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Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Easy Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well For Students & Teens

5 Easy Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well For Students & Teens

Jobs aren’t easy to find when it comes to attending school, and even more so because of age, however, what if I told you that there are part time jobs out there that can pay well even though you are a student with chores, school, etc. All it takes is a little bit of expertise, then a little bit of utilizing that expertise to make the most out of that talent. Sort of like a part time job. Haven’t your parents once told you that if your good at something, keep doing it? Well, do just that in this case because it will help you a lot.

Repairing & Fixing Computers

To put it mildly, a lot of people are with slow, snail speed or even dismantled computers that simply wasn’t as fast as it was when they first purchased their computer. They would pay someone to fix it for them, and if you know your stuff, they are willing to pay well, and maybe even recommend you to friends and family members of your little service. Fixing computers has a broad category. From reformatting a computer to downloading Anti-Virus scanners, to building a computer from raw pieces, to even installing their Internet, they are willing to pay, and they are willing to pay well. If do a little research and know your stuff, you can be having a part time job that pays well going by your schedule.


If your a person who loves education, why not share your knowledge? Have an expertise in math, English, or science? You could be paid from $10.00 to $20.00 just for tutoring depending on your expertise on the subject; even better if your a student from a reputable school. Your an expert on Algebra? Good, now you can use that knowledge, and you can be making money just by tutoring on your schedule.


Babysitting is probably one of the most basic jobs out there with a decent amount of pay. Although, I cannot say that babysitting is a great job that can pay well, I’ve heard of stories where if you are a reputable babysitter, parents are willing to pay up to the twenties for each hour. You can’t count babysitting out nor can you really count it in. It all depends on how well you communicate with the kids and the parents.

Being an Assistant

This can be from writing mail and sending them out, to simply taking out the trash. Although being an assistant isn’t really a common job to find, you can’t really count it out either. Assistants can get paid from $8.00 a hour to $15.00 a hour depending on whose assistant you are of course. Most times assistants get easy jobs such as printing out papers or simply taking out the garbage.


Good at designing or drawing? Logo designing can be an open option for you. Better yet, pay from logo designing can come with cash rewards of up to $100.00 to even $1,000.00 per contest. Some webmasters are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands for a good graphic designer as well. If you believe you have talent in logo designing or graphic designing, head your way to 99designs and compete with other designers to win cash rewards that may make you set for weeks.

Paid Surveys?

Although, I wouldn’t really count this as a part time job, paid surveys are a great idea to express your opinions to manufacturers and earn money at the same time, but, because of paid surveys inconsistency, it should only be taken lightly as a fun hobby. The panels I recommend joining with the highest pays are Opinion Outpost, Synovate, MySurvey. They are all free to join so you got nothing to lose, and you can always opt-out anytime you want. Here are some more bonus survey panels you can join to double the surveys you can take.

**We strongly recommend using a new e-mail when signing up to prevent further complications.

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