see a link that is called blog. You visit big social networking communities like Digg, and it says blog on the lower left as well. So, what gives?
Blogs, What Gives?
Some of the biggest reasons as to why blogs are becoming such a sensational hit is that they bring a unique composition to the table that benefits both readers and owner at the same time. How you say? Here are some reasons why every site should have a blog.
  • Blogs build trust.
  • Blogs helps build a profile to build credibility.
  • Social networking sites and the search engines love blogs.
  • Blogs help build an audience.
  • Blogs enable the writer to write freely about anything they want.
  • Blogs are great for releasing information about the latest events.
  • Blogs help increase your exposure over the search engines.
  • They help provide useful information for your readers.
  • A great way to build subscriptions and motive readers to subscribing.
  • Blog can make promising money with advertisements, once reputable.
  • Can be used to help encourage promotions.
And blogs can… the lists goes on and on. Although blogs doesn’t suit every one’s sort of style, it is a great method to building up readers, buyers, warriors, or what ever. Blogs helps to establish a helping community that anyone can easily opt in or opt out with a single button. Time and effort is all it takes to building a credible blog.

How Trackbacking Can Increase The Number of Readers

Trackbacking is a common technique used to connect Bloggers with various sites to attract more readers on other famous blogs with your own individual post. Think of it as a promotional link exchange between posts. In simple text, you are leaving a link on their page to your version interpreted with your own thoughts and ideas of the original article or something relevant to the original. This technique says to enhance exposure over the web and attract new viewers, but how so people ask?
How So You Say?

The objective is to find a blog post that have same morals and interests as your own blog post and generally speaking, trackbacking a link that you find share the same interests can increase your site’s exposure over the web. Not only does trackbacking possibly enroll you in getting free feasible traffic, it will also give you quality traffic. If the people have the time to scroll down and look for other sources through the trackbacking lists, usually located at the bottom of an article, they are bound to be loyal readers looking to find more answers and those loyal readers may possibly lead to you. Not only is this technique great for finding new loyal readers, but it also creates a new stream of traffic which funnels out irrelevant traffic and give you ONLY targeted traffic. There is no capacity so you can link with as many blog posts as you like for in this modern day Internet blogging, it is free! Think of it as a free promotion for posts that share the same qualities and moral, and to also create relationships with one another.
Are There Any Drawbacks?

Technically saying, no, there are no drawbacks what so ever except that it requires a reciprocal link back to the original source to be listed on their trackback post. It may seem a bit fishy at first that blogs are just giving away free promotional links on their posts, but they too are also benefiting from this arrangement as well because you are passing on the article over the web with the reciprocal link back to the original article, which increases the exposure of the article over the web and your trackback link as well. In other words, you’re both benefiting from this arrangement.

No wonder trackbacking is one of the most commonly used technique in creating relationships and for promoting. It increase more visibility as well as increase the exposure of the post over the web and also provide a steady steam of loyal readers who are interested in your Blog’s niche, and give blog owners the opportunity to connect with new loyal readers with the same interest as your blog. Think of it as passing on traffic that is targeted toward your own post with your own thoughts and preferences to the subject and passing the traffic to one another.

16 Sure Ways to Build Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Unfortunately, traffic is one of the biggest problems for most webmasters, and finding those sources may be hard, so we have patched up a list of sure ways to build targeted traffic your site. That’s right, I said build.
Sure Ways to Build Targeted Traffic
  • Participate in discussions. Discussions can be from just e-mailing a friend or simply chattering with your friends on the phone. Anything that involves interaction is a great way to build loyal readers.
  • Join forums relevant to your niche. Learn more and give back to the community. Show what you got and people will follow you and your sites.
  • Comment on blogs relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Trackback articles from other blog owners.
  • Pay for affordable contextual advertising on long tail keywords that you know will funnel out unnecessary customers.
  •  Join social networking groups on your niche of course and interact with people accordly.
  • Offer or exchange guest posts with blog owners.
  • Try article marketing, Ezine Articles is a must. View our list of the top 21 Article Directories.
  • Search engine optimize your sites to rank for high end keywords that have little to no competition. 5 Keyword Tools That I Recommend, and you can learn more about Keyword SEO in One Post.
  • Outsource on projects that is targeted on a particular group. Like for say, link directories mainly attract web owners, and if you have one, it targets mainly web owners depending on what type of directory it serves as.
The Building Part
  • Engage the readers. This defines “building” targeted traffic.
  • Offer any syndication service that interested readers can subscribe to, whether it be through e-mail or feed, anything that keeps your readers up to date, is a must have. Twitter is also a great option as well.
  • In essence, quality content will be a factor that every web owner should show the most effort on.
  • Simply keep your readers posted that you are somewhat active. Offer some sort of service that says to your readers that your active.  Social networking accounts such as Twitter and Digg accounts are great examples of showing activity to your readers.
  • Think to your self about what keeps your readers engaged and what are they most interested in. Having incentives or events now and then are a great way to spark enlightenment to your community.
  • Share, communicate as you would with any group in general. Your biggest priorities is to maintain and engage readers for them to have a reason to stay and continue to come back.
Maintaining a site and engaging your readers is the key to containing targeted traffic. It is sort of like building with Lego pieces. You must keep your readers engage and ready to go or else after a while, they will get bored of the same pieces and leave.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Monetizing Yahoo Answers

