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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Should Bloggers Reveal Their Income Details?

It is the latest trend that is hitting bloggers, who are blogging to make money online. They do a monthly post on the income that they earned in the past month.  And income report kind of posts are published towards the beginning of a month by most bloggers. The income report is a total declassification of all the sources of income that the blogger has used. Although there are many bloggers who do this, there are also many bloggers who are hesitant to reveal all their sources of income. Make Money Online Guru John Chow is the best example of a pro-blogger who regularly reveals his monthly income – along with all the sources. So should you really share your income details with your readers?
If your blog is in the Make Money Online niche, then sharing your income details is a good idea. The Make Money Online niche is rather polluted by a lot of negative bloggers who are simply providing no value to readers. Also some blogs are more or less trying to fraud visitors. In such situations, revealing your income details to readers might seem like a good idea. The reason is that the information will seem to be coming from someone who is actually earning from what he preaches. Most Make Money Online niche blogs hardly earn any income themselves- still they go about teaching others how to make money off the internet.
Also I have noticed that revealing income details to other bloggers helps develop a lot of trust with them through the transparency. Letting your readers and peers know your sources of income simply displays the transparency that you maintain – it reflects on your personality that all your information is clean and effective.
When I see other bloggers who reveal their income details it is a source of inspiration for me. This is why you should also reveal your income details – so that countless other bloggers are also able to gain motivation from it. For doing so, you need not be earning a six-figure income; even a decent three-figure blogger can share his income details online. Since any ways most of his readers will be earning more than him. Either ways you are accomplishing the task of inspiring your readers to a better blogging career.
Sharing your sources of income and the amount earned from each source is the best way to show that you actually apply what you write. It calls your readers into your action and your content will become “expert advice”.
What do you think about sharing the income details of your blog? Let me know below.



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