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Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Find Focus for Your Online Business

It requires time and effort to create an online income. You cannot expect to get anywhere if you just bounce from one idea to another. The only way to really accomplish success with an online business is to understand that it will require focus. If you are having trouble concentrating on one idea at a time you can consider these concepts:

It’s important to choose a business that you enjoy

There are many people that will tell you that online businesses don’t succeed. But there are also many who will tell you that they do succeed. Which of these groups should you listen to? You should actually listen to both. It is true that some types of online business will work for some but not for others. Each online business requires a different approach and different techniques. Never choose a business that requires you to perform a task that you do not like to complete. For instance if you dislike writing it doesn’t make sense to choose eBook creation as your prime source of income. Always take negative comments with a grain of salt and choose the business model that is right for you. Choose a business that is based on your interests and stick with it. It has to be something that you are willing to build long-term. This step alone will allow you to take your business far.

Choose someone who is successful and learn from them

There are gurus in every possible business field. Most of them swear that their way is the right way. The truth is that everyone does things a little bit differently. If you listen to everybody you will get confused quickly. Choose a successful person and learn from them. You will find that your business will run smoother and you will be much happier.

You have to actually work at online success

It is quite common for web masters and business starters to create a plan to create a successful online business. Too often these businesses fail when the actual plan is not executed completely. They may decide on several different strategies for several different models but then choose to nap, read a book, or watch TV instead. Don’t allow yourself to do this. Once you decide on an online business stick with it and follow through with all of your plans to reach your goals. Force yourself to do whatever it takes and you will achieve real results.

3 Things to Do if You Want to Make Money Online

There was a time when the whole world rushed to join this bandwagon; rumors abounded of people making money easily and without any kind of extra effort on the Internet. It got so out of hand that many people burned their bridges by quitting their regular jobs and opting to tap the mother lode that they assumed was ripe for the taking on the Internet. But unfortunately, more people burned holes in their pockets than become overnight millionaires, and the lure of easy money did not appeal anymore.

The problem was not with the Internet; rather, it was with the people who assumed that the online world was easier than the real one, and that anyone could make tons of money by following “How to” tutorials and paying for online lessons that purport to make you rich in a trice. Yes, you can still earn online, but only if you understand the following things:

The virtual world is not the magic kingdom: Just because it’s online, there’s no guarantee that the Internet will make you rich. Most people have no idea of how money is made in the virtual world – they don’t understand SEO marketing, Adsense, affiliate marketing and other methods that have proved successful on the net. But they still want to cash in on the pot of gold they believe is at the end of the rainbow. They fail to understand that just as in the real world, reward is in proportion to effort in the online world too. If you’re willing to work hard, you will see enough money in time. But it is not an overnight thing and neither does it come when you sit back and twiddle your thumbs. There is no magic, just hard work and application of your efforts.

You must never pay for common sense: I’ve had people tell me time and again that they were conned by slick Internet marketers who took their money and gave them nothing in return. I don’t blame the marketers – they’re only doing what you’re trying to do too – make money online. The fault lies with you for believing all their glib talk about how easy it is to make money online and parting with your hard earned money in return for promises of information and techniques to help you get rich quickly. Come on, where’s your common sense? Why would you shell out money to earn some more? You’re not making a business investment; rather, you’re wasting your money on someone you don’t even know and cannot trust as a result. The important thing to remember about the Internet is that you must never pay people for job offers or information related to job offers.

If you make a commitment, you must keep it: And finally, if you’re lucky enough to secure online work or assignments that allow you to make decent money, remember that your continued success depends on your trustworthiness and the ability to deliver what you’ve promised. If you don’t meet deadlines, if you fail to live up to the expectations of your online partners or affiliates, if you cheat people out of what’s rightfully theirs, then the web shows off its evil side to you. You’re blacklisted as your ill-repute spreads online and people become reluctant to work with you.

The keys to online success are integrity, common sense, dedication, and effort – with a combination of these four qualities, it’s easy to survive and thrive in the virtual world.

The Five W's of Popular Blogging

So you've decided that you have opinions and information that you simply must get out to the rest of the world. You simply know that what you have to offer is original enough that there will be people clamoring for your wit and wisdom, but you're simply not sure how to get started, and once you get started; you're not sure how to get people to start reading.

There's an old adage in journalism that when you set out to write a story, you need to cover the five W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. That adage certainly applies to blogs as well, though it might be slightly adaptive considering the blogosphere as a whole, and the challenges that meet any young blogger just looking to get on their feet.

The first W - Who - covers you. Who are you, why are you doing this, and what makes you stand out to prospective readers. Blogs are generally considered far more personal than newspaper articles, people don't come to blogs for dry information or an Associated Press release. They want your personality to shine through in your blog posts.

The second W - What - is fairly self explanatory. The way the internet is set up, you can blog about literally anything, but make sure to establish an identity. Don't blog about quilting for a week, and then change topic and start blogging about how to establish peace in the Middle East the next. Unless you can find a way to blend the two. If you can combine two widely different topics, you might be able to establish yourself that way, but it's a task that may prove unsuccessful.

The third W - When - is more about when you post, then the time frame of the subject you're covering. It's important to be as prolific as possible when blogging in order to keep whatever audience you've managed to build. Posting once every two months isn't enough. Do it at least once a day.

The Fourth W - Where - applies to where you choose to market your particular blog. You could be the foremost expert on a subject, but if you're unable to get out the word on your blog, no one will ever read it. Message boards that cover your topic are a good place to start, as well as specialized sections of social media such as Digg will gain readers, as long as you're topical.

The final W - Why - is also fairly self explanatory. Why are you blogging? What drives you to continue to post? If you're in it for an economic gain, realize that it may be quite a while before you see any real return. If you're doing it simply to share you enjoyment, or disdain for a certain topic, know there will still be a struggle before you see your blog take off, but if you stick to the five W's sooner or later, the formula will pay off.

Dropshipping - Does It Really Work?

Well you may or may not of heard of the term before, but simply put, drop shipping is a business model where by you only pay for a product when you make a sale from the customer.

Drop shipping is the easiest and best way to get started making money online. Really there is not an easier way. You place a product for sale on ebay, amazon or a website that you have set up. Once someone buys from your website you contact the dropshipper and they send out the product to the customer. So with that said, it is basically risk free. You never have to spend your own money because your using the payment the customer gave you.

You may be wondering, but how do I make a profit from all of this? Well its simple really, you can source products for usually 30% cheaper than what they are retailing at. You then charge the customer a higher price and the difference between what you sold the item at and what you purchased it at is your profit.

Many people when they start an online business look to selling on ebay and in my opinion there is no better place. You do not have to worry about targeted customers viewing your products. When customers are searching for products on ebay they are in a buying mood and this is why you see some auctions with 17 views and the item sold.

Drop shipping is an excellent way to start a home business. Many people waste their time filling out surveys where they get 10 cent a survey that took them half an hour to complete. This clearly is not worth your time. As we all know time is money and spending your time in the drop shipping business will certainly bring in good money.

So does drop shipping really work? Yes it definitely does, however you have to be willing to put in at least an hour a day. The best thing about drop shipping is you never need to hold on to the merchanise resulting in no risk on your part. It is this reason so many people choose it as the

method for their business. Not only that but you can completely scale it up. You could be selling 10 items a day which is not difficult, at $15 profit each which would result in $150 profit a day and $4500 a month.

