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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easiest way to earn money from home for beginners!!

Things you should know before joining PTC sites

Things you should know before signing up for the PTC's site to start earning money the right way!

Read on and start earning...

One of the most easiest way to earn money is PTC 

But what is a PTC ?

PTC means Paid to Click, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is very easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view.
Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through AlertPay or Paypal. The minimum payout will differ from site to site.

What do you need?

i)A valid email address preferably gmail.
Gmail does have an excellent anti-spamming protection.

ii)Open An account with alertpay and Paypal
You'll need these two accounts during filling up the forms, and to receive your commissions.Personal Starter account is recommended: No fees when you send or receive money, but has some limitations.You can upgrade later on.

Paypal has changed its policy regarding doing business with PTC sites because of scam (fraud) sites. That's why now most PTC sites are paying via Alertpay. You may find some sites which are paying via paypal. But a PTC site which pays via paypal anytime can see its account to be locked or frozen. Main reason: chargebacks. Usually a new PTC may use paypal for a while, but it's possible to change to alertpay after a few weeks or months because of chargebacks.

Caution: Create strong passwords and do not store them in your PC. Just write your passwords in a piece of paper. Also be sure that when you enter paypal and alertpay that you are in a secured page i.e. https. Remember that you'll never receive emails asking for your passwords from Paypal or Alertpay. If you receive such emails, report them: phising emails.

One of the easiest way to make money from home ! 

Anything you need to know about PTC's and other Legitimate Online Business

1. First let me remind you about pay to click, it takes your precious time to click on ads. It's not like you click on an ad or two and close the window immediately. It takes usually 30 seconds or so of delay before your account is credited. Let's do a simple math to calculate how much time you have to spend clicking, 30 secs/ad x 10 ads = 300 secs = 5 mins per site. A healthy advice from me is to surf two to three sites at a time to cut down on the time.

2. It takes a while to build up a good, consistent earning. You need referrals to earn enough pay-outs quickly. In my opinion, unless you can get many people to sign up under your account right from the start you have to wait for a long time for the payout. Remember that it takes hard work to build up a good account.

3. In a short period of time you will realize that you might need to spend money to earn money with PTC's. The hard fact is that you might not get enough referrals from promotions alone, you have to buy referral packs and upgrade to premium account before seeing real increase in earnings. Keep in mind that this is risky because the referrals you buy might not click the ads as expected. Your referrals must stay active to continue receiving your earning.

4. Keep on clickin' the ads! You must remember that you are a referral . I signed up as a referral too. I click the ads and I earn money and the person who referred me earns money as well. I stumble upon a few times from the PTC forums that some people who accumulated a lot of referrals stopped clicking on ads. Clicking on ads brings more advertisers, cash and keep the system going.

5. Concerning the payout method, avoid sites that use only Paypal as their payout method. The reason is that Paypal tends to freeze or suspend PTC site accounts. This will result in non-payout. Since you don't want that, try to avoid PTC's that use Paypal only, even if they look promising.

6. Most (if not all) of these sites are not compatible with Firefox. I've tried and burned. If possible use only Internet Explorer, don't use other browser unless it is recommended by the site owners, or you might not get credit for ads you have clicked. And the situation may not be comfortable.

7. Setting up an e-mail account just for these programs are highly recommended as you will get some spam. So don't use your primary e-mail account. There are many free e-mail services out there.

8 .Always remember that building your referrals can more than double your income. After you sign up, get your referral and affiliate link and spread the words.

9. Do not use same passwords in all the ptc sites. always use strong passwords with a mixing of alphabets, numeric values.

10. Do not use same e-mail address in all the sites.To have two or three e-mail addresses is recommended. So that if any of the account is hacked you still have some extra accounts.

11. Before becoming a member use google to find the info about the candidates site.

12. Read the TOS (Terms Of Service) carefully, some sites do not pay because they are only ads exchange sites. To confirm that, view their payment proofs.

13. The most important thing you should not do is not to invest money in PTC sites as they can be proved as scam later on. So do not "upgrade" for a premium account the moment you are joining the site. You can do that later on.

14. It would be advisable to request the cashout as soon as you reach the minimum payout. The reason is that no one knows the future of these sites. So get the payout as soon as possible.

15. Do not try to use Auto Clickers, PTC site owners are clever, so they'll track you down and ban you!

I am not going to waste your time by showing you the Ban and Scam sites,I am going to show you only the Best paying sites along the way.

So,here's a step-by-step guide to joining the Best Paying PTC's sites...

But before you sign up to these legitimate PTC sites you need Internet Payment Accounts to receive your commissions.
Here's the most trusted Internet Payment Services, you can send or receive money on the Internet...It's FREEto join!!

The most trusted Internet payment services 

To receive your commissions you need Paypal and Alertpay Accounts.Click the links below to open FREE accounts.It is better to join as "personel starter account"


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
My personnel advice to you is "join as PERSONEL STARTER ACCOUNT"

















NOW to earn more you need REFERRALS. 

The only way to success for PTC's (Pay To Click) are getting REFERRALS or DOWNLINES.

So, how can you get referrals?

Generally, there are many ways to get refferals.
If you already join the above PTC sites,and got started clicking the ads with trying to earn money, then you might be wondering how you can earn more or how you can build a downline. If you are really serious about earning good income from your PTC's,please read the following suggestions carefully.

So, here are the suggestions that most of the highly paid personels used to gain referrals.

