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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Every Site Should Have a Blog

Blogs are becoming one of the biggest online pandemics. They are practically everywhere you surf on the Internet. You visit a business site and you see a link that is called blog. You visit big social networking communities like Digg, and it says blog on the lower left as well. So, what gives?
Blogs, What Gives?
Some of the biggest reasons as to why blogs are becoming such a sensational hit is that they bring a unique composition to the table that benefits both readers and owner at the same time. How you say? Here are some reasons why every site should have a blog.
  • Blogs build trust.
  • Blogs helps build a profile to build credibility.
  • Social networking sites and the search engines love blogs.
  • Blogs help build an audience.
  • Blogs enable the writer to write freely about anything they want.
  • Blogs are great for releasing information about the latest events.
  • Blogs help increase your exposure over the search engines.
  • They help provide useful information for your readers.
  • A great way to build subscriptions and motive readers to subscribing.
  • Blog can make promising money with advertisements, once reputable.
  • Can be used to help encourage promotions.
And blogs can… the lists goes on and on. Although blogs doesn’t suit every one’s sort of style, it is a great method to building up readers, buyers, warriors, or what ever. Blogs helps to establish a helping community that anyone can easily opt in or opt out with a single button. Time and effort is all it takes to building a credible blog.

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