Now think about if you were selling 30 items a day or even 100 items a day what kind of money you would make. I'll be honest there are some serious tricks to learn in this business and that is why you need to learn some of the ninja tricks I have acquired over the past 5 years selling on ebay.

Resource Box:
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How to Increase Direct Ad Revenue for Your Blog

If you have been blogging for a while, you know that selling ad space directly to the advertisers on your blog can become one of the lucrative sources of revenue for you. When you have started selling ad space on your blog, you always want to sell off all the available ad space or ad spots on your blog to make the most out of direct ad selling. In this article, I'll be sharing with you the techniques that I have used to maximize my blog direct ad revenue. These have been good ways for me to maintain and increase my blog ad revenue. I hope you'll find them useful too:

Create an Advertising Page

An advertising page is basically a page that tells what ad space you are selling. It usually describes everything you are offering (text link, banner ad, sponsored review, etc) with price details included.

With an advertising page posted on your site, the visitors who are interested on placing an ad in your blog can find the advertising info they need immediately. This will potentially generate some fast sales for you.

Writing an advertising page isn't very difficult. The content of advertising page usually starts with an introduction, followed by the info of the ad options you are offering and lastly providing your ordering details and also your email address for the prospective advertisers in case they need to contact you to get more advertising info.

You might want to see example of advertising page before writing one fir your blog, you could take a look at my advertising page at:

If you need more examples, you can visit other blogs that have an advertising page posted. By looking at other blogs' advertising page, you'll get an idea of how to write your own advertising page.

The important information you must include into your page are the introduction, your blog traffic stat or other stats, (e.g. Google ranking, Alexa ranking, etc), The ad options you are selling with price details included and details of how to order an ad spot on your blog.

Set the Right Price

It's important that you are charging reasonable prices for the ad spaces you are offering for sale. This is not just to appeal your prospective advertisers to advertise on your blog but also to keep them as your long term advertisers which will ensure steady ad revenue for you.

It seems to be easy task to set the prices for the different ad spaces you are offering. The assumption is that the banner ad on highest position such as banner ad on the header of your blog should be charged at a highest price and ads on the lower location such as at the sidebar should sell at a lower price because ad on higher positions will generate more traffic for advertisers. Well, this isn't always right.

An effective way that can help you set the right price for each ad space you sell on your blog is by putting up your own affiliate ads (Clickbank, CJ, etc) on the ad spaces of your blog to test the click-through rate and traffic before opening those ad spaces for sale. The testing period doesn't have to be long; just one week is good enough.

Once you have tested each ad space, you would know the average daily clicks of each of your affiliate ads that placed on the different ad spaces on your blog and so you can set the price accordingly. Let says your 125 x 125 banner ad which places on the top right sidebar of your blog get an average daily unique clicks of 10. This means the advertiser who places a 125x125 banner ad on your blog is estimated to get 300 unique visitors (10 x 30) monthly. So you can decide what is the reasonable charge for a banner ad that generates 300 unique visitors for the advertiser each month.

If you think each unique visitor that you direct to your advertiser should cost $0.30, then the price for a 125 x 125 banner ad on your blog will be $90 per month (300 x $0.30). $90 for 300 unique visitors every month, seems reasonable enough right. But you certainly can charge more if you are in a highly profitable niches such as Forex, debt consolidation and etc.

By setting your price based on the traffic level, you can also avoid over-charging for different ad space on your blog. For instance, a 468 x 60 banner ad on the header of your blog seems to be expensive than a 125 x 125 banner ad at the top right sidebar because the 468x60 banner ad is located at a higher position. However, when you test the traffic level, you might find that the 125x125 banner ad is actually attracting more traffic than the 468x60 banner ad. So, the 125x125 banner ad was supposed to be expensive than the 468 banner ad.

Post Testimonials on Your Advertising Page

You know the Internet users like to find supporting information about the product or service they're interested before really buying it. It's no different when it comes to buying ad spaces on blogs. The real testimonials from your previous satisfied advertisers are much like supporting information which will convince your potential advertisers to order an ad spot on your blog.

Testimonials often are short and sharing the real positive advertising experience on your blog. These are certainly powerful supporting information that can convince your potential advertisers.

So how you can get real testimonials from the advertisers?

If your blog has generated a couple of sales for some of your advertisers running an ad campaign on your blog, they are the happy advertisers willing to give you a testimonial if you ask for one. The satisfied advertiser may occasionally contact you to tell you that they are happy with the result from the ad campaign they run on your blog. You may reply the advertiser and invite him/her to publish a testimonial on your blog advertising page. You will include the advertiser's name, photo if possible and the advertiser's website link. The advertiser will certainly be happy to send you back an testimonial because they can include a link in the their testimonial.

Another way is to send a thank you email to the advertisers who have advertised one month on your blog and decided to renew their ad campaign on your blog. These are probably satisfied advertisers as well. Your email will thank them for renewing their ad on your blog and invite them to publish a testimonial on your blog. Tell the advertisers you'll be including their website link in the testimonial. You might then get one or two replies from them with a testimonial for you to publish on your blog.

Provide Helpful Customer Service

The prospective advertisers can be your paying customers. Many advertisers often like to ask questions before they place an order. So, make sure you read their questions and give the answers that they are looking for.

Also advertisers often like to test the click-through and conversion rates. This is to find out the performance of their ads. When they aren't satisfied with the result, they'll request for ad changes. Thus, you should allow ad changes on anytime. This way the advertisers can test different ads and landing pages to get the performance that they expect. When the advertisers are freely to request changes, they will probably renew their ads. This will secure your ad revenue.

Moreover, you might think about running discount campaign from time to time. It's helpful to boost up your ad sales. Also offering something like one week trial or two week trial could also push the advertisers to order ad space from you.

The above are the techniques that I have applied to maintain and boost up and blog revenue. Hope these techniques will work on you as well.

5 Practical Tips for Generating Targeted Traffic to Your New Blog

You have been inspired by the successful bloggers who have made a nice living from blogging. You began to like the idea of blogging for cash and started to sign up for courses, blog RSS feeds and newsletters to learn about blogging. You followed the steps and finally got your first new blog launched on the Internet. You published a post daily. But after week, you found that only a few visitors have read your posts. You started to think about how to drive targeted traffic to your new blog.....

In this post you'll find several ways that you can use immediately to get targeted traffic.

Blog Commenting
Commenting on large traffic or popular blogs is any easy way to get some targeted traffic to your blog. I'm sure you have no problem finding the popular blogs in your niche. Take time to read about their posts and probably you'll learn something more which can help in your content creation. When you like to express your opinion, you can post your comments in. Most blog allows your name to link to your blog. So, your comment could potentially attract traffic when the visitors are reading your comment.

Participating in Forum Discussion

There are also popular forums in your niche as well. You could find the popular forums of your niche through Google search engine. These forums can be your quick sources of targeted traffic. Forums allow member to add link in their signature. So, you can make sure of the signature to get traffic.

The key to getting traffic from forums is participation. You should be active in discussions. Be helpful. When someone started a thread asking for help or advice, you may take the opportunity to post your reply with answers to their questions. You might also start your own threads to discuss about something interesting. This way you'll get good exposure in the forums and people who read your messages will see your signature link as well. Those who click your signature link will be directed immediately to your blog.

Pay Per Click Traffic

The advertising network like Google AdWords can generate quality targeted traffic for your blog. As far as I know, Google often offer $100 or $50 free advertising credit to 'first-time' advertisers. So if you haven't used AdWords before, think about signing up a new Google AdWords account to get the free advertising credit and start testing drive targeted traffic from AdWords. If you are happy with it , you might continue your campaign. Make sure you do some calculations to find out how much you can spend on AdWords every month.

