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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s first biggest online free video search engine, where users of all backgrounds and people who have different opinions, can share videos and express their opinions with one another as a whole community. So how do you make money on YouTube? That is an easy question actually. You probably already know the answer already: you have to gain a large user community that subscribes to your YouTube channel to become part of the Youtube Partnership program. The fun thing about YouTube is that you can do practically anything to gain readers. Be funny, sing, dance, cook, make tutorials, just something out of the ordinary to gain more readers. This concept is exactly the same as blogging. If you happen to like vlogging with YouTube, blogging and having your own website is a must too because it can be just as exciting but without the limitations of vlogging on YouTube.
What is the YouTube Partner program?
Simply why the Youtube Partner program was designed is so it made it possible for top YouTubers to make money from their contributions. Basically, the program is directed to top YouTubers who have obtained a large user base of subscribers. The YouTube Partner program doesn’t accept just anyone, they call out individuals who once again, have a large user base of subscribers and simply split the revenue with the publisher. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you don’t have a large community that follows what you do, you simply cannot make money on YouTube. However, you can make money FROM it.
How to make money from YouTube
If you do not have a large community of subscribers following everything you do, which in most cases people do not, instead of joining YouTube’s Partner program, we will be taking a more typical approach that involves you having your very own website or Blogspot. The program i’m talking about to make money from YouTube is the Google's Adsense program. In order to become part of the publishers program, you must have a website but it doesn’t require as high of requirements as Google’s YouTube Partner program.
The concept is, if you cannot join the YouTube Partner program, which most people are not eligible to join, you make your own website or landing page to direct viewers from YouTube to your website where you can display advertisements from the Google Adsense program to make money. Think of it like this:
YouTube viewers ==> Your blog + Adsense ads ==> Ads clicked = money
So now you may be wondering, is making a website affordable and is it free? It is both. If you plan on taking the more practically approach where most beginners blog with Blogspot simply because it is free, good go ahead because it will give you a good overview of how the process of generating loyal readers really is. And once you feel up to the real thing, you can launch your own website with your own domain name (e.g mooladays.com) and your own web hosting. Generally it is better to have your own domain name and web hosting because of branding issues and much more. The good thing about Blogspot is that once you are done with your testing stage and become more knowledgeable as a webmaster, whatever subscribers you attracted, you can still transfer to your new website. Which means, you efforts are not lost in terms of number of subscribers.
If you plan on taking the free approach, the Blogspot approach, click here to view our step-by-step tutorial on how you can launch your very first money making Blogspot blog and make money from YouTube free.
If you plan to start out with the big guns and start your very own website with your very own domain name and web hosting, consider the affordable options that we recommend here.
Ideally, there is no stopping to how you can make money. To webmasters, YouTube is just nothing more but an another web platform where they can attract more potential loyal readers but just in form of a video. The possibilities are endless to make money from your website. Not only can you make money from YouTube, you can make money from practically any traffic-heavy website. Be creative and write, blog, vblog about stuff out of the oridnary and share it to the world. Next thing you know, you are on the front page of top social networking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon.

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