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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Search Engine Traffic is Better Opposed to Other Traffic Sources

Search engines today, we know has a wide variety of search engines to chose from, such as, Google, Live search, and Yahoo search, but why is it that search engine traffic is the best traffic source? Why can’t I just stick to getting referrals and pay for advertising rather than play by the search engines’ rules? Here is why.

Why You Should Play By the Search Engine’s Rules
Although we know that any source of traffic, whether it be considered as a referral site or not, traffic is traffic, but in particularly why is search engine traffic better overall? Here is why.
  • Search engine traffic is completely free.
  • Everyone uses search engines to browse for websites for a specific reason.
  • It is reliable and delivers constant traffic depending on what terms you rank for and how much effort you put into ranking for those keywords.
  • Although it is tedious to try and rank for keywords, any marketer recommends optimizing for search engines in the long run.
  • Referral traffic lasts only a couple of days and stops delivering traffic at some point.
  • There is more exposure of your pages in the search engines.
  • Search engine traffic is targeted, meaning that they are interested readers that can be potential buyers.
  • Search engines is like a yellow book to get found, and you want to be part of the front page and not in the back pages.
  • Ranking for search engines is more convenient to get traffic from than lets say, forums with strict rules.
  • Most successful web owners say that search engines are their biggest source of traffic in the long run.
Any successful web owner would say that ranking for specific keywords is worth the effort, and in the long run, traffic from the search engines will most likely outrank your other traffic sources. Although you may not see much results from the search engines now in the early stages, optimizing for the search engines is considered as a must for traffic for any serious web owner.

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