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Monday, March 15, 2010

100 Ways To Make Money Online

Learn 100 free to use ways to make money online. No credit card information is required to use these services and the payment rates are great. Get a list of different opportunities in different genres, allowing you to make a choice on what you would like to and wouldn't like to use.
This information actually came from my ebook that I am now offering for free download at Easy Share. This great product shows you how to make money online in 100 different ways. These ways are seperated into different categories to help you get a better choice of how you want to make money online.
1. Azoogleads- Azoogleads is a division of epic advertising. It is a performance base
ad network focused on direct response advertising and CPA. Their network consists
of over 40,000 affiliates. Azoogleads is the flagship affiliate company.
2. Regnow- an industry leader in affiliate marketing. Regnow has been around for
many years and has earned the trust of millions of people. They are one of the largest
companies with the most affiliates. Commissions are up to 75%. Payments are
required to get a registration key for this website.
3. Crispads- Access to over sic thousand advertisers in their pay per click program. You
get to choose the advertiser that best suits you.
4. Blogads- The average blogger makes anywhere from $50 to $5,000 a month by
selling blog ads. To participate for this program, you need to get sponsored by
someone in their network.
5. Vibrant Media- You get paid to offer in-text contextual based advertisements.This is
a great way to make money online. A great alternative to the traditional ad
6. Digital River's One Network Direct- a fast growing affiliate program on the internet.
Although payments are relatively low, you can earn a good amount of money if you
generate more sales and get a loyal customer base.
7. Targetpoint- Contextually and search targeted pay per click ads. Get paid a good
amount of money by hosting ads.
8. Qumana- Embeded ads directly into your blog posts allows you to make money
online. Ads are generated from keywords that you decide to use. Although its not
popular with readers, you can bring them into this site and earn a large sum of
money online.
9. Thankyoupages- Not as popular as any other program on the list, this allows
Thankyoupages to pay at a higher rate than the other programs. Thankyoupages
generates some of the highest returns.
10.Liquidweb- Liquid web has aj affiliate program. Ads are displayed are not as
"creative" as other sites, but they pay a good amount of money for advertising them.
11.Maxbounty- Maxbounty earns you money from advertising sponsors on a pay for
performance basis. The site has both in house managed campaigns for you to
advertise, and merchants wanting direct relationships with you. Beyond one of the
industry's best and unique reporting systems.
12.Leader Market- Leader Market is an affiliate program that lets you make some
money online. They call it a little side money, and it really is. Its not as good of a site
as other, more well known affiliate programs online, so don't expect to earn
thousands of dollars with this particular affiliate program.
13.Gamestop-Gamestop now has an affiliate program that everyone can use. This is a
good thing because Gamestop is probably the most trusted gaming company in the
world today. You sell their products in exchange for a commission per sell.
14.Clickbank- Clickbank is the worlds largest digital marketing place. Although it is
not free to sell your own products, you are able to affiliate yourself with other sellers
online and earnup to 75% commission per sell.
15.Admob- Admob is a mobile affiliate program that allows you to generate income
using your own online mobile website. Admob specializes in these websites so its
very easy to earn money online using this program.
16.Friendfinder-An affiliate program with a porn site. Want to know how much money
that could generate. Considering that most of Americans watch pornography,
chances of getting paid from this is great. You can have your very own website. For
those who have pornography websites, you are in luck because most programs don't
work with adult content. Therefore, there is a program for every type of website.
17.Adbrite- This is everyone else's alternative to Google Adsense. This affiliate
program utilizes text link ads and have a very nice look to them.
18.Kontera- Using Kontera can bring in the big bucks. This affiliate program uses
technology that makes ads and advertisements come to the eyes of people better.
19.Amazon- With thousands of products on their website, there are categories for every
type of website. You can earn a good amount of money using this service.
20.Joanna Angel Bucks- This site appeals to those who have a thing for punk rocker
girls. The audience for this type of attraction is high, placing you on the grid for a
potentially great amount of buyers.
21.Nicheshop- This has three different types of stores that you can advertise. Whatever
store suits you or your website, you can advertise the products in that particular
22.Markethealth- affiliate program that sells health products.
23.Buydvdporn- This is a site that allows you to create your own porn store, selling
products available to you.
24.Hunkmoney- A gay site that earn you 60% commission per sell
25.Triba Fusion- They offer reliable payments, free ad serving technology, a dedicated
account manager and up to date, real time reporting, with a 55% payout. In order to
use this program, you must go through an approval process first.
26.Pheedo- You earn money to monetize your RSS feeds with this program. In case you
are using multiple forms of RSS services, you can ultimately earn an outstanding
amount of money by using this service with those RSS feed services that do not
allow Google Adsense (which is most of them).
27.Bidvertiser- Display text ads on your site and advertisers bid for placement. You can
earn a great amount of money with this website.
