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Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Make Money from Traffic Exchange Sites?

This post will explain how to make money from Traffic Exchange sites. Before I proceed with telling you how to make money from traffic exchange sites, first I will tell you what Traffic exchange sites are. Traffic Exchange sites basically allow members to exchange traffic among each other. I have given a detailed explanation below.

What are Traffic Exchange sites?

Traffic Exchange websites are sites that provide traffic to their members. Basically, after you sign up with them you can earn credits by browsing other member sites. For each website you are given a fixed amount of credit. Depending on the credits you have earned, the Traffic exchanger sends hits to your website when other members browse.

Advantages of Traffic Exchange Websites

The main advantage is that Traffic Exchangers can be considered as a way to bring traffic to your blog/website in the initial days when you require exposure. However, the disadvantage is that it is kind of time consuming. Otherwise, Traffic Exchangers are good way to generate hits to your website.

How to Earn Money from Traffic Exchangers?

In case you are not already aware it is also possible to earn some money from traffic exchangers. Your question must be how to do that. Well, the answer is that almost all Traffic Exchanger sites allow you to use or save your credits. The credits you earn by browsing other sites. Once you have accumulated a decent amount of credits, then it is possible to sell them.
Many people on Traffic Exchangers do not have time to browse and earn credits themselves, so what they do is purchase credits from others who browse. In return, they give the creditor some payment. The payment is generally a few dollars, the total you can earn is solely dependent on how many credits you can earn and sell.
There are many popular traffic exchange websites on the internet. Some of the most popular are Traffic Pods, Hit Pulse etc. You can try them out for a start.
Although you may not earn hundreds of dollars or so, for a start I feel that this is a good way to earn some money. Eventually, you can use this money to invest in domain names and such.
Hope you find this post useful. Have you tried traffic exchangers? Did you find it helpful when you used it? Tell others whether it is a feasible way to earn money online. If you want you can also share the amount of money that you were able to earn this way.



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