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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Make Money Today

How To Make Money

How to make money, what to do, it's simple when you think about it,
 just get on with it. 

Making Money Has Never Been Easier - Just Follow These Tips

Since I am not a make money expert, I thought I would tell you how to make money today in an economy that really only looks out for the rich and those fat bankers and people who think they run each country, how to make money is a simple concept and one that should be approached from the angle of looking and peering out of your wallet instead of looking inside it.
Money is a thing that everyone is looking to make some extra money, even your grandma maybe trawling the streets looking for business or your dad is selling his toe nail clippings saying they are the genuine article from Elvis Presley's toes, whatever the case there are scammers that exist in the real offline world as well as the online realm and it is becoming common for new scams to become really complex that involve technological gimmicks and re-directs and guilt ridden marketing literature that makes people purchase because they may feel sorry for the little kid who has had both of his arms and legs sawn off by a midget clown in downtown Russia or the case of someone who had no face so he needed donations to help re-build his face.
Of course there are some legitimate ways to make money online and I'm sure you've come across them, although what many people don't realise is that some if not most of these promise overnight income or within a time frame that is just inconceivably impossible that it deceives the would be income earner into parting with their cash on a product that will just sit on their hard drive.
I like to think of making money as a way of learning through what you yourself want to do, rather than others telling you what you should do, when making money you coulddo it online or exclusively offline, it's up to you, if you know what your strengths and weaknesses are then go for it and refine things later on.
Making any kind of money is really all about just sticking with something and seeing it through to the end, if not the end then the ongoing end that never ends!
If you take a broad general view of all the different products people are selling whether that be through radio, TV, or online or even in the street, you'll see that anything is potentially a niche to call your own if you have the right enthusiasm to see it through, of course you don't want to get caught up the fads of the year or dead ends that don't lead you anywhere, there was a story about someone who spent a few years trying to set up a stall selling multi coloured paper clips and because he didn't do the research into his business idea to make money his money making failed because it was a shit idea to begin with.
Now what if he took that idea and researched possible income combinations like turning these multi coloured paper clips into little wire sculptures or created thicker paper clips that could incorporate a brand name design on it, if he took the time to think about it, he would have realised his idea was a load of arse and done something about it to correct and align himself on the money making path.
Typically making money relies heavily on someone having an interest or a hobby that drives them to make money out of it, that's the key, if you don't have that, then making money becomes some dirty and shallow method that could evolve into a way of conning people or some mis-direction on your part and that is not good at all.
So here's what you could do.
Write a list of all the things you are interested in and number them from 1 to 10 or more depending on how many things you can think of and start working out money making ideas for all on your list, then start implementing them straight away.
For best results try and lump a few together, say like for example if you have a niche about sports wear, then create ideas based around these, say you do designs for sports wear, well make sure you cover as many sports as possible with your designs, so you are targeting multiple areas.
Making money starts with an idea and becomes what you want it to be later, try these ten top niche markets to study for making money with, choose a good idea in one of these areas.

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