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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Understand Twitter?

You have probably heard about Twitter and wondered what it is. You might have even tried it and don't quite understand the buzz. Did you know that you can help grow your business by just Twittering a few times a day?
The first step is to sign up for Twitter and then find friends that you share an interest with. If you play the piano and love it, locate other piano players. If you are crazy about crocheting, find others that feel the same.
As you are doing other things on the computer, such as researching or blogging, take a few seconds and tell people what you are writing about. If you are blogging tell them what subject you are blogging about. If you are chatting on the computer, tweet the subject you are talking about. For example: If your BFF and you are talking about how your boss yelled at you, then tweet, "Why do bosses loose their cool? Is it stress or constipation."

Don't stop there, how many times have you read an interesting story and wanted to share it.  With Twitter it's very easy to do.  I found this article "6 Signs that Aliens Exist," and wanted to share it  with fellow twitters. Likely, they don't know about it and will find it as interesting as you, because you already share the same interests.
As you put time into Twitter, you will start getting emails from other people that are following you. It's seems a little strange at first, to hear that somebody you never met is interested in watching what you are doing, but it is also flattering. Don't forget to go to their profile and start following them, too. That's when it becomes more interesting as you learn a little about who is following you.
As you add followers to your account, you begin to start knowing them. Who is doing an interview with a Silicon Valley geek, who is playing a gig at the Sheraton, who is reading about Dolls Gone Wild and who can't catch a cab. You start to picture them, tweeting at the Dentist office, at the bus stop, in their home, looking out the window at the snow, and they slowly become your extended "tweet" family. You tweet them encouraging words and they return the favor.
If you have a home business, don't forget to let your Twitter friends know about it. Twitter can be a valuable marketing tool to reach people. For example, you are followed because in your bio you say you enjoy flying and they do. Then one of their friends starts to follow you because they enjoy flying and Kathy Griffin and one of their friends follow you because they enjoy flying, computers and Kathy Griffin and before you know it, you are friends with Steve Jobs. So, now you have Steve Jobs following you around telling others how an article you wrote, helped him pick a Christmas Tree. Whether you just completed a blog entry, an eHow article or revamped your Facebook page. Post the tiny URL and let everyone know.
Keep in mind that your followers may or may not be able to see who you are following. So, when you are replying to some one you may want to include more info than a simple yes or no.  You want everyone to know what you are talking about. For example, if someone says, follow this link to see Bush dodging a shoe, don't reply, I watched that video, it was funny, say re: bush dodging a shoe video, it was hilarious.
Twitter can be a valuable source for your business and can keep you informed on what is the newest thing. Give it a try and see what it will do for your business.
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