You have probably heard about Yahoo answers before, but have you ever heard about making money from Yahoo Answers?
How To Earn Using Yahoo Answers

Using Yahoo Answers is rather simple and can be another clever scheme of promoting your sites and blogs for free and convert targeted traffic from Yahoo Answers into cold hard cash. The goal is to get as many best answers as you possibly can and you may have a chance to be featured on the front page of Yahoo Answers, in the headlines, which means more free spurring traffic to monetize for your blog/site.
Becoming a reputable member of Yahoo answers can be very rewarding especially if you are nominated as best answer frequently. Being nominated as best answer will give your site more exposure over Yahoo Answers. Resulting in adding your best answers to the ‘best answers category’ and giving you a greater, slightest chance of being featured on the front page of Yahoo. There is currently no algorithm that Yahoo answers follows  that I am aware of and if there is an update, I will keep you posted. For now, I believe you just have to cross your fingers and hope that you appear on thousands of peoples’ browsers and hope for the best.
How To Start Earning

  • Have a web site or a web page that you can redirect the traffic to your site to monetize with Google Ads.
  • Register a few affiliate programs or ads on your site to spark your earnings to a higher extent.
How To Get The Best Answer

  • Post quality answers that fulfills the question that is asked.
  • Not spamming with useless replies like, “hahaha lol” or irrelevant links.
  • Answer questions that you have some expertise on.
  • Answer the question and if you can become the over achiever.
What You Should Focus On
  • Posting answers to questions relevant to your site that you are trying to direct traffic to.
  • You may redirect links back to your site, however it must be somewhat relevant to the topic or it will result in a ban or an account suspension. Yahoo Answers are really strict on people linking back to their sites so, you must consider their rules or your efforts of monetizing new targeted traffic will be in vain.
  • Focusing on these steps will generally help you get the best answer.
Also, use the advance search button on the page. It is very helpful for finding unanswered questions that match your search.
Warning Before Taking Advantage of Yahoo Answers

Even though Yahoo answers may be a new gateway for pointing new targeted traffic to your site, it is always better to play it on the safe side and consider their rules and policies. Yahoo Answers is an established community for users all over the world to ask questions and to share knowledge which means no spamming of any kind. They are very strict about spamming as I have said once before and you don’t want to be on Yahoo’s bad side.
This concludes this article on monetizing Yahoo Answers and I would like to hear back from you all, on what you think about Yahoo Answers or possibly share some of you own personal the experiences you have had with us all.

Where To Find These Traffic Generators Called Forums?

Where To Find These Traffic Generators Called Forums?

I haven’t done many posts on traffic lately, so lets get to it. If you read my other articles on traffic and you are now aware of how to get traffic by posting, commenting, forum browsing, and such, then continue to read, if you haven’t, you can read them now! As for now, we will be focusing on some good forum sites that we hope you use to learn and utilize the benefits that these forums will bring to the table.
Where Can I Find These Forums?

There are thousands of forums that you can advertise your website and receive traffic, however what are the best sites to advertise my website?. Forum searching can be hard and that is probably the reason why you are even reading this now, but I will provide the arch support you need to be getting the traffic and prosibily back links your site desires.
How do I Know Which Forums Are Best For Me?
Remember the best forum that you can ever join is ones that is relevant to what your blog or web page is about. It will be strange if a video game blog started posting random comments onto a mommy blog forums wouldn’t it? The best choice is to chose forums that is most relevant to your website and remember to take advantage of those signatures!
The Lists of Forums
Here, I have provided helpful links of forums that I use and that I strongly recommend to my viewers because of the site’s simplicity and helpful community. The huge number of members in the forum community also plays a role and gives you more opportunities to join helpful groups and make friends. The numbers of people and posts on Big Boards will bring shock waves to your eyes. Even if these forums might not be relevant to your website, forums such as Warrior Forums and Digital Point is a MUST to learn the basics of SEO and online marketing from a greater point of view of thousands of members.
  • Warrior Forums (MUST) - A really organized helpful community with tons of members on everyday. Almost a thousand active members on every time I look. They will provide deep details and strategies to help generate sales and such. Please make sure to follow the guidelines and rules before you start posting because the rules are really strict and no ebook or any person can replace Warrior Forums once you are banned. There is no warning if you get banned, so post with precaution because this is a really organized forum and they don’t like spammers of any shape of form.
  • Digital Point (MUST) – Almost the same thing like Warrior Forums and you must follow the rules, however with a must bigger population and contains very helpful topics such as AdSense, marketing in general and more. The last thing you want is to be banned from such as helpful community in this forums.
  • Blogger Forums – Just a forums to chill and meet other new bloggers. It is just really a place to make good friends and find people around the same level as you in marketing online in general or using AdSense. Pretty good forum, however is filled with spam and rules are less strict, but is a good place to start out.
  • Big-Boards (MUST) - The Big Boards is not forum, but tells you the largest population and you can take advantage of that opportunity by looking for those top user base forums and generate traffic/sales! This is also a must because it contains such a helpful list to find forums relevant your niche.
Well, that’s the end of the article forum posting and I hope you will use these links to help increase your web site’s traffic and to learn lots from them because they are one of the top free acessible traffic givers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Make Money From Blogging

Blogging is probably now one of the most definite ways Internet marketers as well as Bloggers utilize money making, simply because it is fun, addicting, and can be beneficial pocket wise too. It just couldn’t get better. We’re in a revolution where practically every business operate their own blog as well as Internet marketers, and it is now well known to make a great source of income. You just have to put a little bit of effort into it and you can be rocking off to the bank.

