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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Video Advertising Is a Must

Video advertising comes a long way for advertising campaigns. They have shown to be a great marketing tool to spark new reader’s minds. Did you know that a study by the Online Publishers Association from 2005, showed that almost 50% of all the people who took the survey had some immediate response right after?
It is time for marketers to maximize their capabilities with video advertisements and not just stick with the plain old black and white pictures. Online marketing takes more than an anonymous person saying what’s good and what’s bad, it takes more sophistication and video advertising provides just that.
The Benefits Of Using Videos
Using videos give your readers a new image for your site and what you are trying to emphasize on. People like sophisticated stuff that can move, dance around, whatever and using videos to advertise your site or blog gives your site just the attention it needs.
  • Gives your readers a new feel and comfort zone for your site.
  • It has more impact on the audience than just in text advertising.
  • Videos aren’t boring and it keep your audience awake, giving you the opportunity to point out your objective and main points.
  • Video Advertising is simple, you can just publish only one video and keep using it as your site’s main theme.
  • Easy to insert your videos on advertising campaigns like Adwords or anywhere else like on Youtube and etc.
Why Add Your Video To YouTube

Although posting a video on Youtube may not be promising, it is a very effective marketing move. Gaining new readers and creating a audience like through social networking sites from scratch is a great marketing tool to advertise your site and keep your readers feeling happy and secure. I believe all videos should be posted on Youtube, for it will be possibly one of the top suppliers of providing new incoming traffic and act like as a search engines for all videos videos.

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