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Friday, April 2, 2010

Monetizing Yahoo Answers

You have probably heard about Yahoo answers before, but have you ever heard about making money from Yahoo Answers?
How To Earn Using Yahoo Answers

Using Yahoo Answers is rather simple and can be another clever scheme of promoting your sites and blogs for free and convert targeted traffic from Yahoo Answers into cold hard cash. The goal is to get as many best answers as you possibly can and you may have a chance to be featured on the front page of Yahoo Answers, in the headlines, which means more free spurring traffic to monetize for your blog/site.
Becoming a reputable member of Yahoo answers can be very rewarding especially if you are nominated as best answer frequently. Being nominated as best answer will give your site more exposure over Yahoo Answers. Resulting in adding your best answers to the ‘best answers category’ and giving you a greater, slightest chance of being featured on the front page of Yahoo. There is currently no algorithm that Yahoo answers follows  that I am aware of and if there is an update, I will keep you posted. For now, I believe you just have to cross your fingers and hope that you appear on thousands of peoples’ browsers and hope for the best.
How To Start Earning

  • Have a web site or a web page that you can redirect the traffic to your site to monetize with Google Ads.
  • Register a few affiliate programs or ads on your site to spark your earnings to a higher extent.
How To Get The Best Answer

  • Post quality answers that fulfills the question that is asked.
  • Not spamming with useless replies like, “hahaha lol” or irrelevant links.
  • Answer questions that you have some expertise on.
  • Answer the question and if you can become the over achiever.
What You Should Focus On
  • Posting answers to questions relevant to your site that you are trying to direct traffic to.
  • You may redirect links back to your site, however it must be somewhat relevant to the topic or it will result in a ban or an account suspension. Yahoo Answers are really strict on people linking back to their sites so, you must consider their rules or your efforts of monetizing new targeted traffic will be in vain.
  • Focusing on these steps will generally help you get the best answer.
Also, use the advance search button on the page. It is very helpful for finding unanswered questions that match your search.
Warning Before Taking Advantage of Yahoo Answers

Even though Yahoo answers may be a new gateway for pointing new targeted traffic to your site, it is always better to play it on the safe side and consider their rules and policies. Yahoo Answers is an established community for users all over the world to ask questions and to share knowledge which means no spamming of any kind. They are very strict about spamming as I have said once before and you don’t want to be on Yahoo’s bad side.
This concludes this article on monetizing Yahoo Answers and I would like to hear back from you all, on what you think about Yahoo Answers or possibly share some of you own personal the experiences you have had with us all.

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