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Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 tips to avoid scam ptc sites

PTC sites are risky business. Especially people when are not experienced in PTC sites are very vulnerable and can easily loose their money with scam PTC sites. The truth is that almost 98% of PTC sites will not survive more than 6 months. It is usually because their earning structure system is not sustainable, or the admin is simply a "professional" scammer who's only intention to start PTC site is to scam people and steal their money.

That's why I decided to create this 8 Steps guideline which should help people to avoid future scam PTC sites.

1. Don't join non-customized sites

When finding a new site, look at the layout, is it good, or bad?
This may not seem like a key factor, but it most definitely is.
If the layout is very bad(visually), they probably didn't put much time into it.
This means they either can't design, or just don't care.
Also if they are running the same old "bux" layout with a new banner, keep away.
You want to find a site that is custom and in it for the long haul.
If they were in it for the long haul they would make their site unique.

2. Avoid sites of past scammers
If the site owner is known to of scammed in the past, don't join.
The site owner may have an excuse or decided to "change his ways", but don't buy it.
If they have scammed once, they will scam again, don't take the risk, ever.

3. Don't purchase anything
If you find a new site that seems to look okay and your considering purchasing something, don't.
If the site is brand new with no real userbase or even payment proofs, don't join.
Even if you hear people sing praises about getting payments, don't.
Most scam sites pay out tons and tons quickly right away, then it just stops.
Let the site be online for at least 6 months before purchasing to be safe.

4. Don't use sites without support/forums
If the site doesn't have a good support system or forums where an admin is active, don't use it.
This is the key way users and admins speak to each other and if it doesn't exist, they don't care.
You should be able to get in contact with the owner within 48 hours at any time.

5. Check Whois information
Every time new website is registered, all personal information (name, address,...) which owner of the new website use to register are published at whois.com. This apply for all PTC sites as well.
So before you join the PTC site, look at whois information about the owner. If the owner published suspicious (obviously not true) information, or the information are hiden, the owner probably want to hide something, that is not good for PTC site credibility.

6. Investigate F.A.Q and T.O.S
In F.A.Q and T.O.S. section of every PTC site you can find out all conditions and rules of PTc site. In the case you find incorrect information in F.A.Q and T.O.S. (such as different minimum payout or different payment period), be careful.

7. It is too good to be true
Look at the pay per click sum, if it is more than $ 0.01 it is most probably not sustainable to survive.

8. Ask at PTC forums
If you have doubts about the credibility of any PTC site, don't hesitate to ask at popular PTC sites forums such as Earn Money Space.


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