However, if you advertising budget is tight, you can look for those cheaper ppc advertising networks. Bidvertiser can be a good option when it comes to buying cheap ppc traffic. The quality isn't as good as AdWords but traffic is still targeted.

Guest Posting

Quite a lot of blogs are accepting guest posts for publication these days. My blog MoneyMakerInfo.blogspot.com is one of them. You can write a few posts exclusively for the publication on the blogs that accept guest post. You'll include a few lines with your link in the author bio of your post for promoting your blog.

The good thing about guest posting is that your post will be display on the homepage which can potentially generate a good amount of traffic for the first 24 hours of publication. But guest post often needs to be quality and unique. So, make sure you take the time to do research to come up with some good quality posts so that your posts get accepted for publication.

Article Marketing

Article marketing works much the same with guest posting. You write articles and public on article directories. You are allowed to included your anchor text links in the author bio of your articles. The article doesn't have to be great quality to get accepted for publication. Informative articles with more than 400 words are ideal for publishing on article directories.

If you can write articles on daily basis, then article marketing could become your source of traffic as well. When you submit your articles, only look for large traffic article directories such as Ezinearticles.com, Article Dashboard, Isnare and etc. These are the article directories that can potentially generate consistent traffic. Try to submit at least one article daily. Keep this practice for a month and you'll targeted traffic coming from article directories then.

Press Release

Press release sites are great places to announce your new blog. While PRweb.com seems to be good press site to announce your new blog but it's quite expensive to publish a press release on the site. There are alternatives. In fact there are free press sites that you can publish your press release on. Go to Google and search the 'term' free list of press release sites and you get to know what press sites are free. Also if you run a contest on your blog, you can publish a press release on the press sites as well.

Press release in different than articles. If you haven't written press release before, you are advised to hire someone to create the press release for you because press release is in different format.

Once you see targeted traffic flow in to your blog consistently, it will be good idea to monetize those traffic. There are several ways to make money from your blog. You can use AdSense, sell ad space on your blog, promote affiliate products and etc. Make sure you do testing to find out what works best for your blog to generate income online.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogging is More Fun if You can Make Money with It

Because the blogosphere keep growing at a rapid rate, bloggers can't stand to explore the potential of their blog to make money. There is really nothing wrong to use a blog to generate income. More and more people are seeing this great opportunities and setting up their own blog to get into the blogosphere for profit.

It is excited when you are able to turn a much loved pastime into cash. Bloggers who are enjoying sharing their favourite topic can double their satisfaction when they know how they can use their blog to earn money.

Below are some common ways for blogs to generate online revenue:

1. Advertising

All online business owners and e-entrepreneurs need promotion and advertising. They must reach their marketing messages to their target prospect first before they can effectively sell their product or service in the market. For a blog that gained high volume of traffic, selling ad spaces directly to these online companies and e-entrepreneurs will be a great source of income. The types of ads you can offer for sale on your blog are banner ad and text links.

Even a low traffic blog can take advantage of advertising. There are well known program like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network that let you display their contextual ads and earn ad revenue for each ad click.

There are also networks that help bloggers to find advertisers. Advertising networks like AdBrite and Text Link Ads provide a marketplace where bloggers can add their blog or site with details on their advertising offers into the marketplace. The interested advertisers will find the blogs and pay for displaying a text link ad or a contextual ad on the blogs.

2. Affiliate Programs

Blog is also ideal for promoting affiliate products or services. You can place affiliate banner ads or text links on your blog sidebars to market your affiliate programs. While this isn't a very effective way of generating affiliate commission but you can possibly get one or few sales each month with this easy technique if you get consistent blog traffic.

Another way you can market your affiliate programs is by publishing product review or recommendation posts on your blog. Review posts work very well in generating affiliate sales when you have built your image as a reliable and well liked blogger with many loyal readers.

3. Sponsored Posts

After trying to sell ads and promote affiliate programs on your blog, if you still not satisfying with the amount of money you made, you can think about posting sponsored or review posts.

There are not strict requirements to get started with sponsored posts. You don't have to get much traffic either. All you need is a blog that is older than 3 months and indexed by Google to participate into the sponsored post networks such as Payperpost and Sponsored Review. In these networks you will find advertisers willing to pay you at least $5 for writing and publishing a blog post about their product, service or website.

There are people posting sponsored posts regularly on their blog and making over $1,000 per month. However, the drawbacks of posting sponsored post regularly are that you will lose lot of traffic because readers don't like sponsored post and Google will soon find out and penalized your blog for posting too many sponsored posts.

Thus, if your goal is to build up your blog and establish a reputation, definitely you shouldn't write sponsor posts on a regular basis. But publishing a few sponsored posts each month would hurt your blog and will earn you extra money.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing to Make Money Online

Offering your services as a freelancer can be a very good way to make money online. However, just like with every opportunity, online freelancing has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of being engaged in freelancing online is that you get to work for yourself. You don't have to put up with superiors who tell you what to do, requirements that make you work on crazy schedules, or office policies that limit your earnings no matter how much you've done. When you work for yourself, you get to decide how much you make and all there is to it is putting in the appropriate time and effort based on your income goals. You also don't have to get up early in the morning to avoid rush hours or make insane deadlines by working through your lunch hour. Whether you or a family member is sick, you have to pay bills during the day, or life is just getting too much for you and you want to take a day off at any random period, you have the ability to do so because you're not tied down by a specific set of rules and regulations. You can work in your underwear (if you're in to that kind of thing) or simply make your financial decisions at a table with your favorite newspaper and cup of tea or coffee: A wonderful start to any day of business transactions.

As good as freelancing is, there are a few drawbacks. For one, there are no guarantees of a paycheck. You must make sure that you are doing enough in order to cover all of your expenses. There are also no corporate benefits when you work for yourself. There's no such thing as company dental care or health insurance plan. When you work for yourself, you must pay for these things out of your own pocket. You must also keep track of your own income for tax purposes and set aside your own fund for retirement. It's a lot of struggle when it comes to running your own business because you have to be an employee and a manager at the same time. However, it does pay off especially if you're dedicated to what you are doing.

When you decide to become a freelancer to make money online, you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. As long as you're ready to make a commitment to providing your services as a freelancer, you'll be rolling in the big bucks in no time!

What to Know about Internet Marketing Tools?

Marketing is a basic need for any business to flourish and expand. Internet is the easiest, fastest and the most effective way of making people aware of your organization and your products and thus increasing or expanding potential sales opportunities of the product.

Thus, Internet marketing can be summed up as a process of providing information about your organization and its product and also taking feedback from the users about their preferences and their needs, using internet as a medium.

Many people, who own a business, usually launch their own website in order to promote their products and business. But, after starting the website, one thing that you will discover is that there is low traffic or initially no traffic at all. This means there is a need for good Internet marketing tool. Under are some of the best tools with the help of which you can improve and support the marketing objectives of your business online.