28.ValueClick Media- With this website, you get paid to display ads through banners,
pop unders, and rich media. (Pop unders are not recommended, for they will draw
traffic away)
29.AdGenta- Monetize your site by placing ads anywhere you can add a picture. That
can be very useful, because many sites that can be used allow pictures.
30.Commission Junction- Promote advertisers products and services. In return for these
promotions, you earn a commission on leads or sales.
31.Link Connector- Link Connector is an affiliate marketing network that offers a zero
tolerance fraud policy to keep you safe while conducting business.
32.Lead Pile-Lead Pile is an affiliate program that lets you generate and sell trade leads
to the highest bidder. Bidding is very high, so you may earn a lot of money.
33.Forex Affiliate- Forex is an affiliate program that lets you earn commissions from
trading Forex (currency exchange) online.
34.AdPlosion- Earn revenue by selling leads, clicks and products from their advertisers.
Also runs an incentive points program in addition to your commissions.
35.Affiliate Future-An affiliate program that pays you for generating leads, sales and
36.Associated content.com-Associated Content allows you to write and get paid for it.
Some of the listed jobs pay little, while others may pay a good amount of money for
you to write about. Its basically up to you to what you want to write about. This is
somewhat of a professional website. Your writing must meet the criteria of
Associated Content.
37.Demand Studios.com- This website posts topics that its registered users can write
about and earn some extra income in their pockets online. They place these articles
on websites such as Ehow. Typically, they will pay about $15 for each article you
write. They pay you quickly at each weeks end. Sometimes they may run a little late
or you may not receive any money if you have not published any content which
would allow you to make any money online during that week. The articles that are
needed to be written are easy to write. You can only create 10 projects at a time.
38.About.com- About doesn't always hire people, but if you are one of those fortunate
people that are, then you are in for some serious income. You write articles about
things that people want to know about, thats why the site is called About. The
average minimum payments made online using About are around $700 per month
within the first 2 years of being a member of this website.Those who have been
members for longer are reduced to a minimum of $500 per month, depending on
how good your work is. Some people have reported making over $2,000 per month.
39.Dailyarticle.com- Daily article is a new article web site. It shows many similarities
to Constantcontent.com. Unlike Constant content, they take out 20% of your
earnings compared to constant content’s 35%. One thing about this web site is that
you give away the full rights to articles or writing material that you have created.
That means once you sell your writing, you can’t resell it again because you have no
copyright over it anymore.
40.Reviewstream.com- Review Stream pays you to write reviews. Essentially, you
may review anything that you feel like. The minimum rate per article is usually
$1.50 per review that you write. The results change on how you do on your reviews.
You must meet minimum requirements on your reviews to make any money. The
minimum payout through PayPal is $50
41.Families.com- This site usually pays people $3 per 300 word blog/post for
beginners and $4 per post after completion of the 90 day probationary period. That’s
a really easy way to make money. You can write about anything that you put your
heart to. Nothing gets excluded at this web site. This is the easiest way to earn
money online because there aren’t any set topics available here.
42.Methodshop.com- This web site uses blogs for income. You make a blog and you
place it to this web site. Not sure how it works but the posts that you place on that
blog could be worth in between $20 and $200 per post.
43.Suite101.com- Suite101 is a professional writing web site for the experienced
writers. Mistakes are not tolerated here, so for those who aren’t good at writing
shouldn’t come to this web site. You are required to offer a sample article as a little
taste of what you can do for them.
44.Helium.com- This is a site based on knowledge. If you know a lot about a particular
subject, then you should come here to try and earn some money. They allow you to
request topics to write about, so if you do not want to write about something that this
web site may offer, you can request a topic that’s more suitable for you. They also
allow you to win journalism rewards, making you more recognizable in the writing
community. They offer writing competitions that offer cash prizes ranging from $10
to $120. It’s a great way for someone to earn a good amount of money.
45.Rentaghostwriter.com- As the name of this web site suggests, you are a ghostwriter
who is waiting for someone to purchase your writing. Besides the fact that the web
site is surrounded by Google Adsense ads, it’s a pretty good way to earn money
46.Wordfirm.com- Word firm is one of those experienced web sites that have been
around for years. This web site is looking for experienced writers, copyeditors, and
graphic designers. The writing for this web site is very strict and could be
troublesome for those who haven’t mastered the art of writing.
47.Hubpages.com- Hubpages is my personal favorite site to write for. There are
different types of writers (they call us hubbers). There are regular writers, and then
there are flagship writers. A regular writer doesn’t get paid to write, but earn money
based on page impressions and affiliate programs. Flagship writers get paid in
between $25 and $40 per article (hub) they publish. They also get to use affiliate
programs like any other writer on the site. Flagship writers have a limit of 30
flagship hubs per month. There are four different available affiliate programs that
work with Hubpages. You could use Amazon, Ebay, Kontera, and Google Adsense.
That’s 4 different strings of income, not to mention the money earned from
Hubpages itself. The article writing is very creative. They allow you to place images,
news, rss feeds, and videos into your written content to better explain yourself.