How to Make Money From Blogging
There are practically many ways to making money with a blog. Bloggers practically can use any method of money making from their arsenal of weapons. Whether it be affiliate banners, PPC, whatever, it can all work well with a blog. Here, I’ll list couple of ways to make money online with a simple blog.

Promote Affiliate Networks
If you are a serious Blogger looking to make money, well look no further. About every network, whether it be from Clickbank, Commission Junction, or whatever,  have probably the right advertisers for you to promote. Already, promoting the affiliate network it self, can already be a great way to monetize.

Consider Google Adsense Ads
Google has strive to show that their network is simply one of the best and the better paying networks out there. They simply have all the artillery when it comes to customizing your text/image ads. An example of a Google Ad is the Google ad located to the left of this post. Google enables web masters to simply blend in their ads to simply maximize their click through ratios with Google’s ability to also show really relative ads for publishers to simply maximize their earnings.

Allow Sponsor Postings
Sponsor posting is like getting paid to blog, however, you must write about who you are sponsoring about to get paid. A lot of Bloggers nowadays offer sponsor postings on their blog, but it comes for a fee. A great network to find sponsors can be located at a network called PayPerPost.
Offer Ad Blocks
If your site is traffic heavy, you might be seeing some more requests from advertisers who would pay you some monthly fee for having their banner on your website. This can overall be a great method of making money off your blog, considering that most blogs use the 125×125 ad format, it is most likely you can have as many advertisers you want without having it to really disrupt your loyal reader’s web experience. A great website to advertise your ad blocks is a website called BuySellAds.

Promote Your Own Service With Your Blog
There are plenty of ways to making money online just from your blog. You can even promote your own services and find some really great buyers who would be interested in your service. Overall, blogging really has no limits when it comes to monetizing, and that is one of it’s qualities that just over powers static websites. Despite what people may say about blogs, it is a great weapon that shouldn’t be underestimated.

3 Ways to Maximizing Your Google Adsense Earnings

One of your sites may be approved by Google Adsense, one of the top leading PPC(Pay per click) campaigns with the highest pay, but how do you get the most out of Google Adsense to prominently increasing your earnings from Google Adsense, into your pockets?
Researching Keywords

Google Adsense, one of the top paying PPC campaigns and one of the first providers of offering contextual advertising over the web for publishers to earn money by adding Google’s ads on our sites, but how do we start to maximize our profits? The answer is, researching the highest paying keywords. Researching keywords is a very crucial step into maximizing your profits from Google Adsense and also knowing where all the advertiser’s money is being spend at. Keywords with the highest paying CPC(Cost per click) are to be known as the jackpots of Google Adsense, because that is where all the competition is at and where all the advertisers are paying loads of money into. You want to find those keywords and keywords that are somewhat similar also and add them into your site’s meta tags. However, where do we start in findind these “top paying” keywords?


  • Spyfu – One of the most useful tools on the web for new webmasters to look up the highest paying keywords that are up to date and possibly use them to their advantage. With Spyfu, you are also able to look up keywords and the possible competition that advertisers are paying for a certain keyword. 
  • Word Tracker – Although the word tracker may not be as helpful as Spyfu, unless you buy the premium version, it will tell you accordingly, how many people searched up a certain keyword in a period of time. This is a very helpful tool for both publishers who are looking for highest searched keywords and for advertisers who are researching keywords that are often looked at in the search engines.
Although these may not be the only sources for tracking top paying keywords, it is one of the best that I recommend to new Adsense users. If you have another resource that you think will benefit people’s needs, please, don’t be afraid to share.
Domain After a Keyword

One of the most effective maneuvers that most experienced web masters do, is to name their site’s domain after a top paying keyword listed here. This gives the new domain the advantage of possibly ranking higher in the search engines because the keywords in it’s domain contributes to being found on the search engines.


Top Paying Keyword: Loans
Possible Domain Name: Freeloans.com

Alternative Domain Naming

  • When you are about to decide a name for your domain and the keyword that your site’s based upon is one of the top paying keywords on Spyfu, the competition to getting ranked high on the search engines might be impossible. Due to the immense competition on that certain keyword in the search engines that advertisers are paying thousands for. Therefore, sometimes using keywords that isn’t precisely the keyword you were originally trying to focus on, but similar, may be the better decision, because there will be less competition for your similar keyword.
Ad Placement and Blending

The placement of your ads play a very crucial role in increasing your Adsense earnings. Preferably people tend to first look at the top right of your page and then at the center, thus making these spots the most dominant position for your ads. The most effective ad size to be used that is most preferred by people was the 336 x 280 text or image Google ad. Using these statistics will greatly increase your ad’s exposure to your readers and possibly increase your PPC(Page views per clicks) ratio.
Blending plays a major role of increasing your conversion of page views into clicks and the more conversions, the more earnings. Blending ads gives readers a possible assumption that the ads are part of your site’s content and will possibly end up clicking on your ads, which is converted into Adsense earnings. 
Although these 3 techniques maybe some of the most effective ways to increase your CPC (Cost per click) Adsense conversion, however, remember that without an audience or what we call it today, traffic, your effort of maximizing your Adsense profits will not go for a good cause. Remember that building an audience is what makes you most profitable and your potential of possibly earning with Google Adsense is unlimited, all the possible earnings you can achieve, all lies within you pushing your self in promoting your sites.

