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Monday, March 15, 2010

30+ websites to make money online without a blog/website.

Here is a list and description of 30+ websites to make money online without a blog.

Amazon:  Sell your stuff online and earn. Amazon’s affiliate program is also great, but to make passive income with that you need a blog.                         
Associatedcontent:  Write content online. Earn up to $1.5 per thousand views, one of the most popular get paid to write websites.
Break: Share your videos online with break, if it is worth you‘ll get paid. Can also share pictures
Bukisa: Write content online and get paid according to the views you receive. Promote your articles on other websites so that you’ll earn more.
Cafepress: Design T-shirts, mugs and bags with your unique Photoshop design sell them with Cafepress. Here you just have to create a design and paste it to the T-shirt in their store, you don’t have to buy stuff or ship them.
Ciao: Write product reviews and earn money .Get paid for every positive vote you receive. (Ciao.com is the US based & ciao.co.uk is Europe based)
Constant-content: Write articles and submit at constant-content, if they are worth they’ll accept it and sell to others, you’ll get a good part of the income.
Dooyoo: Dooyoo is just like ciao. But they don’t pay via PayPal; instead they pay with check (or cheque) for Europe members and as Amazon gift vouchers for others.
EBay: EBay is the best store for sellers to sell their stuff. Create a good impression among your buyers and grab 100% positive, so that your products never remain unsold in your store.
eHow: Write articles on any topic you love and earn a good income online. For the time being it only pays for US members though anyone can write articles there.
Flixya: At Flixya you can share videos, photos and blog posts and generate income from the ads on your page. Flixya don’t pays you instead you generate income with Google Adsense. Google pays you via check
Fotolia: Are you a photographer? Do you have some great shots? Then just upload them to Fotolia and earn money when someone purchases it.
Helium: Write articles on various titles out there, their new upfront payment system allows you to earn up to $2.5 per article published.
Hubpages: Hubpages is just like a blog, there you write content and when someone visits your page, click ads they generate income and shares with you according to your performance
Istockphoto: Istockphoto is a famous website where you get paid when someone purchase the image you uploaded – just like Fotolia
Metacafe: Upload videos and earn when other view your videos. Metacafe is a popular website and I bet it will not be a tough task to get some viewers.
Mylot: It is a social networking website where we get paid for what we do in other social networking sites. They pays for sharing posts, commenting and starting discussions. But we can’t generate a passive income, even $1 a day at Mylot is a tough task.
Overstock: Sell things online and make a profit.
Payloadz: Sell your digital files here .You can sell artworks, software, .pdf files etc. created by you.
Pickydomains: How well is your English vocabulary and how well are you in naming? At pickdomains you suggest domain names for the required ones and if they choose your domain name you’ll get paid. I guess they pay $25 for one domain name purchased.
Revver: Upload your cool videos and generate income. Revver has a strict uploading policy, they never allow you to upload copyrighted content.
Scoopt: Upload your pictures to Scoopt, Scoopt will try to sell it to magazines and newspapers and if your picture is selected by any magazine or newspaper you’ll get paid.
Shareapic.net: upload pictures here and earn up to $0.22 for every 1000 views. It is really easy and fun, all you have to do is to upload quality pictures.
Shvoong: Write content on Shvoong and get paid for it.
Softwarejudge: Write software reviews and earn income. They pays up to $50 for a review published, anyway all your reviews are not accepted and published.
Squidoo: At Squidoo you create web pages with your own content, they call it lens. When your visitors click ads or purchase some stuff with Amazon, eBay, Cafepress etc. by clicking link on your lens you’ll get paid.
Triond: Triond is a very popular website. You write articles for them, they publish it on different websites and according to the views it receive you get paid.
Xomba: At Xomba you write articles and get paid for them.
Yuwie: Yuwie is another social networking website which pays for its members.
Zazzle: Zazzle is just like Cafepress where we create designs on T-shirts and other stuffs and when someone buys T-shirt with our design we’ll get paid. 
Ziddu: At Ziddu you can upload any files and when someone downloads it you’ll get $.001.
1.NEOBUX-  http://www.neobux.com/?r=smit9270004477
2.UPBUX-    http://www.upbux.com/?r=smitaghera
3.INCRASEBUX-    https://incrasebux.com/register.php/smitaghera.html
4.EARN.BZ-      https://earn.bz/index.php/smitaghera.html
5.ADPTC-       http://adptc.com/?r=smit
6.BUXP.INFO-    http://www.buxp.info/?r=smitaghera
7.OLEBUX-       http://www.olebux.com/register.php/smitaghera.html
8.JPHFBUX-      https://www.jphfbux.com/index.php?ref=smitaghera

I hope that you will love at least a few websites from this list. The best part is that you don’t need a blog or website to make money through these websites. I wish that you make a bit more online money this summer.
All the best!

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