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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creating a High Quality Customer Base for Surefire Affiliate Marketing Success

Building up a valuable email list is the very first step on the road to successful affiliate marketing. As an intelligent affiliate marketing, you are not resuming to send out numerous emails to a bunch of ordinary email addresses. It is preferable and more efficient to send emails to targeted prospects. Follow the next 4 tips to professionally build up a high quality email list.

- Build your landing page
A landing page is among the most efficient and successful tools in affiliate marketing. A landing page enables you to gather email addresses of prospects interested in your products or in what you have to offer. One method to get those email addresses is to offer them something for free. Among the things you can offer them for free are for example, online courses, e-books or special reports closely related to the targeted niche market.

- Redirect Subscribers to your Affiliate’s Link
Normally, you are waiting and wishing for your visitors to click on your affiliate links! You could eliminate that by redirecting them via your landing page to your affiliate site. However, this is considered to be a pushy marketing method that many visitors just hate, because they want to decide whether to click on your link or not.

It is preferable to use this method, if your affiliate website has for example related articles that are not considered spam. Instead, if you are marketing a particular niche market, that is well-known for detesting spam, it is recommended to simply place a link to your affiliate website.

- Efficiently manage your follow-up emails
It is essential to know how to distribute the emails you send out in a week, with maximum efficiency. You should not send message to your email list too frequently, as you will just irritate them, being considered spam and put on a blocked list. For best results, it is highly recommended to have a break of three or four days between your messages. It is also wise to have your messages contain something useful and valuable. You will not reach far as an affiliate marketer with clear advertising messages.

- Test your Landing Page’s efficiency
It is recommended to change from time to time the content of your landing page, as they are not normally ranked by the different search engines. You should build a couple of different landing pages and use them in rotation to evaluate how well are the visitors responding to them, which one of them have a higher response rate. Experiment different keywords and visual elements. Affiliate marketing specialists are saying that straightforward landing pages with professional look are producing the best results.

The above tips have to be taken in consideration when planning to build up your very own email list containing a valuable prospects list to use a long time fro now on for your successful long term business. Learn how to use it, apply it in your strategy and you will see the superior results.

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