Real Money For Forum Posting

Real Money For Forum Posting

Money for forum posting sounds like a preposterous idea right? But it is true. Now in this tough economic hardship, people are willing to do whatever they can to get at least some sort of pay check and in this case, by forum posting.
Forum Posting In General
Forum posting in general is a typical idea of really how much quality posts one can provide. The real challenge here is how easily a person can adapt to the different numbers of categories thrown at you. Because one day you might be hired to write about mobile phones, then the next day you are hired to write about search engine optimization. It is all about relevancy and the more effort you put into your posts, the more they will hire you for future forum posting jobs with possibly a higher pay.
The Typical Payout
For forum posting, you don’t get paid by the hour. You get paid by the number of posts you produce. Be aware that generally if you are new, the people offering this opportunity to the public will normally double check your work for quality and relevancy. The normal rate that I see for forum posters around a few job boards are paid around $0.05 to $0.40 per post. If you are a quick typer who knows a lot about quality writing, you can spit out over $15 in a matter of minutes. To receive payment, it is usually done by via Paypal, so make sure you got a Paypal account.
The Possible Downfalls
Be aware that forum posting may not be a reliable job to receive stable cash flowing income, unless you join a well established organization. Most of the time, forum posting is only a limited-time offer that usually lasts a few days. The upside however, is that you don’t have to make a commitment and instead work by your own hours and do it whenever you get the opportunity.
Job Opportunities
  • A great resource I would like to share that is currently offering forum posting jobs to anyone who is looking to make a reasonable amount of income through forum posting can be found here. Be sure to add my name, Albert under referral if you appreciate this post as well.
  • If you are looking for a long term projects, register for a GetAFreeLancer account and look for job opportunities.
  • If you are a talented writer and is fluent in english, you can always apply an application to join the Wiredframe team, where a group of talented writers work together and get paid $0.15 to $0.20 per post.
  • Also, register for the Digital Points forums to look for daily forum posting opportunities and other possible short projects as well for easy payment.

5 Top Paying Paid to Write Articles Sites

Got some left over articles that you written before and stashed away from the day of light? Whether it be poetry, a recipe, about your culture, a book, article databases like AC (Associated Content) will take them all, and even pay you for submitting them to their database.

Types of Payments
Usually there are two plans that you can choose. You can either invest for the short term offer, or go for the long term offer. You’ve got to choose.
Short Term Plan
You get payment straight up usually depending on the word count of the article, the uniqueness, and the quality and effort put into the article. Article databases does NOT accept copy and paste work scraped from someone else’s site nor can you submit someone else’s work.
Long Term Plan
Generally, most article writers or journalists who have spare time, submit their articles with the long term plan. You don’t receive any money straight up, why that is because it is called long term, however, you get paid for the number of views your article generates. For example, for AC, for every 1,000th view, you get $1.50 to your Paypal.

5 Top Paid to Write Article Sites
  1. Helium - Helium is probably the center of all quality articles. They pay probably the far most for the more acknowledgeable articles. Some articles get paid up to $75 up front depending on the quality of the article.
  2. Associated Content - AC is probably the leading paid to write article site because of their large community and brand. Most writers stick to AC because their payment plans are rewarding. They hate spun or rewritten articles, and they pay more for unique articles on topics that have never been submitted.
  3. Triond - Triond is one of the newer paid to write article sites, however they have an unique mix to their theme. They accept and pay for articles, poetry, music, and as well as videos. Payment comes around $.60 for every 200th view – that was what I was told.
  4. Squidoo – Squidoo is one of the most popular social networking site that enables users to create groups as well as submit articles and pay them for their writing. Articles are referred to lens in the Squidoo community, and the more views you get to your articles, the more pay you will get like all the other paid to write articles sites.
  5. HubPages – HubPages takes uniqueness to it’s max. They have a newer clever way of generating money. You simply place your ads from either publishers, Kontera or from Google Adsense and those ads will be placed on every article you write. When someone clicks on an ad on one those articles you wrote on HubPages, guess who gets the revenue?
My only advice when writing for these article databases is to write true legitimate articles on topics that have that “I must share this with my friend” feel afterwards. Some examples are healthy eating, exercising, advice, and more. The easy part is to submit articles, but the hardest part is to write articles that builds a community. Sort of like a blog right? Except you are getting paid for every view your article gets.

Tips on How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Have you ever wondered why the majority of websites display Google ads? Probably every single person who has browsed the web has seen a Google ad. If you don’t think you have, the ads were probably concealed properly within the context of the website.

The Answer: to make money. Let me explain the process of Google’s network Adsense, and how it all works.

