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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to use Paypal without credit card

Wondering how to use Paypal service which require credit card? For those who do not possess credit card, you can still use the service.
Paypal is a popular website for online money transaction. Though it is very popular, it require a credit card for user to fully utilise its service. For those who read this article, i am sure that you face a problem which is faced by many other people too. I am here to guide you through the process.
First of all, you just have to create a paypal account.
  • Fill in the name exactly like in your bank account.
  • When it ask for credit card, just skip the step
When you created the Paypal account, verify it from a electronic mail sent to you in your mailbox.
Next, link a bank account to your Paypal account.
  • Choose your country and type in the name of your bank.
  • For the next column, click the 'details' for the bank code. (A list of bank with their code will appear).
  • Search for your particular bank and type in it's code.
And you're now done with the job. You can now send and receive money through your Paypal account and send it directly to your bank account.
In contrary to this, there are some limitation. Without the credit card, you can only transfer a maximum of $500 a month. The maximum money you can transfer for your account is $3000. When the limit of your account is used up, your monthly quota will also be gone.
As most of you who read this article is a person who just want to try out the service, i am sure the limit there is more than enough.

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