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Monday, March 29, 2010

What Is People String?

Information on a exciting new social networking concept and business
What is People String? It is a relatively new social networking site/concept. People String is very similar to MySpace and Facebook just to name two of the popular social networking sites. The difference with People String is that it pays you for using their social networking platform. It does this by sharing 70% of its advertising revenue with its members and that's only the first way you can make an income with People String.
Are you receiving a share of anything from Facebook or MySpace or even Twitter for your time and participation on those sites? The answer to that question is a big no. Only Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are making the money on your time spent on their sites. What if you recommend one of those social networking sites to a friend? Are you paid for your kind endorsement? Again a big fat no.
People String is a different and exciting new way to enjoy social networking and make extra money online. Sound great right? The really big news is People String is actually free to join!
Yes, People String is a free to join social networking site where you get paid to network with others, email, even shop and do the same things that you would do on Facebook or MySpace and other popular sites. They even have a unique program where you can be paid for reading the very same junk mail you get by snail mail now. Imagine that getting paid for doing things you already do on and off line for free. People String knows that your time and buying power is worth money and that is what they want to do, pay you.
You can also join People String at what they call the Entrepreneur level and earn a greater commission, as well as many other benefits and support to promote your People String business. But no one is ever required to upgrade or even work People String as a business. You could simple enjoy the social networking capabilities of People String and still make a nice extra income. However, if you join People String as a free member you could always upgrade to Entrepreneur later if you wish to maximize the earning power of this great social networking platform.
You can learn more about People String by visiting joinpsnow.com there you can listen to an explanation of the concept and even download a free report on the opportunities in social networking with People String and of course join for FREE

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