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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make money online selling text links with Teliad

About Teliad

learn to make money online with teliad, text link buying selling 
marketplaceTeliad is a text link selling and buying marketplace like text-link-ads.com. Teliad website is available in five languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. So it is another opportunity to make money online with their blogs for bloggers. Good thing about Teliad is that, you don’t need a PR blog to be sell links via their network.

How to make money online with Teliad

There is no minimum page rank requirement for your website to be accepted in their marketplace but your website should be cached in Google. Content of your website should be interesting and it may not contain objectionable or dubious content.
As a publisher, we can make money in two ways with Teliad. First one is by selling links on our websites and second one is by working as an affiliate for them.
As a publisher, you can make money with Teliad on your blog in the following ways:
  • Sitewide links: Selling text links in your blog Sidebars, header, and footer
  • Contextual links: with this scheme, you have to write an article about the advertiser product or services on your blog with the anchor texts that advertiser offers you.
  • InLinks: this scheme is really effective if you have a blog with lots of content. In this scheme, the advertiser select the keywords that can be found in your publisher posts and pay on the basis of purchased text links for those keywords.
As an affiliate – We can make some good amount of money working as an affiliate with Teliad. For this purpose, we need to send new members to Teliad marketplace who use our affiliate links. We will get 20 € for each new members we send, the only requirement is member need to buy or sell text links of 10 € within first two month of joining this network.

Payment system

They send payments to all eligible members via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Moneybookers, and Check whichever you prefer.
Create an account with Teliad today if you want to make money with them by selling or buying text links or want to work as an affiliate for them.



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