48.Triond.com- Triond allows you to write articles and earn money based on page
impressions. You do not get a flat payment for every article you publish. The more
impressions you get, the more money you will make.
49.Xomba.com- xomba is a free community where you can earn money to write. It’s a
free community. Something like a forum site mixed with a chat site. You make
friends, write, and make comments, share ideas, and get paid, that simple.
50.Squidoo.com- This site is similar to hubpages. It offers capsules that allow you to
post images, videos, and written content on pages and earn money from page
51.Mashable- Mashable is a site that lets you write and earn money, based on tech
blogs. It is one of the largest directories for tech bloggers on the internet today.
52.Blogfeast- Blogfeast, as the name suggests, allows you to eat from your blog
(figurative for make money). You write blog posts and you earn revenue from preinstalled
Google Adsense ads in your posts. Of course this means that you will not
be earning 100% of the Adsense profits from your posts, but bringing in a good
amount of readers will help you earn a good amount of money online.
53.BOTW- Standing for “best of the web”, this blog directory allows you to make
money posting blogs for their blog network.
54.Dewitts Media- Dewitts Media allows you to make money by writing your own
blog. You must have a minimum page rank of 3 to participate.
55.Daytipper- Daytipper lets you make money for every short tip you write and get
published. The average amount per tip is $3.
56.Blogburner- At Blogburner, you can earn money by making your own blog. You
sign up for your own blog and make money through adsense clicks.
57.Digital Journal- Get paid to write newsworthy articles
58.Weblogs- You can make money by applying to blog for any of their ninety plus
blogs or submit your very own topic idea. They pay you per post that you write but
you must meet their minimum post requirements.
59.Payperpost- Get paid around $500 a month writing articles and reviews of their
sponsors on your blog.
60.Blogsvertise- Their advertisers pay you to mention and talk about their websites,
products and services in your own blog.
61.Reviewme- After your blog has been accepted in their network, they will pay you
around $20 to $200 per post that you write.
62.Smorty- At Smorty, you can earn $6 to $100 dollars per post you write on your blog.
The amount paid for each post depends on the overall popularity and page rank of
your blog.
63.SponsoredReviews- Write reviews for their advertisers products and services on
your own blog. They charge a 35% transaction fee for their services
64.LoudLaunch- You get paid to blog about advertisers campaign releases that meet
your interests. They pay you once a month
65.Blogitive- On Blogitive you get paid every week via Paypal for posting stories that
interest you.
66.InBlogAds- Write about websites, products, services and companies and get paid for
67.WordFirm- Using WordFirm can earn some good money. You make money
publishing books as a freelance writer from home.
68.Creative Blogging- Creative Blogging, you write 7 to 10 posts per week for their
network and they will pay you around $225 per month
69.Blog To Profit- Make $250 dollars or more by writing posts on your blog.
70.451Press- Write for a blog thats in their network and receive about 40% of all
generated revenue.
71.Didn't feel like categoring these websites, so I label these as "other".
72.Platform-a- Also known to some as advertising.com, it allows you to earn money
from your digital inventory.
73.Constant-Content- You get paid to write and publish. Basically, people place bids on
how much they are willing to pay for the help of Constant-content's members, and
the publisher decides in between the set bid price.
74.Mahalo Greenhouse- At Mahalo, they pay you $10 to $15 per site you submit to
their directory. Its a great way to earn money online and get recognized.
75.Ether- Ether makes you money by answering questions for your peers over the
phone. You get to set your rates and call availability.
76.JustAnswer- Help others solve their problems and earn money for your knowledge
77.Google User Research- Google pays you money to participate in their user research
studies online.
78.BitWine- Get paid to give advice and answer questions for people, on subjects of
your interests and choice
79.Craigslist- This site allows you to find temporary work. You get paid to do a variety
of things. Its beginning to be a scamming site, so I recommend using PayPal.
80.Vizu Answers- Vizu Answers lets you place surveys and polls on your site and earn
money when people participate in your campaign.
81.Resellers Panel- This site lets you build your very own webhosting business. You
utilize the services that they provide to you and you can build your very own store
and earn money for everyone who pays for your hosting campaigns. You can create
your very own price on your hosting plans and the site editor is simple (not very
detailed though).
82.YouTube- Once you have obtained enough video views on your videos, you can
apply for Google Adsense to place on your videos. This allows you to receive a great
amount of page impressions and possibly get thousands of clicks, earning you
thousands of dollars.
83.Ulinkx- Unlike YouTube, you don't have to meet the requirements to use Google
Adsense. You can use videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Myspace, and more. Gain
revenue from clicks.
84.Break- A site where people upload videos. If your videos shows up on the home
page, you could win up to $2,000
85.The Following are affiliate that have you sell travel packages
88.Best Flights
89.Travel Grove
90.Hotels Combined
91.cheap airport parking
92.a better stay
93.all car rent a center
94.all terrains afaris
96.rental systems
97.travel affiliate pro
99.GC Flight
100.epoque hotels

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