Where Does the Money Come From?
Lets say we got an advertiser named Ron who owns his very own garden store where he sell garden appliances locally, and wants to sell their appliances on the web as well. In order for Ron to make sales, like business in a brick and mortar store, he needs customers. In order to do that, business owners like Ron seek out advertising networks like Google Adwords to display their ads. Google Adwords is run by Google Adsense, without Google Adsense, there would be no Adwords because publishers in the network are what runs the network or vice versa. Google Adsense is a PPC company, which means publishers get paid by how many times an ad is clicked. Earnings range from as low as $0.10 to as high as $20.00/click depending on which market your site plans on participating in. Any webmaster can participate in the network, you just need to file in an application to the Google Adsense team. And you could do that here.
Google Adsense is all around a great network where they reward publishers in their network compared to other publishing networks, more superior. As long as you got a quality website with quality content, you are bound to be accepted in their network.
Once you are accepted in their network, to better maximize your site’s profits with Google Adsense, you need to work on a few things that can overall help you to increase your site’s Adsense revenue. Ad blending and concealing is one of the methods you should consider.

Ad blending and concealing – Concealing the Adsense ad and adjusting the ad to it’s proper fitting is necessary to make the overall website texture nice and smooth. With the power to easily change the colors and the look of the ad anytime, you get the ability to maximize your Adsense revenue by placing the ads in the “money spots” – the areas that gets the most user attention. Statistics say, it is generally the upper right and center that gets the most attention. Making use of these statistics and making small tweaks to reflect it, can be the difference of getting $10 one day to getting $20. All websites are different in architecture, so experimentation is key in maximizing your profits with Google Adsense. The more you experiment, the more knowledge you have on where the money spots are on your website. Your goal is to try and conceal your ads within the context of your website to a point where it is no longer noticeable to others that it is an ad but taken as part of your web site.

Google Adsense high paying keywords – Researching the highest paying keywords is often times overlooked for most webmasters. With great tools like Spyfu out there, you can literally approximate what kind of earnings you will get per click for a certain keyword that is associated with what your website is going to be about, without having to do any devious work. It is as simple as using Google as a search engine except a bit more sophisticated in terms of generating detailed statistics. If you can use Google as a search engine, you sure can use tools like Spyfu to search up top paying keywords for Adsense, for your site to reflect the top paying keywords.

Tracking what works with Google Channels – Knowing that every site is different in terms of architecture and in determining which spots are the money spots, Google added the Google channels feature for a reason – to better analyze the best performing ad in a particular spot. With the proper use and recording of Google channels, you can use these personalized detailed statistics to better optimize your site to unlock it’s true potential earnings. Making use of this feature is key for ad experimentation so be sure to use it!
Google Adsense can be incorporated in any one of the four methods displayed. They are all valid opportunities to maximize your website profits even more.
With all the easy-to-use features in the Adsense panel and the great tutorials laying around the web, you cannot go wrong in trying to incorporate any of the four methods displayed on the top. Just following the 3 standard methods of maximizing your web site’s Adsense revenue, ad blending and concealing, researching high paying keywords, and experimentation, with the combination with any of the four methods listed on the top, you can double, maybe even triple your Adsense earnings.

If anything, if you know the three general ways to maximize your Adsense profits, there are endless ideas on the ways to make use of your Google Adsense account.

7 Cool Ways to Make Money With Google Adsense

7 Cool Ways to Make Money With Google Adsense


 The Google AdSense program has been known to be probably the most generous pay per click company, when it comes rewarding their publishers for their efforts. Not only do they pay them well, they look to even expand their ideas and make almost every aspect of the Internet profitable. And here today, I’d like to introduce some of the creative ways to make money with Google AdSense, that you may have never heard before. Who said that there was only one way to make money with a Google AdSense account?

Participate in Forums
If your an active member in a particular forum, check to see if they give some percentage of the revenue to active participants. A great forum that allows users to have a split end of the AdSense revenue is the Digital Point forums. Not only is this a great way to make money, it helps to encourage members to continue to socialize more with the community they love.
Incorporate AdSense Search
Got a website that has search functionality? Well, you can make that feature of your site profitable as well as make user experience enjoyable. Users will find the content they want and get to view relevant ads as well, which means more money for you. You can think of AdSense search like your own mini search engine.
Incorporate AdSense Ads to Your Feed
If you can make money off your website, why can’t you make money with your own web feed? With the features that Google includes in Feedburner, they make it possible for webmasters to maximize their profits with not only their site’s content but their feeds as well.
Write Articles
With generous article collaboration sites like Hubpages and Google Knol, who pay you to write articles with ads powered by Google AdSense, you can get your good share of profit whenever readers click an ad or view an ad. The more viewers your articles attract, the more money you make. Essentially, writing articles is great credibility wise as well as one of the great ways to make money.
Become a YouTube Partner
Like the idea of making money off making creative entertaining videos? Ever seen one of those Google Ads pop up whenever you were viewing a video off YouTube? Well, if you qualify to become a partner, whenever a viewer clicks or views an ad, you make your share of money. Especially if your videos are videos that are intriguing, they can really spread quickly like wildfire and make you a lot of money virally. Also, as an extra bonus, if any webmaster decides to embedded your video on their site, you even make money off the viewers from their site as well because the ads basically follow the YouTube video. The ways to make money by being a YouTube partner, is simply relentless.
Make Money Off Socializing
You like the idea of making money off socializing with people across the world with sites like Flixya? Flixya has it all and they pay 100% of the ad revenue to you! Whether you are there to share videos, photos, or just to make your own personal blog, you can be making money with them just by doing what you love, socializing!
Start Your Own Website
Got something intriguing to say that will inspire many to read about the stuff you have to say? Whether it be about cars or just about your personal life, anything goes. Google AdSense makes it possible for any webmaster to make money with their own personal website. If you have ever thought about starting up your own website, this may be your chance to make money online while writing about something you love. Starting your own website and making money off it for the first time, is of course a rewarding feeling that you will never forget.