Website Blog: Blogs are one of the best internet marketing tools. Blogging is very effective in attracting visitors towards your website and to share their personal thoughts, ideas and experiences. Blogs should have some basic elements like a proper name and category so that blogs can be easily classified, which helps in further easy navigation through the various blogging topics. It should welcome comments from the users thus helping in achieving proper feedback from the users.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: In this marketing tool, price is paid to the search engine providers with a view that when a user enters and searches some keyword prominent in your ad or article, he/she can view your ad and may click on it. In this way, traffic to your website can be increased. Cost involved in this strategy depends upon the traffic visiting your website.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine optimization is similar to Pay-Per-Click marketing tool. The only difference is that it is less expensive, as it requires you to pay an initial cost and later small overhead cost. With that, you can enjoy greater traffic. There is no need to pay according to the traffic visiting your site. The only drawback in this tool is that, if you do not use an effective keyword, you may not attract traffic as desired.

There are more Internet Marketing tools, but knowing them is not enough. You need to create wise marketing plans and strategies with these tools to thrive your online venture.

How to Increase Your Backlinks? - 7 Tips

Traffic from search engine is the main source of traffic this days and to get more traffic from search engines you should be ranked high and for this well SEO is needed. When it comes to SEO[search engine optimization], getting other websites to link to your website is the most important factor in achieving top search engine rankings. Here are 10 link building strategies listed which surely help you for top search engine rankings:

1. Quality Article Is Must – Write quality articles that other websites will want to post on their websites and link to. The higher the quality of the article, the more one-way links you’ll get. The best articles to write are ‘how-to’ and informational articles.

2. Google loves wordpress blogs – Setup a Wordpress blog on your website and post articles to it once per week. It’s a great way to build the size of your website, keep your website content fresh and get incoming links. Plus Google loves Wordpress!

3. Promote your articles online – Take the articles that you’ve posted to your blog and syndicate them on article directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles, so that other website owners can post them on their websites.

4. Website or blog directories also help – Submit your website to free SEO friendly website directories for a quick way to start building one-way links to your website.

5. Link exchange with relevant blogs – Exchange links with high quality, relevant websites in your field. This can be extremely powerful, as long as you are very selective with whom you exchange links with.

6. Submit to social bookmarking sites – Submit your blog posts and other high value content to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Aside from the one-way link you’ll get and the (short-term) top Google ranking, you can hit the ‘jackpot’ by getting to the first page of digg.com, where you’ll receive thousands of one-way links.

7. Commenting on blogs with same niche – Post high value comments on other blogs in your niche to spark discussion. Even if the comments are ‘nofollowed’, you can still get links to your site from other bloggers that refer to your posts.

I think these tips really gonna help you. If you have any suggestions or comments or questions post below.

How to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

In the business world, you are required to spend money in other to get more money. This separates the serious business owners from the non-serious ones. But having an online business is different from the traditional business. In the online business, you can use a blog and make money from it. You don't have to spend money hosting your blog or to pay for any service. If you want to make money online without spending any money, these are what you should do.

1. Get a free blog:- Any one would work just fine, but the blog of most internet marketers is blogger. This is easy to create and set up. You would have to decide if you want to make money with contextual ads or through affiliate program. After you have decided what you want to do, you would go to blogspot and publish the post you have written.

2. Get Traffic to the Blog:- After publishing your blog post, the next thing you want to do is to get traffic to the blog because traffic, your blog is like a fish swimming in the pacific ocean. Without traffic, your blog is another blog that is in the blogosphere that no one knows about. You can get traffic by commenting on other people's blog, being active in forums, doing article marketing and social bookmarking. All these methods are free. They just require your time.

3. Track Your Traffic:- When you see that you are getting traffic to the blog, install a tracking code to see where your visitors are coming from. There are many free tracking codes to use on your blog. Check where the traffic is coming from and capitalize on that traffic. By this I mean you would continue doing what you were doing to bring more of that traffic. If you are getting traffic and you are not making any money yet, that means that you have the wrong traffic. Check your traffic stats again and see where the second source of traffic is coming from. Put more effort so that you get more of that traffic and maybe you might start making money money.

Making money with contextual ads such as adsense needs more work. It required you to get traffic from search engine to get clicks on the ads. Affiliate marketing is much easier because if you do article marketing, people would find your article from search engine and click to your blog. If you have more articles that they like, they might click on your affiliate link and buy a product you recommended. It is easier for search engine bots to see and index your article on article sites than them to index your blog because your blog don't have much authority like the article site. It would take a while for your site to reach that type of authority.

How to Make Money Online With Keyword Marketing

I get emails all the time from people asking me to summarize exactly the steps I take to make money online. This is mostly because I built an online income that was enough to pay for college in less than a year. I used the business model called "keyword marketing".

Keyword marketing is where you build a website about a specific topic, and then rank it on Google results for that keyword. This website, for example, is built around the keyword "make money online" and might be how you got here.

Here's exactly how I do it, step by step.

1. Get a Domain and Host.

Every website needs a host. A host is basically the place that your website is located. It's the "address" of your website -- a home for the articles and posts. Hosting can be as cheap as $3.95.

Your domain needs to focus on a keyword that people are searching for. For example, my website targets "how to make money online."

2. Get a usable website design.

Install WordPress or Blogger on your domain. This can usually be done by your host in just a few clicks. Make sure your design makes sense and is easy to use.

3. Plan out 50 articles.

Plan out the top 50 things you need to say about the topic that you've chosen to write about. You don't need more than 50 to start with, though more never hurts.

You can either write the articles yourself (they need to be at least 350 words long), or you can outsource the word to a cheap article writing service. I pay for most of my articles, and pay roughly $5 per article.

4. Place ads and affiliate programs.

This is the fun part. Sign up for programs like AdSense, Commission Junction and ClickBooth. Add the advertisements to your design, find a few products to make sales pages around, and then link to those sales pages from most of your other articles/posts/pages.

This means that you basically have a money-making machine. The more traffic you get, the more you make money.

5. Build Links.

The best source of traffic to get is straight from Google. These visitors are more likely to click ads, buy products and earn you money.

To get Google traffic, you need to have links pointing to your website. Guest posts, article marketing -- find at least 10 different ways to get links, and then build at least 10 links per day. Within a few months, your income will be considerable, if you picked the right topic.


It's not easy to make money online, and most people give up before they get where they are trying to go. But if you follow the above steps to the letter, you'll be able to build an income.

It takes hard word, dedication and will-power. But you can do it. I did it in less than 6 months, and am paying for college this way.

The Internet CEO: I Don't Need The Search Engines To Make "Independent" Money

Listen, who cares about getting a number one ranking in the search engines. Who even cares about being in the top ten on the first page. I had to write this because I'm tired of people sending me emails asking, how can they get their website a number one ranking. I could mail out some direct mail postcards offline and make $20,000 "independently" in a week from people going to my site from postcards alone! Don't believe me? You can try it yourself and can verify that this is the truth. I am the truth! Look me up, "The Internet CEO".

I don't need the search engines or have to be dependent on them for my traffic and to make my money. Any experienced internet marketer know that you need other effective sources of traffic coming in than from just the search engines. To me, the search engines are like a "credit card" and we all know that the majority of America live (on credit) off a credit card but I don't. In terms of the internet and independent internet marketing, a lot of people highly believe that you have to be either number one or on the first page to recieve the same amount of traffic (if not more) than the webmasters that are actually on the first page such as this site your on right now. It came to one point in time that I had over 1.5 million results in Google for my name: "Carael Knight" but they took me off. It didn't really matter though because my sales and revenue still stayed the same. As far as I'm concerned, the search engines can shove it because independent internet marketing is on the rise!

Being Broke Is Funny & Paying Bills Is A Joke!!!!

