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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Make a Website and Make Money Off It

Some of the common questions are. “Well, how do I make a website and how do I make money off it?” The answer is pretty simple. You can follow this step by step tutorial on how you can create your very own free online website with free web providers like Blogger, or with your own hosting provider, to make money online. Okay, lets get started.
1. Choose Your Hosting Provider
Here, I’ll list a couple of free well known hosting providers, which allows you to create your very website completely free using a sub-domain of course. If you want to register your very own domain, I recommend registering one from GoDaddy because they are the cheapest. You can look for promo codes to make domain registration even cheaper for the first year as well from the Digital Point Forums. If you want your very own free co.cc domain instead, register for one here completely free.
  1. Blogger
  2. Bravenet
  3. Byethost
FrontpageThese are all great free hosting providers that will provide you all the essential disk space you need to easily start your very own website and be able to display advertisements to make money. That, we will learn later on. Free hosting sites are great practice dummies before starting your very own serious website.
If you want to consider paid hosting for your serious site, some great starter hosts that will completely fit all your needs in terms of dealing with web disk space and bandwidth are listed here. You should consider paid hosting if you are serious about managing and making money off your own website because there a lot of things that come into play, such as, stability, brand, and etc. Also, it is pretty cool to say to your friends that this your very own personal website that you are managing to make money off.
Blogger Users Don’t Have to Read This
Some great free online blog platforms are Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. I have not tried any others web platform such as ZenCart, simply because I only own a blog. If you were wondering, this blog runs under the blog platform Wordpress. The plugins that come along with it, are simply awesome.
2. Choose a Web Template
Choosing a web template can be rather hard. When deciding which best fits your website, you must already have an idea of what you want your website to be about, because if you made a site dedicated to candy, and your blog template says batman, would that really make sense to you?
These are all free sources that give away free templates for you to use for the respective blog platforms, free of charge.
Blogger Template Sources:
  1. bTemplates.com
  2. eBlogTemplates.com
  3. BloggerStyles.com
  4. BlogSkin.com
Wordpress Template Sources:
  1. Woothemes.com
  2. WPDesigner.com
  3. Wordpress.com
  4. WordpressThemesBase.com
  5. SmashingMagazine.com
  6. BlogSkin.com
Drupal Template Sources:
  1. Drupal2u.com
  2. Drupal.org
  3. FreeDrupalTheme.com
  4. TripWireMagazine.com
Joomla Template Sources:
  1. JoomlaTP.com
  2. Joomla24.com
  3. SiteGround.com
  4. BestofJoomla.com
3. Building Your Website
After setting up your website with your hosting provider or after signing up with one of the free hosting providers, you can now simply add content to your website. None the less, content is the most important key to building up a reputable website that can both provide users the information they are looking for, and at the same time make you money. Without content, your site is of no value to anyone but your self. Be sure that the topic you are writing about isn’t too board nor narrow, and is somewhat of your interest in writing about it. Adding some great functionality, such as widgets and tools to your websites are great in terms of adding more value to your website. The more complete your site looks, the more valuable it becomes.
Once you have added some valuable content to your website, move on to the next step. Make sure it is of it’s highest quality because your content will determine whether or not visitors will come back or not.
4. Start Promoting Your Website
4th step is promoting your website. Without readers, your site is like a dark alley. You must have some activity to engage readers to come and read your stuff, and hopefully come back again if it is good. There are many methods of getting readers, or in webmaster language, web traffic. I’ll list a few great sources to get some great online traffic.
  1. Social Networks
  2. Forums
  3. Commenting
  4. Search Engines (Information in the Google SEO category)
  5. Friends
Also, never fall for those traffic exchanges or sites that say they will give your site free traffic. Most of the time the traffic is of little worth and the exchanges is just a time waster
5. Now, Monetize Your Website

This is where the money comes rolling in. Once you have somewhat built up a large community of readers, there are many ways to making money online off them indirectly where both the readers and the writers both are happy, and mutually benefit from each other. Readers get valuable information. Writers get a bit of income.
  1. Through banner advertisements, like I have. (PPC)
  2. Through affiliate links. (-)
  3. Through sales. (PPS)
  4. Through impressions. (CPM)
  5. Through networks.
  6. Through leads. (CPA)
These are all great sources to making passive income with your website. A great list of publisher programs that you can enroll your site into, to maximize it’s earnings and make the most money online are listed here. Although it says, these are alternatives to Google Adsense, try Google Adsense simply because it is one of the best sources of income for our website. If that doesn’t work, simply hop onto another network and decide which is the better network to promote for your website. All websites have different methods that work best for their own particular website. You just have to find out which works best for your site on your own to maximize it’s true potential income to make money.

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