How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s first biggest online free video search engine, where users of all backgrounds and people who have different opinions, can share videos and express their opinions with one another as a whole community. So how do you make money on YouTube? That is an easy question actually. You probably already know the answer already: you have to gain a large user community that subscribes to your YouTube channel to become part of the Youtube Partnership program. The fun thing about YouTube is that you can do practically anything to gain readers. Be funny, sing, dance, cook, make tutorials, just something out of the ordinary to gain more readers. This concept is exactly the same as blogging. If you happen to like vlogging with YouTube, blogging and having your own website is a must too because it can be just as exciting but without the limitations of vlogging on YouTube.
What is the YouTube Partner program?
Simply why the Youtube Partner program was designed is so it made it possible for top YouTubers to make money from their contributions. Basically, the program is directed to top YouTubers who have obtained a large user base of subscribers. The YouTube Partner program doesn’t accept just anyone, they call out individuals who once again, have a large user base of subscribers and simply split the revenue with the publisher. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you don’t have a large community that follows what you do, you simply cannot make money on YouTube. However, you can make money FROM it.
How to make money from YouTube
If you do not have a large community of subscribers following everything you do, which in most cases people do not, instead of joining YouTube’s Partner program, we will be taking a more typical approach that involves you having your very own website or Blogspot. The program i’m talking about to make money from YouTube is the Google's Adsense program. In order to become part of the publishers program, you must have a website but it doesn’t require as high of requirements as Google’s YouTube Partner program.
The concept is, if you cannot join the YouTube Partner program, which most people are not eligible to join, you make your own website or landing page to direct viewers from YouTube to your website where you can display advertisements from the Google Adsense program to make money. Think of it like this:
YouTube viewers ==> Your blog + Adsense ads ==> Ads clicked = money
So now you may be wondering, is making a website affordable and is it free? It is both. If you plan on taking the more practically approach where most beginners blog with Blogspot simply because it is free, good go ahead because it will give you a good overview of how the process of generating loyal readers really is. And once you feel up to the real thing, you can launch your own website with your own domain name (e.g mooladays.com) and your own web hosting. Generally it is better to have your own domain name and web hosting because of branding issues and much more. The good thing about Blogspot is that once you are done with your testing stage and become more knowledgeable as a webmaster, whatever subscribers you attracted, you can still transfer to your new website. Which means, you efforts are not lost in terms of number of subscribers.
If you plan on taking the free approach, the Blogspot approach, click here to view our step-by-step tutorial on how you can launch your very first money making Blogspot blog and make money from YouTube free.
If you plan to start out with the big guns and start your very own website with your very own domain name and web hosting, consider the affordable options that we recommend here.
Ideally, there is no stopping to how you can make money. To webmasters, YouTube is just nothing more but an another web platform where they can attract more potential loyal readers but just in form of a video. The possibilities are endless to make money from your website. Not only can you make money from YouTube, you can make money from practically any traffic-heavy website. Be creative and write, blog, vblog about stuff out of the oridnary and share it to the world. Next thing you know, you are on the front page of top social networking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon.

5 Ideal Web Hosts That I Recommend To New Comers

Having a reliable, trusting web host for your first online marketing site or a blog in general is crucial in terms of having consistency. That is where the most common questions come up. Who is the most reliable web host? Which is the cheapest? Which is the most easiest to use? There are many questions that comes to mind, going through the tough decisions of whether or not you should take the first step and create your own site.
I am here to suggest 5 web hosts that I recommend for its’ affordability as well as its’ reliability, and their great reputation of providing quality web hosting with ease in the web master’s mind. Any of these web hosts would be a spectacular choice for hosting your first site.