Money Making Affiliate Program: Tissa Godavitarne

With the advent of the Internet and the continuous challenge of the economic downturn at present, a lucrative business venture may be hard to come by. This is what Tissa Godavitarne’s program offers. The program brings you one of the best ways to earn money online.

How Tissa Godavitarne's program works

One thing for sure, the program is not that complicated. The moment you sign up for it, you will have access to the back office (control panel) of the program and get a people search engine website for free. People search engine refers to a certain website wherein the Internet users can use it to search for people according to their name, their phone number, email and even through their address.

Your search engine website will be included with your affiliate links and ads. These affiliate links and ads will become your income sources. To start generating income, your search engine website has to be promoted on the Internet so that there are traffic flowing into your site.

If you are a beginner, you might find it hard to promote and generate traffic for your website. But don’t worry, Tissa, the owner of the program will set up his own ad campaigns to generate traffic for your website. You will see revenue flow into your account.

Aside from acquiring revenue from affiliate links and ads through your search engine website, other sources of revenue include the referrals you do. Referrals means that you will also refer other people to join Tissa Godavitarne’s program. You earn commission every time you referred someone to join Tissa Godavitarne’s program.

The minimum payout of Tissa Godavitarne’s program is $200. So, your earning needs to reach $200 to qualify for payment. To help members reach payout faster, Tissa is generously giving $125 referral commission to all new members. So all you have to do is earn another $75 from referring people to sign up and you will get paid $200.

In case you want to further learn about the money making Tissa Godavitarne program, you can also check out Search-affiliate.com. This site provides the necessary information you need to know.

Tissa Godavitarne Program is for anyone wants to start making money online

Even if you are a complete beginners; you can make money from Tissa Godavitarne Program. When you just joined the program, you only need to follow the instructions to have everything set up. And Tissa will work out marketing for your search engine website and generate revenue for you.

After that, Tissa will teach you about Internet marketing and site promotion. You will learn how to generate traffic and income for your people search engine. To earn a consistent income from the program, you must be willing to learn and work in marketing.


It is important to take note that this isn’t any get rich fast program. There is no such business. Those people who joined Tissa Godavitarne and have worked steadily in the program are already earning income in a consistent manner. A lot of people who joined the program have in fact been providing good reviews on the program.

Tissa is helping you at the beginning, but to earn a good income, you do have to take time learning everything and put in hard effort in marketing. With constant effort in Internet marketing, you generate regular traffic and revenue in return.

Start Making Money Now with Tissa Godavitarne Program

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful, yet under-utilised social networking platform on the web.
Whether you just created your first blog, or you are considered one of the top bloggers in the world like Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, or Tim Ferriss, you are always looking for ways to generate more traffic to your site.  Even more so, you are looking for qualified traffic to your site, (i.e people who are interested in the content you produce).
LinkedIn is a great way to generate free, organic, traffic to your blog.
“But Lewis, isn’t LinkedIn just a site to post my resume when I am looking for a job?”
No, wake up people!  Although LinkedIn has been great for job seekers during the most recent economic cycle, it is much much more than that.  Individuals and companies are achieving more professional goals than imaginable on LinkedIn.  For example, LinkedIn can help you:
  • Sell products
  • Find new clients or employees
  • Generate leads
  • Receive funding for your company
  • Obtain sponsorships
  • Sell hundreds of tickets to your professional event
  • Get national and local press coverage
  • And last but not least, drive massive traffic to your blog
Achieving these goals on LinkedIn don’t come naturally.  You’ve gotta work the system on LinkedIn and experiment with different methods.  I’ve come up with the best ways to achieve those goals.  Here are my top 10 ways to drive traffic to your blog using LinkedIn:

1.  Complete Your Profile:

Numerous individuals have told me LinkedIn doesn’t work for them. I always ask them how much time they have put into using LinkedIn, their response – very little.  If your profile is weak people will lose interest quickly and may never click on your website links.
If you want people to read your profile and click on your websites then make your profile concise, compelling and value driven throughout.  Complete your profile 100%, add a great picture of yourself, and take the entire process very seriously.  The more complete and compelling your profile is, the more people will read and visit links you have posted.
This advice goes beyond driving traffic to your blog.  If someone were to Google your name (which most people do when they are researching you) your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that pop up.  Personally, my LinkedIn profile is the third result, and for Darren Rowse it comes up seventh (before Facebook or Twitter).  Google your own name and check out what position your LinkedIn profile shows up.  You must make your profile compelling.

2.  Increase Your Connections:

The more connections you have, the more people will have access to your profile.  Every time you take an action on LinkedIn (i.e. update your profile, join a group, recommend someone, RSVP to an event, etc… this shows up on the home page of your 1st degree connections).  If you only have 100 connections, this limits the amount of potential clicks on your profile and website links per day. Constantly be updating and adding new connections.
add connections

3.  Customize Your Website Links:

When you first create your profile your website links will look like this:
blog links
However this is not a “call to action” and you are missing potential traffic because of it.  No one actually cares what your blog is unless it is relevant to them or solves a problem.  Instead, customize your website links to attract more clicks and drive more traffic to your blog.  If I were Darren, I would insert this:
LinkedIn blog
The second image is more compelling and explains exactly what the viewer will see on the next page when they click on each link.  In order to change your websites with a custom headline, click on the “edit” button next to one of the websites. View the image below for further details:

4.  Answer Questions:

This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.  The more questions you answer, the better the chances are of that person asking the question to click on your blog to learn more about you. Not only will that one person be more interested in learning more about you, but also others answering that question.  Additionally, when someone rates your answer as “The Best” of the mix, it will improve your thought  leadership status. It moves you up the rankings as a “featured expert” in the category you answered in.  When you are a featured expert people become more aware of your profile, and the chance they will click on your link to learn more about what you have to offer improves.

5.  Update Status:

For you Twitter lovers out there, this should be an easy step to take.  LinkedIn also has a status update feature that is a lot like Twitter, only it gives you 148 characters to work with instead of 140. Why is it so important to constantly update your status?  Because it is the first thing that pops up the home profile for all of your connections.  Check out your home page on LinkedIn and you will see a few status updates of those your are connected to.  If they are smart, they will include some compelling copy with a call to action and a link back to their blog (something I do that drives traffic to mine).
status update

6.  Join Niche Groups:

Whatever your blog is about, there is an audience of people on LinkedIn that share interest with.  To make it easy to find these people click on the “Group Search” tab and type in some key words that relate to your blog.  I have a sports industry blog that focuses mostly on social media with an audience of professionals who work in the sports.  I joined all of the professional sports groups I could find:
sports groups
Some of these niche groups have thousands of members who are actively involved in connect with other members.  If you are not in the groups where your audience for your blog is hanging out, then you are missing out on the opportunity for new readers, and organic traffic to your site.  Join as many groups as you can after doing a key word search that relates to your blog.
For starters – check out the Professional Bloggers Group.

7.  Post Comments In Groups:

Some larger groups are receiving hundreds of new discussion topics every few days (think of it as a forum).  People are sharing points of discussion, commenting and giving further feedback and suggestions on those comments.  Every time someone creates a new discussion topic, it shows up on the home profile of everyone in that group.  If there are 100,000 people in the group, then you are potentially getting the attention of 100,000 other individuals for your comment.
music group

8.  Add RSS Feed to Groups:

Each group has a section that allows you to add a link to a website with the latest news you think is relevant to that group.  It also allows you to add your own RSS feed or website link so it will automatically update the group every time you post a new article on your blog.  This creates an automated flow of organic traffic that will show up on the home profile of everyone connected in the group.  Again, this gives you more opportunities for people to view your blog.

