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Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Secrets To Promote Your Blog Through Forums

Forums are a great place where you can build a robust network of loyal community around you and your blog. If you are interested in what the forum is about, then you will surely find it fun. Recently, there has been an even bigger rage surrounding high page rank forums due to backlinks, which they can give bloggers – so here in this post I have given three forum secrets that will help you to promote your blog:

1. Don’t Try To Be At All Places At Once

If you try to be active at all places at one, then you will not optimize any of the forums, which you are using. It is only practical that you cannot be active in too many forums at one time. So it is my advice that you go through a list of High Page Rank forums and then focus your attention on two or three of these forums. Then after a period of three months or so you can switch to another group of high Page Rank forums. This is how you should ideally proceed towards building backlinks from high page rank forums.

2. Select A Forum Niche

Many bloggers make the mistake of trying to be involved in any high page rank forum, which they can find. This is a poor practice because you are essentially destroying a lot of potential readers to your blog (which will be on your interested niche). Also you can never give 100% to a forum where you are not at all interested in their threads and topics of discussion. So be really careful when you come to this point. Many bloggers regret having promoted their blog on the wrong niche forums.

3. Respect A Forum

If you plan to join a high Page Rank forum to only contribute junk so that you can get a backlink – you are affecting the image of yourself and your blog. Remember forums are also a great source of traffic. Understand what a forum is really for. If you can provide quality responses to other contributors they will also give respect to what you comment on the forum threads. Also, make full use of the forum – ask questions and doubts that have genuinely struck you and also help other who are in need of some kind of help. This is why I have mention in the previous point about the Forum niche selection.
Do you have any secret, which you use to promote your blog on forums?



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  1. Great information, but what is really missing that 5-10 links on the super forums. If you have links pls pablish them:)

  2. Yeah, if any forum allows to post links, then it is great to post some links on forums.......