Promo Codes: 77HOST
Dream host in our belief is practically the best choice in terms of affordability and reliability when it comes to being a first time user. They offer 1-click installation where you can download any script base that fits your needs. This includes Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, and much more. 97 day money back guaranteed warranty, unlimited storage, a free domain, and unlimited bandwidth, what more can you ask? Use the promo code 77HOST today to get $77 off for your first year of subscribing to DreamHost.
On another note, Moola Days is proud to be hosted by DreamHost.
BlueHost has 1-click installation just like DreamHost with the capabilities of having basically unlimited everything just for $7/mo depending on your plan. Free domain is included in the package with the ability to host unlimited domains, have unlimited disk storage, and use unlimited monthly data transfers. Free Fantastico installation and 24/7 network monitoring. Voted the best reliable web host counting with affordability through 2004-2008.
Promo Codes: Already applied
Fatcow comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited POP mailboxes for your convenience. They offer free one-click installation, or should I say script barn, with a 30 day money back warranty for your satisfaction. Comes with free shopping cart feature, free site builder, free domain as well, and much more. They are even giving away $75 worth of search engine advertising vouchers for buyers to boost their sales right away. With FatCow you can’t go wrong especially with the $88/mo slashed to $66/mo for the first year. Join the herd and get reliable, quick and instant web hosting with FatCow.
Promo Codes: Already applied
With LunarPages you can’t go wrong with the plans. Plans for ecommerce sites, plans for basic sites, and even plans for windows hosting. Basic hosting comes with everything that is stated here, free domain, unlimited sub-domains, and unlimited storage & bandwidth. LunarPages also offers $700 worth of cash incentives of free softwares and advertising vouchers such as the logo maker, to help get your site started. Get started with LunarPage’s award winning 24/7/365 support.
Promo Codes: wordpress2
Plans starting from $4.25/mo with GoDaddy’s $10 off any $50 purchase event, you can’t go wrong. Take advantage of GoDaddy’s unlimited transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited websites with the ability to brand 1,000 emails today. Free automated installation of a script base of your choice with 50 ready to pick from if you don’t know which to chose, and 24/7 reliable support. Remember remember to use the promo code wordpress2 to get 20% off your purchase as well.

Since many people requested Host Gator to be added to the list, we have done listened and done so, so in result, we did a little bit of research. HostGator provides reliable shared hosting, and even offer reseller accounts. You can choose between which packages best fit your business and start your site right away. We’ve heard really great reviews on their support and overall value of their hosting. About nine in every ten people recommend them, but let’s, let the Host Gator hosters do the reviewing.

Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

The idea of free web hosting sure can be enticing at first, but like all things that are free, there is a catch to it. The consequences of hosting your main business or “serious” campaigns that revolves around launching your website on a free hosting provider, can have some deadly consequences if you are not careful. Be warned that most businesses that start on a free hosting provider are bound to fail already because free hosting providers just cannot keep up with your site’s resources although they may say “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space.” Truth be told, there is no such thing as “unlimited” with a price of free.
The only purpose of free web hosting providers to me that I can think of, is that they can be used as “guinea pigs” whenever you are trying to test something out before wanting to test it out on your actual website. Other than that, if you are serious about creating your own website, we strongly recommend finding a reliable paid hosting that offers quality support and competitive pricing.
Why Not to Go With Free Web Hosting
  1. Provides no backups (most of the time)
  2. Sometimes no support
  3. Limited disk space/bandwidth
  4. Unreliable most of the time
  5. Can be restricted to only certain rules
  6. Can have forced ads
  7. Data can be loss
  8. Low tech
  9. Site can be down the next day to never be returned
  10. Most free web hosts come and go
At this point your question may be, well what if I don’t want to make a serious website or start a serious business? Then, continue playing around with those free hosting providers until your ready for the big guns. Just be sure to backup anything that is important in the process manually.
Until then, we will be talking about what shared hosting is, VPS, dedicated hosting, and etc because web hosting is about finding that right hosting provider that personally fits your website usage and budget. You may think going for the price that offers more disk space/bandwidth is the more controversial way to go, but fact is, you should only buy space/bandwidth that you know you are going to be using or else it would be a waste of money every month. Dedicated hosting can go from $100-$200/m, VPS $15-$70/m, and shared hosting can come from as little as $1-$15/m depending on where you buy web hosting from and from what plans. But forget that I ever said VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. You won’t be needing that type of extensive hosting unless your site becomes a big hit that consumes well over 150GB of bandwidth or disk space every month. Moola Days gets about 1,000 visitors daily and our bandwidth usage is only 15GB every month. You can already get a picture of how extremely popular your website has to be to even consider those two hosting options unless  you are starting a space consuming oriented website like Youtube. Dedicated is of course better than VPS. VPS is probably considered next level hosting above shared hosting.
Standard Web Hosting
Now that we gave you a nice standard overview of what hosting options are commonly provided, you can already know that shared hosting, or should I say cloud hosting, is the plan most first time webmasters decide to go with simply because it is cheap, reliable, and maintenance free on your side. Why some people refer shared hosting as cloud hosting is simply because your website is hosted on a server that hosts multiple of other sites as well and not just yours. Shared hosting should be the first option you choose when first paying for your first paid web hosting. Remember, you can always advance up hosting options whenever you need to and most of the time, if you pay an extra buck or two every month, you can usually purchase more disk space of bandwidth if it is needed. Most of the time if you consult with your hosting provider and buy web hosting for a longer period of time, they will also give you a reasonable discount as well.
Some 5 Ideal Web Hosts That I Recommend To New Comers can be found here and of course, the web host that hosts Moola Days single handedly with competitive pricing, is Fivebean. Any of these sources are great reliable web hosts that I truly recommend. Although launching a website may take a small investment, you have to start somewhere right?