9.  Create a Group:

This may be one of the most powerful things you can do on LinkedIn.  I won’t go into all of the amazing details on how this has helped me, but I will tell you that owning a group drives a lot of traffic to your site. I own several niche related groups on LinkedIn.  For example, I created the Sports Industry Network group on LinkedIn and there are currently over 19,500 members.  When a new person joins the group, they see a brief description of the group, my name as the owner of the group, plus my website url www.sportsnetworker.com.  Since my group gets over 100 new members each week, that’s additional traffic from new members alone. That’s not even including the close to 20,000 members who are actively engaging in the group, and clicking on my blog links.

10.  Add the Blog Application to Your Profile:

This might be the most obvious suggestion, but I still see some of the top pro bloggers leaving this feature out.  This application posts the title and first paragraph for your most recent articles you have published on your LinkedIn profile.  It is a way to give viewers of your profile a sneak peak of what they will read on your blog.
Go to “applications” and download either the WordPress or Blog Link application and add your URL for your blog.
linkedin blog application
LinkedIn continues to be one of the top sites that drives traffic to my blog, thanks to these 10 examples, but the power of LinkedIn doesn’t stop here. What other tips have you found through using LinkedIn to increase traffic to your blog?

54 Ways to drive traffic to your blog

These are few of the best methods to generate traffic to your blog, if you learn a bit more in detail and implement it effectively your sure to gain success.

1. Pay-Per-Click
2. Banner Advertising
3. Ezine Advertising
4. Text Links
5. Leads (co-registration)
6. Offline Marketing
7. TV, Radio & Podcasts Advertising
8. Newspaper Advertising
9. Word of Mouth Referrals
10. Paid Inclusion
11. Traffic Packages
12. Classified Ads
13. Cost-Per-Action
14. Search Engine Optimization
15. Article Marketing
16. Affiliate Programs
17. Press Release
18. Directories
19. Forum Marketing
20. Email Signature
21. Shopping Sites
22. Shareware-Download Sites
24. Traffic Exchange
25. Banner Exchange
26. Link Exchange
27. CPA Networks
28. Affiliate Networks
29. Desktop Messaging
30. Contests & Races
31. Tele Seminars & Conferences
32. Write Testimonials
33. Surveys
34. Create a Product
35. Expired Domains
36. Exit Traffic
37. Myspace
38. Google, Yahoo & AOL Groups
39. Facebook
40. Social Bookmarking
41. Blogging
42. Video Sites
43. Podcasting
44. Content Sites
45. Wikipedia & Wikihow
46. Yahoo Answers
47. Return traffic
48. List Building
49. Viral Traffic
50. Joint Ventures
51. Product Launches
52. Cross Promotion (Integration Marketing)
53. Giveaway Events & Bonuses
54. Freebies For List Owners

30 Ways to Earn Money Online

While working on my projects with affiliate marketing and Adsense, I thought about writing a post about numerous ways to earn money online. I want to write this post to inform you of some ways to earn money that you may not be aware of. I also want my readers to vote on the following 30 ways to earn money online and the top 5 methods readers vote for the most, I will write a detailed post about that method in detail so that you can be on your way to earning some cash online. I have researched some of these methods and some I have used personally so I know its legit and can be a great cash flow for you. So here is the list in no particular order and a brief description. Keep in mind that some methods are broad in terms of how you could generate the money.

1. Sponsored Reviews-Get paid to review products/websites/services on your website or blog.

2. Home Business-Start your own home business

3. Adsense-make money displaying relevant ads on your site

4. Pay-Per-Click- Similar to Adsense but other programs available

5. Write Articles-Get paid to write articles (Associated Content or other people can pay you for this service

6. Sell on Ebay- Sell some of your merchandise on ebay

7. Complete Surveys- Get paid to complete surveys or participate in focus groups

8. View Ads- Get paid to view ads (Usually .01-.03 per ad you view at 15-30 sec. each)

9. Read Emails- Same concept as viewing ads but this time you will be reading emails.

10. Post on Forums- Get paid to post on forums (Some forums will pay you for posts you make)

11. Social Networking- Get paid to do the things you would usually do on Myspace or Facebook.

12. Gpt Sites- You get paid to fill out surveys and email submits (for example, those ads you see "JcPenny's or Macy's get a $1000 giftcard)

13. Create Ebooks- Create a ebook about something and sell it

14. Create a Product- Create a product and sell it

15. Freebie Trader- Complete trial offers for cash and prizes (Incentivized Industry also known as I.F.W)

16. Write a Report- Write a special report about something you know a lot about and sell it to people you think will buy that information.

17.Promote other people's products- If you don't have your own product, promote someones elses product and earn commissions

18. Sell Advertising- Sell your space on your high PR traffic site whether its banner space or text links

19. Website Builder- Create websites for people

20. Offer a service- Are you good at SEO or have a special skill? Get paid for it.

21. Flip websites- Create a decent (profitable) website and sell it for profit

22. Data Entry- Get paid to type, entering data into a computerized database.

23. Get paid to search- We all search for something, get paid to do it (Swagbucks)

24. Twitter- Everyone knows you can make money with twitter

25. Create Blog/Website Themes- Get paid to create themes or templates for websites or blogs. Need to know some html for this.

26. Link Builder- Get paid to build links for people such as finding backlinks for peoples sites.

27. Sell Avon- This one is a no brainer. You can do this online as well.

28. Answer Questions- This one mainly relates to ChaCha where you get paid to answer questions people ask through there cell phones.

29. Design Logos- For the creative minds, design logos for companies or websites and get paid for it.

30. Contests- This is a pretty easy one, go around and look for contests you can participate in, either from a blog or forum, you may end up winning some cash. I know Shoemoney and John Chow have some nice contests.

Now you have a list of 30 ways to earn money online. If you want to learn more about any of these methods, make a comment and tell me which one you would like me to make a detailed post about. In the meantime, I am still working on my current project and inform you of the steps I am taking to achieve my goal.

Earning Money Equals Ranking For Keywords???

Today I am going to tell you something you may not know. That is the power of keywords and how you can be earning money online ranking for keyword phrases. Ranking number one for a keyword in a popular search engine that has a good amount of traffic can bring a lot of extra cash in your pocket and I will tell you why.

Before I go into details, I want to make it clear what a keyword or keyword phrase is. Let's say I was interested in buying a flat screen tv and wanted to compare prices online. I would search for information about flat screen tv's by using a search engine. The top one most people use is Google. I would type in "flat screen tvs" or "flat screen tv prices" and then hit search. In this case, flat screen tvs would be the keyword phrase. Basically, whatever you type into a search engine becomes a keyword or keywords phrase.

Imagine if your site showed up as the number one site in Google for a keyword phrase such as lose weight. You would be making a lot of money because that phrase gets a ton of traffic and you could use several income streams to cash in. Basically the equation goes like this, keyword phrase + number 1 position + traffic = Money!! Of course this is the basic equation and there is a lot more than just ranking a keyword for keyword phrase. There has to be a good amount of traffic and the traffic from that keyword phrase should convert to cash. I will get more in detail about this in future posts.

Now it's time to highlight the pros and cons of going this route to earn money.

