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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Google’s New Tool, The Wonder Wheel

What exactly is this new tool and why is it being spoken about? The Wonder Wheel brings out a whole new game field when it comes to keyword research. Why is it being spoken about? Because it is just that great.
The Wonder Wheel
The wonder wheel is a simple tool designed especially for webmasters. It brings out a whole new ball game to keyword research and keyword analysis. It is a new outspoken tool that simply does what it does and pulls out 8 of the most searched terms originating from the keywords you first imputed, and the cycle goes on and on. If you don’t seem to see what new opportunities this new tool unveils for webmasters, you should read more about keyword research before using this tool.
What You Can Accomplish With This
  • Non-competitive keywords with high search rates that were buried and never discovered on your niche.
  • Find multiple long tail keywords.
  • Target only keywords specialized on your market.
  • Shows the most searched up pharses coming after a root keyword.
It is almost as if Google is laying all the tools around just for the webmasters.
How to Get This Tool
How to get this tool? It is completely free, and is already within your grasps. Simply search up a keyword through the Google page and on the left hand side, you should see a link called, “Show Options.” Click that, then scroll down and hit the ‘Wonder Wheel’ button under the category, ‘Standard View’. If you still didn’t get it yet, don’t worry, here is a video tutorial specially made from the nichemarketninja.

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