1) Create a blog
2) Referral exchanges
3) Traffic Exchanges
4) Getref.com
5) Advertising on PTC sites
6) Tell your friends or family
7) Purchase referrals
8)Add your referral link to forum signatures

I will try to explain the above mention suggestions, telling you how well they work and how to make the most of them.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are simple and yet a relatively effective strategy of building a downline. So, how does it work? Most are manual surfs where you sign up (very easy) and click on "Start Surfing." You will be directed to a framed page where you will view other member's web pages. When the timer in the frame stops, you will be asked to click on a certain number, word, or shape. Once you do, you will see the next page.

Wondering how does this help you? As you surf, you accrue credits or points which you can redeem for visits to your site. Each one offers a different surf ratio as well as bonuses. Some offer contests which are actually fun and can win you free credits. In my opinion, this is the most time consuming strategy on getting REFERRALS.

So, which are the best sites? Everyone has their favorites, so why don't you Googled it?

Creat a blog.

Squidoo is a perfect place to start as it gets tons of traffic and attention. Plus, you get the facility to track your sites stats for FREE.

For best results, build a lens that is informative, good to look at and well-organized. If you build your lens well, you will get a high ranking and your lens will be featured on Squidoo search, and you will get thousands of visits to your sites.

Don't make false claims to get referrals. If you claim that they will make thousands a month, I guarantee you that once they sign up and see 10 $.01per ads, they will do the math themselves and your false promises won't work. Remember, You don't need just mere signups, you need active referrals.

To get active referrals, you have to show your visitor how they can succeed in this business. Otherwise, they will be discouraged by the small amounts they will earn at first. Emphasize patience and referrals. This is how they will make money with PTC's, and if they make money, you make money.

NOW all you have to do is promote your site. This can be done in many ways. Squidoo has a framebreaker embedded in its code, so it will not work in Traffic Exchanges. The best way to promote is to post your link everywhere. If you have a myspace or facebook, post your link there. If you have another site on the web, link to your lens. Also, post your link on all the forums you belong to. You should also email your friends and family. and submit your url to Yahoo and Google. You can also get visits to your site by joining a group related to your topic. This is great traffic because those people are most likely already interested in your subject.


The way it works is quite simple:
1) Earn credits:
a) By clicking links
b) By signing up for programs
2) Spend your credits:
a) Buy visits to your site
b) Buy referrals for your site

It really is easy, but the results are indecisive. I can get many many referrals from this site. The question here is whether or not they will be active.

When someone signs up under you, you have 3 days to see if they are going to be active before you give them the points. If they are not, then you can withhold the points, but it will have a negative impact on your rating (If your rating gets too low, no one will sign up for your sites). Plus, they may stay active for those 3 days and then stop clicking. It really just depends on whether or not the referral likes your site.
So, Getref will definitely get you lots of referrals, but there is no guarantee that they will be active. It is up to you if you want to take the chance.

Advertising your PTC's on other PTC sites

When will this work?
This can be an effective tool, but mainly only for new PTC sites. If you are using an old PTC site to advertise another old PTC site, most likely everyone who clicks will already be a member of that site.
It is worth a try. You might need to use this with your PTC's that takes a long time to reach payout, and see the results.

Tell your family and friends.

Many people don't take this seriously, even though it is so obvious. Chances are, they do not know about it. They may or may not want to participate, but it can't hurt to ask. Just make sure you don't exaggerate. Just tell it like it is: they could earn some supplemental income for very little effort.
The bonus with this method is that if they stop clicking, you can give them a call and remind them to go back and keep clicking. I wish I could do this with all of my referrals!

Purchasing Referrals

Purchasing un-referred members from the site is a very common practice. The PTC site has many members who either did not sign up under anyone, or their referrer closed their account. These members then go on sale. You can buy them for a price usually ranging from $1-$2 per referral. In most cases, you will only get members that have been active recently.

This strategy of gaining referrals is the easiest, all you have to do is pay for them and the rest is done for you. There is huge earning potential. As your downline grows, your earnings grow rapidly.

There is only one condition: Most sites will not guarantee that the members you buy will be active after you purchase them. You may pay for 50 referrals only to see a week later that 10 of them rarely or never click. So, basically this is an "at your own risk" method of getting referrals.

Caution: You should not buy referrals from a site that you do not completely trust. There is a saying around the PTC community that some scam sites are selling bots (automated clickers) as referrals. If this happens, the bot will either click minimally or stop altogether. You should always be careful when investing your own money in a PTC site. Trust me, I do not want you to get scammed!

And you should do the math yourself, when you purchase referrals, you should be able to make your money back in 2 months maximum. Take into account how much you make off of referrals as well as how many ads the site has each day. Only purchase refs at sites where you will start making profit after 2 months.

My experience with purchasing referals:
Here I will keep you updates with how well purchasing referrals works.

Example: You purchased 10 refs for $20. Currently 80% are active. The active percentage is satisfied. At this rate, you will make about $.50/day and make your money back in about a month, and then you will make profit. This is a very good time scale for a PTC.

Add your referral link to forum signatures

If you're a member of an online forum you can do many things to help advertise your ref links:

* Place referral links in your signature
* Create a post containing your referral links (if need be explain what ptc is)
* Link the WWW under your avatar to your blog,forum post,website or other
* If it's an online forum where people can donate money either directly to the forum or to a site the forum is a part of (like a game site or similar) and someone asks about how they can earn money without donating their own money either mention your website/blog or post about what ptcs are and your ref links.
Now things are different from forum to forum (such as the type of forum it is and the rules of those forums) so just make sure what and where your posting is accepted, with the rules of the forums before you post and whatever you do, don't try to hide the links, people are joining with your referral links.

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