  • You can apply multiple streams of income to this method. For example, if you rank number one for flat screen tv's, you could try Adsense which is a pay per click program, or you could join sites such as Amazon or Ebay which has an affiliate program where you would make a percentage of whatever sales you would make if someone was to buy a flat screen tvs through your site, more specifically your affiliate links, banners, etc. Since there are so many different keywords, affiliate programs, and products out there, ranking for a good keyword can bring money from different sources.
  • You can maintain a steady stream of income that is most often long term if you go about it the right way. With some ways of earning money online, the income isn't steady. For example, I used to submit a number of articles a day to an article directory. These articles would use my keyword phrase and also link back to my site. This resulted in me earning a nice sum of money from affiliate sales. But after I quit writing the articles, my sales stopped. Not only that but it was tiring writing so many articles. If I ranked number one for my keyword, I wouldn't have to write articles everyday and my sales would be consistent and I wouldn't have to worry about my sales completely stopping. If I continue to rank number one for my keyword, this would be long term income for me instead of short term as with the articles. 
  • The first con to ranking number one for keywords to earn money and this is really only a con for those who don't want to put a lot effort into earning money online and that is the possible hard work that it may take to get the keyword to rank number one in Google. Depending on the keyword or keyword phrase, it may not take a lot of work to get number one results but in some cases, it just may take some work. I will get into this also in future posts.
  • One other con to ranking keywords is the length of time to accomplish the goal. For some it may take a month to rank for a keyword and for others it may take 3-12 months which is a lot of time to be trying to earn some income. This is also depending on the keyword or keyword phrase you are trying to rank for.
  • One last con is that all keywords are not money makers. For instance, a keyword phrase may have a lot of traffic but if that traffic doesn't convert in cash, it is no good. Also, just because you rank for a keyword doesn't mean that the traffic will be there. Traffic = Money. No traffic, no money. It's all about doing proper keyword research and choosing the right keywords and testing of course.

Even though there are more cons than pros mentioned in this post, the pros outweigh the cons. Ranking keywords can amount to you earning a nice sum of money online. I will be writing a few more articles about keywords and keyword research so you can learn how to rank for some keywords and hopefully start cashing in on that number one spot.

Creating a High Quality Customer Base for Surefire Affiliate Marketing Success

Building up a valuable email list is the very first step on the road to successful affiliate marketing. As an intelligent affiliate marketing, you are not resuming to send out numerous emails to a bunch of ordinary email addresses. It is preferable and more efficient to send emails to targeted prospects. Follow the next 4 tips to professionally build up a high quality email list.

- Build your landing page
A landing page is among the most efficient and successful tools in affiliate marketing. A landing page enables you to gather email addresses of prospects interested in your products or in what you have to offer. One method to get those email addresses is to offer them something for free. Among the things you can offer them for free are for example, online courses, e-books or special reports closely related to the targeted niche market.

- Redirect Subscribers to your Affiliate’s Link
Normally, you are waiting and wishing for your visitors to click on your affiliate links! You could eliminate that by redirecting them via your landing page to your affiliate site. However, this is considered to be a pushy marketing method that many visitors just hate, because they want to decide whether to click on your link or not.

It is preferable to use this method, if your affiliate website has for example related articles that are not considered spam. Instead, if you are marketing a particular niche market, that is well-known for detesting spam, it is recommended to simply place a link to your affiliate website.

- Efficiently manage your follow-up emails
It is essential to know how to distribute the emails you send out in a week, with maximum efficiency. You should not send message to your email list too frequently, as you will just irritate them, being considered spam and put on a blocked list. For best results, it is highly recommended to have a break of three or four days between your messages. It is also wise to have your messages contain something useful and valuable. You will not reach far as an affiliate marketer with clear advertising messages.

- Test your Landing Page’s efficiency
It is recommended to change from time to time the content of your landing page, as they are not normally ranked by the different search engines. You should build a couple of different landing pages and use them in rotation to evaluate how well are the visitors responding to them, which one of them have a higher response rate. Experiment different keywords and visual elements. Affiliate marketing specialists are saying that straightforward landing pages with professional look are producing the best results.

The above tips have to be taken in consideration when planning to build up your very own email list containing a valuable prospects list to use a long time fro now on for your successful long term business. Learn how to use it, apply it in your strategy and you will see the superior results.

How You can Start Making Your Living Online

As somewhat of an Internet marketer myself I’m always looking for the good way to make money online. I’ve tried my hand in a lot of the different trades but the only problem is motivating yourself. More often than not internet marketing forces you to learn new skills, talk to different people and keep working even when there’s no end in sight.

Recently however, an amazing Internet opportunity has popped up. Tim Lowe one of the all-time successful Internet marketers is going to open up a membership website. Tim’s estimated online income is about 40 000 – 100 000 USD per month. I can’t imagine what doors are going to be opened once he opens up his site to the general public, and I’m just glad that I’ll be in on this huge insider secret.

This membership website is designed especially for people who need to make money on the Internet. The website is coming up shortly but because Tim Lowe is in such demand (currently in the middle of the 2009 joint workshop) he already started a priority waiting list.

Since his main membership site isn’t up all we can rely on is his temporary site at simplynoexcuses.com for information. To give you the gist of things Tim Lowe membership site is offering everything you need to start making money online including:
  • A new professional website every month
  • 100 of products you can choose from to promote
  • Updated videos and training resources that teach you the success strategies and techniques
  • And much more……
I think everyone is feeling a little excited after reading this including myself. This man is re-defining Internet marketing; he’s offering us the complete information and tools to start earning money online! In two week time, Tim’s membership site is going to be launched. But to ensure you get the immediate notification just after the site launched and join in successfully, sign up for his priority waiting list now at:


Imagine sitting on a warm beach just watching the waves gently crash against the shore, while sipping on ice cold drinks and scrunching up finely ground up sand with your toes. This could be you because Tim’s offering you the chance to make enormous amounts of money. Don’t let this pass you by!

Tim’s offering to build an Internet home business for you each month and you will not be working alone. Tim and his team will guide you and give all the support you need to get started on the Internet. As spots are limited in the membership site, if you are interested in this opportunity, sign up for his priority waiting list now to guarantee you get a spot when the site opened.

Ways to Drive Traffic to a Blog

As the phrase ‘make money online’ becoming more popular now days, there are a lot opportunities available on the net for public to join. Many people get caught with the phrase because they always thought it is easy as it sound but the true is not. A lot of work and effort must be done before you can get what you are looking for.

Anyway, the simple and basic strategic for every business is to bring as many customers as we can because no matter how good is our product without customer it is nothing. In this case traffics are our main objective. I am not going to talk about SEO or how to be on the first page of organic search but I am going to discuss about how to bring in traffics to your blog using tools other than the organic search. There a many ways but below are a few that I feel most popular and effective way that will generate traffics to your blog.

Pay per click
This is an Internet advertising program that applies on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites, such as blogs or website, in which advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked. With a proper keyword and budget setting, pay per click can be very useful tools to drive traffics and eventually generating money. Example of pay per click advertising program is Google Adwords.

Social networking website
No money needed but yet still manage to drive in a huge amount of traffics to your blog. I have made a quick search on one largest and most popular social networking website Facebook and have found there are more than 20 million people in United Kingdom have sign up for Facebook.

