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Thursday, March 18, 2010

PTC Sites or How to Get easy Money

Best PTC Sites

ello world!

I'm Matt and I'm a big fan of PTCs. So much that I earned thousands of money with them, and guess what !? I did not even pay one penny for any of that great money ! So if you want to do like me, you really should read those articles and subscribe to those sites. It doesn't take much time but it's worth it !

For those of you who don't know what PTC sites are, let me explain.

PTC means Paid to Click. Basically, that means that someone on the planet is gonna pay you to click on ads on their website.

''Hacker'' you say ? Totally not. Actually, those guys earn money from you, and they want to make us benefit of a bit of their benefits.

Of course, they won't pay you after 2 clicks. That's why every sites have a minimum payment. And, of course, many of those sites are hacks, so I am here today to show you which ones are the best.

PS : This list is updated atleast one time a week, so you can be sure that this list is good.

What is a PTC ? 

PTC ? What is it ?

You probably know what a PTC site is. If you don't know, here's a little description that we will often find in the most popular PTC sites...

At ____, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through AlertPay or YourBuxCard.

(Definition from Bux.To website)

Don't know what a PTC site is, even if you read this little description ? Let me explain you some words...

PTC : A PTC is an abreviation of Paid To Click. The admin pays you to click on ads on his website. Of course, there is an ad limit and a minimum payout.

Referring : Referring people is telling them to join under your name. Basically, if I tell my friend Joe to sign up under my name (in the referral box), his clicks will earn me some money too. For example, if the website gives me 0,005$/referral click and Joe clicks 4 times a day, I'm gonna get 0,02$ of him everyday (4 x 0,005$).

Payment : The payment is the process when you reach the minimum payout. This is the process where you'll get paid.

Alertpay, Paypal, Moneybookers... : These are online banks. Joining them is totally free and all of the PTC work with them. They will pay you on those banks. This is just like a normal bank, but online.

How to Know I'm not gonna get scammed by a PTC/Bux ? 

So true, yet so dumb.

Unfortunately, lots of PTCs are scams and don't pay their members. Here are some little tips to find which are scams...

1- PTC sites are totally free. That means that if a PTC says you need to pay to join / to request payout, in 99.9% of the case, this will be a scam. PTC owners never ask for money (atleast, they shouldn't) because it isn't accorded by the government.

2- If a PTC site pays you 0,20$ + to click on ONE ad, in 99,9% of the case, this is a scam. PTC sites are there to gain money too, so if they pay you more than this, they won't gain anything from it.

3- If the minimum payout from a PTC site is bigger than 50$, in 99,9% of the time, this site is a scam. Like I said 3 lines above, PTC sites are there to gain money and they won't get any profit if they pay you 1,000$ / month. Normally, those high payout sites also have high clicking rates.

What Am I gonna Need ? 

Yeah, I want to know, NOW !

Wait a minute buddy... To begin, you're gonna need a few things before entering the heavens of MONEY WORLD *dreams an instant*...

1-A valid e-mail, that is gonna be needed to subscribe on every PTC/Bux. Make sure that it's valid and that you're gonna look at it a lot.
2- A good and strong password that you're gonna use on every PTC sites, so that you can remember it easily.
3- A Paypal and Alertpay account, that are gonna be needed to get paid on every bux sites.
Paypal : http://www.paypal.com/
Alertpay : http://www.alertpay.com/
Please make sure to get an account there, and make sure that the passwords are different from your PTC site password, 'cause lots of people are getting hacked nowadays.

I've heard about PTC hacks... Should I join them ? 

Really, it says it gets me more money !


You should never join a hack network or download a hack, since in 99% of the times, it's gonna result in a ban and could even go through justice. Even if it seems to worth it, after a while, the admin is gonna discover (if he has a piece of his brain) and is gonna ban you. Plus, some of those hacks got viruses on it and spywares, so I really don't recommend to download them.

Should I invest in PTC sites ? 

I got some money and I'd like to invest...

Well, at first, you must have tested the site for atleast 1 month, to see if the gains are good and if the admin is often online and is able to answer to your questions. If an admin in never on, most of the times, this means that he doesn't care about his site and that he only wants to get profit from it.

But, if the admin is nice and everything is going well, I suggest you to invest in this site. But before, go on other forums and look at others who have invested before you to see if it was good or not. I never invested in any sites, but good friends of mine did and got a good experience with it. So gain money now and invest !


2$ Payout and Instant !

This is certainly the best bux ever in the world of PTCs, since you can earn easy money with it and that the payout is low and instant...

You earn 0,01$ per click and there are about 5 ads/day =)

That means that within 40 days, without any refs, you will get 2$ totally free for about 1 minute of clicking / day !

So don't wait and join now !














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