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Saturday, March 20, 2010



Legit - Paid On Time

Buxler - is a brand new site from united states created on feb/16/2010 ,Instant Payment | Great Support seems manage to stay sustainable .Its good looking script or any other assets that make the site great .

who is : site info :
www.buxler.net IP:
www.buxler.net server location:
Leland in United States
www.buxler.net ISP:
PrivateSystems networks

Google page rank :
powered by PRBbutton

Buxler earnings : Its potential earnings depends upon clicks as a Standard/Free members you will receive 4 advertisiment & premium member will get up to 10 advertisement
are very good, as a standard member you will earn $0.01 per click & premium member will earn $0.02 per click view ads, and you will earn $0.005 per referral click. As a premium member you will earn $0.01 per referral click . Premium Up grade member ship package $29.99 /month

Buxler accounts : you can be purchase you upgrade member ship by traditional premium $ 29.99/Month .

Buxler referrals : Standard buxler members are un limited referral , buxler also allows referral renting : $ 0.30 per referral / Month . Recycle Price: $0.10 & Renew Price: $0.40 & You may refer as many people as you want.

Buxler payments :
accepts and sends payments by Alert Pay. If you has $ 2 accumulated,you can withdrawal using Alert pay .Your payment will be sent INSTANTLY !!

Buxler Design /performance :
The overall layout of buxler is very well designed, everything is well organized. The user control panel offers a decent range of options, including graphs for tracking your clicks as well as your referrals clicks.

Buxler support :
has a forum and Ticket support system. The admin is online on the forums nearly everyday and is very active. support responses are usually made within 24 hours of any inquiry or request.

You should Know : According T.O.S

8.1. We can suspend any account at anytime for any reason.
# 8.4. Accounts can be deleted for inactivity.
#7.3. Payments are confirmed using PIN.
#6.2. Users can view ads every 24 hours.
Comments : Site seems to be good & It`s pays quite few payments proof we found on his forum . ,Its New site we do not recommend you to Upgrade for new site ,for at least 6 to 8 months . If you can`t wait that long at least test & get paid first before you decide to upgrade .we are adding this on our legit list but we must warn you that site stats can change at any time . Just because it`s paying today , dose`t mean same as it on to marrow . If you want good income with this site try to built your down line because you may refer as unlimited people as you want.
 FOR MORE INFO GO TO:http://smit-money.blogspot.com/2010/03/buxler-brand-new-instant-ptc-site.html


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