Tell a friend
Don’t forget that by sending a marketing email is also a good way to promote your blog. Tell a friend is a tool that will allow your visitors to promote your blog on your behalf. If the contents of your blog are interesting, useful and informative, people will recommend to others using tell a friend tool and your will see that your blog spreading like a wild fire. Socialtwist is a good example of tell a friend

Actually there are many more ways to generate traffics other than be on the first page of an organic search. Eager to be on the first page sometime make people forgot about other opportunities to generate traffics.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Searching for ways to earn money online? In that case, you must have stumbled upon affiliate marketing. Actually, affiliate marketing is believed to be one of the greatest methods to earn money on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is all about signing up to a couple of affiliate programs and advertising their products. You might earn up to 60% per sale in commissions.

Let me tell you the main motives why so many people choose affiliate marketing for earning money online.

Total Control of Your Working Program
Affiliate marketing basically means that you are in charge, without bosses and that there is no strict working program from nine to five. You make your own working program; actually you are working when and as much as you want. Naturally, if you really want to earn some money you need to have some self control, and respect the established working program.

Possibility to Work Everywhere
As a matter of fact you have total freedom to work from anywhere that you like, as you are forced to go to the office every morning. It is up to you whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your home or in a café. The only requirement is that the particular location to have internet connection.

No Need to Have Your Own Products
As described above you will be advertising the products of the affiliated company, thus you are forced to have your own merchandise. You have to focus on advertising and promoting their products and not on creating your very own products, saving you time, money and effort.

Small Initial Investment Is Needed
You are not required to make any investments related to your products, as you are not dealing with your own products. The signup process with the affiliate programs is the kick start of your work; remember, the majority of the programs are free of any charge! At this point, absolutely no investment is required. Instead, it is recommended to build your own affiliate website. You will need a domain and web hosting that will most probably cost you under $60 per year.

No Need to Take Care of Logistic Issue
As far as the logistics concerns, that doesn’t concern you, as the merchants are shipping the purchased products to the clients. All you have to do, is to send the prospects directly to the merchant’s website, thus you are earning commissions on each and every purchase. You are not wasting valuable and considerable amount of time with shipping the products, enabling you to concentrate all your efforts on advertising.

Control the Kind of Products to Sell
Another advantage of being an affiliate marketer is the fact that it is up to you what types of products you will be advertising. You may choose to advertise only the top and popular products providing the opportunity to earn a higher amount of money. Even more, you might go only for those products that are related to your personal website, enabling you to earn even more money.

How to Successfully Market on Twitter

The Internet, also known as the “Cyber Media” or the “New Media” is one of the most powerful tools discovered by science – and is a blessing to mankind. It has the ability to compete with the other forms of media in terms of speed, space and simplicity. Internet possesses the unique characteristic of bringing the world news at our fingertips just with the help of a click. It provides us an ocean of information through the various search engines like the Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia etc. Last but not the least the Internet generates enormous revenue through several advertising endorsements.

The social networking sites in Internet (Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Youtube etc) play a significant role in marketing various goods and services. These social networking sites are an excellent pathway of connecting millions of people throughout the world. People are able to contact and interact with one another which generate greater awareness. Thus several advertising endorsements posted in these sites will attract the attention of consumers than the ads posted in other websites. A number of people come across ads posted in Orkut like matrimonial websites advertisements, car ads, etc.

Advertisements can be animated graphics, motion pictures or still images – their main aim is to grab customer attention, subsequently get them to buy your product or service so that you make money.

Like the other social networking sites, “Twitter” is another place with the help of which brand recognition can be built. Unlike other social media marketing (SMM), twitter is much simpler, easier, and faster. Moreover, twitter offers several advantages too.

Firstly, sending e-mails to people individually is time consuming. Instead of wasting time and energy doing that, one can just post all company alerts here. Customers are updated on the latest alerts as soon as they login to twitter – just at a glance.

Secondly sales can be increased by offering discounts on twitter. Customers can be motivated to join twitter by offering special discounts unique to twitter. It goes a long way in capturing the interest of people.

Thirdly, a sense of fraternity is created through the use of twitter. The customers should be made to feel special through the access to all kinds of information related to the company – so that they feel that they are part of the same family and a sense of oneness is promoted.

Fourthly, target customer of a definite product can be located and approached by knowing about themselves through their profiles on twitter.

Lastly, twitter is an essential tool for doing market research for any business. With the aid of “search function”, we can observe the feedback and opinions of customers.

Thus we see that Internet (especially the social networking sites like twitter) is emerging as shrewd advertising medium in the twenty-first century. Online advertisements have helped people to make their choice and selection of goods of miscellaneous uses. It is boosting consumerism among people and raising aspirations of the people and their standard of living. Internet has proven its persuasive power in influencing human behavior time and again through different advertising endorsements.

Internet marketing is not an easy task. You will have to strike a balance between providing things to your subscriber list and making a profit. If you give too much out for free, you will find it harder to make a sale. If you promote to your list too often, people will begin to see you as desperate to make a sale. Find that all-important balance and watch your profits soar.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Make Money Online with Twitter

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, you have undoubtedly heard of the latest web craze, Twitter. This very popular micro-blogging and social networking site allows users to follow one another and update their status via “Tweets.” Each Tweet is visible to all of that person’s followers and anyone else that somehow comes across his or her profile. It’s a really simple concept, and it may seem far-fetched that anyone could actually make money from a short 160 character post about what they ate for lunch or a bad movie that they just watched. However, this simplicity has actually proven to be a remarkably powerful marketing tool, and Twitter has now taken the internet world by storm.

Whether you are a professional blogger or internet marketer, or a college kid or house mom trying to make a few extra bucks, Twitter is an excellent resource that cannot be overlooked as a means of making money online. Countless programs have emerged that provide users with easy ways of making money through their Twitter accounts. And of course there is always affiliate marketing through Twitter to consider as well. But the focus of this post will be on one of the easiest and most effective programs that enables you to make money from your Tweets called RevTwt.

How It Works
RevTwt is a free service that allows Twitter users to post ads in their Tweets. Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, you get paid anywhere from $0.02 to $0.25. It’s as simple as that. You can select from a huge variety of ads that are organized by categories like “Health and Fitness,” “Make Money,” or “Travel.” This is nice because it allows you to post ads that are related to your interests or that relate to your niche if you have a blog or other website. If you are too busy or just lazy, RevTwt also has an auto-post feature that will Tweet up to 3 ads per day for you, so you literally don’t have to do anything but wait for clicks and money to accumulate.

How Much Money Can You Make?
A few cents per click may seem pretty miniscule, but let me tell you, it really starts to add up, especially if you have a lot of followers viewing your Tweets. The ads are usually pretty intriguing and even one ad per day can generate quite a few clicks. Also, RevTwt has a really generous referral program that pays you 20% of all of the money your referred members earn for life. So if you have a blog or website, you can definitely refer a lot of other people and start making money off of their earnings too. RevTwt even allows you to add up to 10 different Twitter accounts, so you can really post a lot of ads and get a lot of clicks if you are motivated enough. Personally, I signed up with two Twitter accounts and within a week I already had 15 referrals and about 90 clicks. And my numbers continue to rise. So if you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to look into getting a free RevTwt account today.

A Few Last Words of Advice
I have nothing but positive remarks about the RevTwt program, and it has definitely increased my online earnings with very little extra work. The only caution I would give is not to post too many ads in one day. For one, Twitter doesn’t like spammers and this can potentially get your account suspended. And also, the more ads you post, the more annoying you can be to your followers and the less likely they will be to click on the links. This can also be a problem if you use the auto-post feature. I usually post about 2-3 ads per day mixed in with about 10 regular Tweets and I have had some pretty amazing results. Check out RevTwt to try it for yourself!