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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Tagging Posts in General is Important

One of the most unspoken of topic is whether to tag or not in posts in general. When we refer to tags, we generally mean sub-categories where posts are simply organized like in a new neat file, but why is it important people say?
What Are Tags
Tags are generally simple keywords, from one to three small descriptions that classify what the post mainly about, like you see in the bottom of most of the posts MoolaDay publishes. So, why is it important, and why you should care for your blog? Find out now.
Why You Should Tag
Although it isn’t really time absorbing to tag a few posts here and there, it really can’t hurt to tag.
  • Blogs with low # of pages, each tag has it’s own unique permalinks that can widely help distribute your pages and get more exposure over the search engines if you rank high. There should be a balance of the # of pages, so it doesn’t dilute the page rankings completely.
  • If you do enough link building, tagging can pass page rankings to posts and so on to help your site get more exposure in the search engines while your posts rank.
  • It is a great way to build up keyword density in a post for the benefits of on-page keyword optimization.
  • It helps readers to know what your post is talking about in a few simple words. That is why it is defined as “key” words.
  • Tagging doesn’t really have an negative impact, however, if you abuse it, it is another story. I generally stay around the 1-3 tags per post mo do.
  • It helps to categorize simple projects or posts together without having to make a whole new category.
  • All blog owners simply do it, and you should too if you aren’t now.
Tagging is basically a function to greatly engage your on-page keyword optimization by allowing the web owner to target any three keywords that they want, and put it in the page for search engines to count it in the keyword evaluation. Although tagging may not have much effect in terms of rankings and such, it sure certainly helps both your efforts of optimizating and your readers’, so why not integrate tagging now? There is nothing to lose in tagging.

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