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Friday, March 5, 2010

Earn.bz (where earning never stops)

Site Description
Earn.bz is a pay to click (PTC) program developed by PPlinx and RevBux. It is a website where advertisers can place their webpages and members can earn money by clicking and viewing those webpages. Membership in Earn.bz is free of charge and members can earn not only from their own personal clicks but also from the clicks of their referrals. Advertisers only pay for clicks generated by members but may receive extra hits to their websites due to the fact that outside members also have access to the websites.

Detailed Overview
Earn.bz has three membership levels available - standard, silver, and golden. Standard membership is the free membership and standard members will earn .008 cents for each personal click and .002 cents for each click generated by their referrals. Silver membership is $30 per year and the silver member earn .01 cents for each personal click and 50% (.005 cents) of each click made by their referrals. Silver members can also earn from their direct referrals for 90 days (as compared to earning from their rented referrals). Golden membership is $70 per year and golden members receive .01 cents for each personal click and 100% (.01 cents) of each referral click. Golden members can earn from their direct referrals for 250 days.
Referrals are a great way to earn additional money through pay to click websites. Referrals can be brought in through your referral link or you can rent them. Rental prices vary according to your membership level - but with a standard membership referrals can be rented for .30 cents and they will stay in your downline for 30 days. If one of your rented referrals is not performing - then they can be recycled for an additional .15 cents. This means that a new referral will take the place of the one that is not clicking and the new referral will stay in your downline for the remainder of the 30 days not used by the initial referral.
There are three ways to advertise on Earn.bz - advanced advertising, fast traffic, and banner advertising. Advanced advertising does require registration in Earn.bz and allows the ads to be geo-targeted. No prices are given for advertising through Advance advertising - the only thing on the website is a submission form. Fast traffic does not require you to be a member of Earn.bz to advertise and the advertising is fairly inexpensive. Ads are displayed for 30 seconds and 500 views can be purchased for $7 and can be purchased through Alertpay or Paypal. Banner advertising is 7 days for $15 and offers unlimited impressions during that timeframe.

There is a lot of proof of payment placed on the forum and with the minimum payout being $4 it is not really a difficult amount to reach. I could not find any complaints about the website not paying and it appears that the amount paid out fits in with the amount they charge for their advertising. If you are looking for a pay to click program then Earn.bz may be one to check out - but always practice due diligence. I would suggest remaining a standard member until you have tested it out and received payment.

Domain "Whois"
The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for "Earn.bz" is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide.
JOIN-   https://earn.bz/index.php/smitaghera.html

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