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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Make Money From Blogging

Blogging is probably now one of the most definite ways Internet marketers as well as Bloggers utilize money making, simply because it is fun, addicting, and can be beneficial pocket wise too. It just couldn’t get better. We’re in a revolution where practically every business operate their own blog as well as Internet marketers, and it is now well known to make a great source of income. You just have to put a little bit of effort into it and you can be rocking off to the bank.

How to Make Money From Blogging
There are practically many ways to making money with a blog. Bloggers practically can use any method of money making from their arsenal of weapons. Whether it be affiliate banners, PPC, whatever, it can all work well with a blog. Here, I’ll list couple of ways to make money online with a simple blog.

Promote Affiliate Networks
If you are a serious Blogger looking to make money, well look no further. About every network, whether it be from Clickbank, Commission Junction, or whatever,  have probably the right advertisers for you to promote. Already, promoting the affiliate network it self, can already be a great way to monetize.

Consider Google Adsense Ads
Google has strive to show that their network is simply one of the best and the better paying networks out there. They simply have all the artillery when it comes to customizing your text/image ads. An example of a Google Ad is the Google ad located to the left of this post. Google enables web masters to simply blend in their ads to simply maximize their click through ratios with Google’s ability to also show really relative ads for publishers to simply maximize their earnings.

Allow Sponsor Postings
Sponsor posting is like getting paid to blog, however, you must write about who you are sponsoring about to get paid. A lot of Bloggers nowadays offer sponsor postings on their blog, but it comes for a fee. A great network to find sponsors can be located at a network called PayPerPost.
Offer Ad Blocks
If your site is traffic heavy, you might be seeing some more requests from advertisers who would pay you some monthly fee for having their banner on your website. This can overall be a great method of making money off your blog, considering that most blogs use the 125×125 ad format, it is most likely you can have as many advertisers you want without having it to really disrupt your loyal reader’s web experience. A great website to advertise your ad blocks is a website called BuySellAds.

Promote Your Own Service With Your Blog
There are plenty of ways to making money online just from your blog. You can even promote your own services and find some really great buyers who would be interested in your service. Overall, blogging really has no limits when it comes to monetizing, and that is one of it’s qualities that just over powers static websites. Despite what people may say about blogs, it is a great weapon that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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