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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Earning Money Equals Ranking For Keywords???

Today I am going to tell you something you may not know. That is the power of keywords and how you can be earning money online ranking for keyword phrases. Ranking number one for a keyword in a popular search engine that has a good amount of traffic can bring a lot of extra cash in your pocket and I will tell you why.

Before I go into details, I want to make it clear what a keyword or keyword phrase is. Let's say I was interested in buying a flat screen tv and wanted to compare prices online. I would search for information about flat screen tv's by using a search engine. The top one most people use is Google. I would type in "flat screen tvs" or "flat screen tv prices" and then hit search. In this case, flat screen tvs would be the keyword phrase. Basically, whatever you type into a search engine becomes a keyword or keywords phrase.

Imagine if your site showed up as the number one site in Google for a keyword phrase such as lose weight. You would be making a lot of money because that phrase gets a ton of traffic and you could use several income streams to cash in. Basically the equation goes like this, keyword phrase + number 1 position + traffic = Money!! Of course this is the basic equation and there is a lot more than just ranking a keyword for keyword phrase. There has to be a good amount of traffic and the traffic from that keyword phrase should convert to cash. I will get more in detail about this in future posts.

Now it's time to highlight the pros and cons of going this route to earn money.

  • You can apply multiple streams of income to this method. For example, if you rank number one for flat screen tv's, you could try Adsense which is a pay per click program, or you could join sites such as Amazon or Ebay which has an affiliate program where you would make a percentage of whatever sales you would make if someone was to buy a flat screen tvs through your site, more specifically your affiliate links, banners, etc. Since there are so many different keywords, affiliate programs, and products out there, ranking for a good keyword can bring money from different sources.
  • You can maintain a steady stream of income that is most often long term if you go about it the right way. With some ways of earning money online, the income isn't steady. For example, I used to submit a number of articles a day to an article directory. These articles would use my keyword phrase and also link back to my site. This resulted in me earning a nice sum of money from affiliate sales. But after I quit writing the articles, my sales stopped. Not only that but it was tiring writing so many articles. If I ranked number one for my keyword, I wouldn't have to write articles everyday and my sales would be consistent and I wouldn't have to worry about my sales completely stopping. If I continue to rank number one for my keyword, this would be long term income for me instead of short term as with the articles. 
  • The first con to ranking number one for keywords to earn money and this is really only a con for those who don't want to put a lot effort into earning money online and that is the possible hard work that it may take to get the keyword to rank number one in Google. Depending on the keyword or keyword phrase, it may not take a lot of work to get number one results but in some cases, it just may take some work. I will get into this also in future posts.
  • One other con to ranking keywords is the length of time to accomplish the goal. For some it may take a month to rank for a keyword and for others it may take 3-12 months which is a lot of time to be trying to earn some income. This is also depending on the keyword or keyword phrase you are trying to rank for.
  • One last con is that all keywords are not money makers. For instance, a keyword phrase may have a lot of traffic but if that traffic doesn't convert in cash, it is no good. Also, just because you rank for a keyword doesn't mean that the traffic will be there. Traffic = Money. No traffic, no money. It's all about doing proper keyword research and choosing the right keywords and testing of course.

Even though there are more cons than pros mentioned in this post, the pros outweigh the cons. Ranking keywords can amount to you earning a nice sum of money online. I will be writing a few more articles about keywords and keyword research so you can learn how to rank for some keywords and hopefully start cashing in on that number one spot.

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