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Saturday, April 3, 2010

16 Sure Ways to Build Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Unfortunately, traffic is one of the biggest problems for most webmasters, and finding those sources may be hard, so we have patched up a list of sure ways to build targeted traffic your site. That’s right, I said build.
Sure Ways to Build Targeted Traffic
  • Participate in discussions. Discussions can be from just e-mailing a friend or simply chattering with your friends on the phone. Anything that involves interaction is a great way to build loyal readers.
  • Join forums relevant to your niche. Learn more and give back to the community. Show what you got and people will follow you and your sites.
  • Comment on blogs relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Trackback articles from other blog owners.
  • Pay for affordable contextual advertising on long tail keywords that you know will funnel out unnecessary customers.
  •  Join social networking groups on your niche of course and interact with people accordly.
  • Offer or exchange guest posts with blog owners.
  • Try article marketing, Ezine Articles is a must. View our list of the top 21 Article Directories.
  • Search engine optimize your sites to rank for high end keywords that have little to no competition. 5 Keyword Tools That I Recommend, and you can learn more about Keyword SEO in One Post.
  • Outsource on projects that is targeted on a particular group. Like for say, link directories mainly attract web owners, and if you have one, it targets mainly web owners depending on what type of directory it serves as.
The Building Part
  • Engage the readers. This defines “building” targeted traffic.
  • Offer any syndication service that interested readers can subscribe to, whether it be through e-mail or feed, anything that keeps your readers up to date, is a must have. Twitter is also a great option as well.
  • In essence, quality content will be a factor that every web owner should show the most effort on.
  • Simply keep your readers posted that you are somewhat active. Offer some sort of service that says to your readers that your active.  Social networking accounts such as Twitter and Digg accounts are great examples of showing activity to your readers.
  • Think to your self about what keeps your readers engaged and what are they most interested in. Having incentives or events now and then are a great way to spark enlightenment to your community.
  • Share, communicate as you would with any group in general. Your biggest priorities is to maintain and engage readers for them to have a reason to stay and continue to come back.
Maintaining a site and engaging your readers is the key to containing targeted traffic. It is sort of like building with Lego pieces. You must keep your readers engage and ready to go or else after a while, they will get bored of the same pieces and leave.

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