How to Make a Website and Make Money Off It

Some of the common questions are. “Well, how do I make a website and how do I make money off it?” The answer is pretty simple. You can follow this step by step tutorial on how you can create your very own free online website with free web providers like Blogger, or with your own hosting provider, to make money online. Okay, lets get started.
1. Choose Your Hosting Provider
Here, I’ll list a couple of free well known hosting providers, which allows you to create your very website completely free using a sub-domain of course. If you want to register your very own domain, I recommend registering one from GoDaddy because they are the cheapest. You can look for promo codes to make domain registration even cheaper for the first year as well from the Digital Point Forums. If you want your very own free co.cc domain instead, register for one here completely free.
  1. Blogger
  2. Bravenet
  3. Byethost
FrontpageThese are all great free hosting providers that will provide you all the essential disk space you need to easily start your very own website and be able to display advertisements to make money. That, we will learn later on. Free hosting sites are great practice dummies before starting your very own serious website.
If you want to consider paid hosting for your serious site, some great starter hosts that will completely fit all your needs in terms of dealing with web disk space and bandwidth are listed here. You should consider paid hosting if you are serious about managing and making money off your own website because there a lot of things that come into play, such as, stability, brand, and etc. Also, it is pretty cool to say to your friends that this your very own personal website that you are managing to make money off.
Blogger Users Don’t Have to Read This
Some great free online blog platforms are Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. I have not tried any others web platform such as ZenCart, simply because I only own a blog. If you were wondering, this blog runs under the blog platform Wordpress. The plugins that come along with it, are simply awesome.
2. Choose a Web Template
Choosing a web template can be rather hard. When deciding which best fits your website, you must already have an idea of what you want your website to be about, because if you made a site dedicated to candy, and your blog template says batman, would that really make sense to you?
These are all free sources that give away free templates for you to use for the respective blog platforms, free of charge.
Blogger Template Sources:
  1. bTemplates.com
  2. eBlogTemplates.com
  3. BloggerStyles.com
  4. BlogSkin.com
Wordpress Template Sources:
  1. Woothemes.com
  2. WPDesigner.com
  3. Wordpress.com
  4. WordpressThemesBase.com
  5. SmashingMagazine.com
  6. BlogSkin.com
Drupal Template Sources:
  1. Drupal2u.com
  2. Drupal.org
  3. FreeDrupalTheme.com
  4. TripWireMagazine.com
Joomla Template Sources:
  1. JoomlaTP.com
  2. Joomla24.com
  3. SiteGround.com
  4. BestofJoomla.com
3. Building Your Website
After setting up your website with your hosting provider or after signing up with one of the free hosting providers, you can now simply add content to your website. None the less, content is the most important key to building up a reputable website that can both provide users the information they are looking for, and at the same time make you money. Without content, your site is of no value to anyone but your self. Be sure that the topic you are writing about isn’t too board nor narrow, and is somewhat of your interest in writing about it. Adding some great functionality, such as widgets and tools to your websites are great in terms of adding more value to your website. The more complete your site looks, the more valuable it becomes.
Once you have added some valuable content to your website, move on to the next step. Make sure it is of it’s highest quality because your content will determine whether or not visitors will come back or not.
4. Start Promoting Your Website
4th step is promoting your website. Without readers, your site is like a dark alley. You must have some activity to engage readers to come and read your stuff, and hopefully come back again if it is good. There are many methods of getting readers, or in webmaster language, web traffic. I’ll list a few great sources to get some great online traffic.
  1. Social Networks
  2. Forums
  3. Commenting
  4. Search Engines (Information in the Google SEO category)
  5. Friends
Also, never fall for those traffic exchanges or sites that say they will give your site free traffic. Most of the time the traffic is of little worth and the exchanges is just a time waster
5. Now, Monetize Your Website

This is where the money comes rolling in. Once you have somewhat built up a large community of readers, there are many ways to making money online off them indirectly where both the readers and the writers both are happy, and mutually benefit from each other. Readers get valuable information. Writers get a bit of income.
  1. Through banner advertisements, like I have. (PPC)
  2. Through affiliate links. (-)
  3. Through sales. (PPS)
  4. Through impressions. (CPM)
  5. Through networks.
  6. Through leads. (CPA)
These are all great sources to making passive income with your website. A great list of publisher programs that you can enroll your site into, to maximize it’s earnings and make the most money online are listed here. Although it says, these are alternatives to Google Adsense, try Google Adsense simply because it is one of the best sources of income for our website. If that doesn’t work, simply hop onto another network and decide which is the better network to promote for your website. All websites have different methods that work best for their own particular website. You just have to find out which works best for your site on your own to maximize it’s true potential income to make money.

46 Affiliate Programs to Consider Other Than The Leader of Affiliates Amazon

Affiliate marketing is crucially one of the most effective ways to monetize and profit from blogs to basically anything. Here I have shared a list of 46 affiliate programs that you can consider besides the leader of all affiliates, Amazon’s associate program. This is to create awareness that if Amazon isn’t working for you, there are many other routes that you can take in terms of monetizing.

There are many methods as to how to get paid such as pay per lead, pay per sale, and pay per click. Ideally everyone has their own idea on what works best for them. It really depends on how persuasively you can sell the products to your viewers. Every site is different in it’s own ways and so is monetizing whether it be pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per sale.

Affiliates are ideal for sites that have low conversion rates for PPC programs such as Google Adsense because there is no fixed price as to how much they can earn. If you hold a niche with a low PPC rate, it is better to make affiliates as your main monetizing plan as it pays more than the average click through. If this sounds like you, skim through these networks and find what network is right for you.

If you have had any experience with these networks or like to suggest one, comment away!