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Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Most Blogs Don’t Make Money Online

We all want to make money online. But unfortunately not every one is able to do it. But if every one was able to do it then what is the difference between you and the other person. It is important that you understand most blogs on the internet will never make any money online – because the fundamental concept of the blog is wrong.
Daily millions of blogs are created of which, may be one of them may get successful, generally, the ratio is even lower. This tells us that there is something that is genetically wrong in most blogs which are started. The proof to this is the millions and millions of dead blogs that are lying around in the internet – all of them have a few months worth of content. But then the blogger stopped updating them after the blog never earned him a dime.
There is no need to be de-motivated though, if your blog does not earn money online, all you need to do is make changes to your blog until it is a blog which makes money. This can be done from simply improving content to altogether changing the niche.
At the same time, the way to making sustainable and continuous money online is not scamming – as they never will pay you in the long run. Moreover, making money from pyramid schemes and other questionable methods is unethical.
However, the real trick to making money online is experimentation and determination. It is a well known fact that all blogs cannot make money in the same way. Some blogs can earn well from affiliate products while other may be more adept at roping in new members into your membership site- while others will be an asset for you in terms of sponsors and advertiser reviews. The way a blog makes money online will also depend on the blogger – as some bloggers are pathetic at selling affiliate products.
So once you get decent amount of traffic coming to your blog, then it is time you begin to ponder how you can make money out of it. You can do it by experimenting by different methods. First thing you can try is by suggesting your readers products which they can use – earning from affiliate commissions is one of the most rewarding and tough things you may do. If you are successful at it- great, otherwise gear up to sell your readers e-books or promote your membership website. Keep trying until you make money online.
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