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Monday, July 26, 2010

Using Text Link Ads for making money online

Text Link Ads is the targeted traffic and link popularity ads firm located in NY. I have been working with TLA for more than a year now and have so far earned thousands of dollars from its link popularity program.
Text Link Ads are really helpful for the site owners who are willing to gain top rankings in search engines as they offer static link and that also on the choice of your sites.
Use for Advertiser
TLA is a great market place for the advertisers who are willing to purchase some quality and targeted links for their website. Advertisers find it really easy to buy links from here because their whole process is really simple.
This service displays its publisher’s sites by categories and orders them with their Alexa Rankings, their link popularity and their monthly prices. As an advertiser, you have to choose the targeted category and chose a website for purchasing link according to your budget and requirements. Once you have found the website where you want to advertise, click on ‘Buy’ check box and click ‘Add to cart’.
If you are new here and want to try Text link ads, then you can get $100 in free links.
Use for publishers
As a publisher, You can make money with text link ads from your website by selling link space on your website for a week or month. You can sell its link side wide or even for individual pages and also can decide how many of its ads you are actually willing to sell. You also have the option whether to accept or reject a particular link offer that is being made to you.
As a publisher, you can use Text link Ads Calculator to know the value of a link for a website which depends upon where you are going to place it and also whether you are offering the link side wide or single page. You will be able to make maximum with your link ads when you place them in your left sidebar and the link value decreases when you move towards the right on your website or blog.
As a publisher, you can make more money with it by referring other publishers and Advertisers to it. You will be paid $25 when you refer a member who sign up on Text Link ads and add the TLA script on his script on his/her website for seven days. You will also be paid when you refer an advertiser on here.
Which Sites are accepted
There are many factors like Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, RSS subscribers that plays an important role when it comes about submitting your website on Text Link Ads. You have greater chances of being accepted here if your site has Good page rank as well as Alexa. Don’t try to submit a fresh new website or a site that has Page rank less than 3 as in that case your site will mostly be rejected there. According to me, your site has greatest chance of being accepted here if its page rank is greater than or equal to 4 and has good Alexa rankings as well.
Payment System

There are many payment options that TLA is offering to the publishers. As a publisher, you can accept your payment via Check, Paypal or Payoneer. I have so far used its check and paypal paying methods. But my choice is paypal which is a convenient and fast method for accepting and sending money.
So Try TLA
As I have told you, I have been able to make thousands of dollars from TLA within a year time. I know many publishers who have even been able to make more than thousand dollars from TLA every month. For many publishers, text link ads in one of the main source of income. I even noticed while checking the earning stats for some of marketing experts sites, they have been able to make more with Text link ads than Google adsense i.e. their TLA earnings have been much higher than what they made with Google Adsense in a month.
So there is nothing wrong in trying Text link ads.



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