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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make money online from ClickBank using Blogger free blogs

There are many ways we use to make money online from our free and self hosted blogs like Google Adsense Widgets, in-text advertising options like Kontera or Infolinks, paid blogging websites like ReviewMe, PayPerPost, selling text & banner ads, product selling through affiliate websites like Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank etc.
It was around one year back, when I created an account with ClickBank (CB) which is a marketplace for selling and buying digital products in various categories. CB has thousands of products added focusing different kind of problems and their solutions. I decided to promote other people product through ClickBank and make some money because I don’t have time and resources to create a product of my own and sell that through CB marketplace. It is always better to sell other people product if you cannot create a product of your own.
I did not manage to give much time for promoting ClickBank products. So far I tried promoting 4-5 CB products only. And with most of products, I created blogs around them and just forget about them. Bu still sales are continuously coming in my ClickBank account for those products. In the last one year I managed to make $1350 (approx) with ClickBank with little efforts. I don’t think this is a big money, but can be used as additional revenue stream. But if you have some spare time, you can earn much more than what I’m able to earn. Here are some steps that you can follow to make money online with ClickBank using free blogs from Blogger.com (Blogspot):
Account creation on ClickBank

If you don’t have an account on ClickBank by now, create one immediately to start making some money by selling products that ClickBank have. If you are aiming at making money through ClickBank (CB) selling your own product, sign up a Vendor. And in case you don’t have your own product to sell, you can still make some money by promoting other people’s submitted products. Click on this link to create an affiliate account on ClickBank.
Once you have successfully created an affiliate account with Clickbank, browse CB marketplace to find some products in a niche you are most interested in promoting. In the beginning you can start with one product only which interest you and have decent payout. Now spend some time understanding that product because you must have some knowledge about the product you are going to promote and write about.
Account Creation on Blogger.com (Blogspot)

Once you have decided a product and studied that product, its time to create a blog around that product on Blogger.com which is a free service provided by Google for creating blogs. Choose a Seo optimized URL and title for your blog focused around the product you are going to promote. And if you are thinking of promoting multiple products from the same category, you can think of creating a general blog about that niche and promote multiple products on the same blog.
Write down 4-5 articles at least about the fist product you selected and publish them on just created blogger blog. But don’t forget to include your affiliate links with banners within these post bodies. But don’t include too many affiliate links in the same article. And keep your affiliate links nofollow and if possible use some services like tiny.cc or tinyurl.com to shorten your affiliate links.
Blog Marketing
Once you have added some content on your first blog with affiliate links, it’s time to market that blog. If you have some additional budget, you can use Google Adwords kind of services to bring traffic to your blog. But I would suggest you to go for free services only initially.
Article publishing
Article publishing is the most important and most successful technique when we think of our success with any affiliate products. Create some article about the product you are promoting and submit them on some of popular Ezine publishing websites like EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticleBAse.com and AmericanChronicle.com. Write interesting and informative articles so that people actually read them. The more people you are able to bring on your articles, there will be more people actually visiting your blog and buying the product you recommended. You can think of writing and submitting 8-10 articles about a product you are promoting on these article publishing websites.
Note – Never include your affiliate link in your article body or in your signature section when submitting your articles on these popular Ezine publishing websites. You are allowed to include 2-3 links to your blog in the signature section.
Guest Blogging
Spend some time finding top blogs in your niche or blogs someway related t o your product and write guest posts on these blogs with links to your blog. Guest posts are really helpful in promoting your blogs in the blogsphere and search engines.
Social Media submission
Submit some of your articles from your blog and Ezine publishing websites to some of popular network websites like Digg.com, Propeller.com, Delicious.com, Humsurfer.com etc
Do follow commenting
find some Dofollow blogs in your niche and leave valuable comment on some of them with a link back to your blog posts.
ClickBank earning statistic
After doing all the blog creation and promotion work, it’s time to check your ClickBank account. This month, so far I have been able to generate 1,497 hubs, with products sales being 7, one sale refunded and total earnings for this month after one refund is $157.63. This is the money I have been able to make money with Clickbank this month while investing a single penny. If I get some more time from my busy schedule, I would love to try and spend more time in promoting other Clickbank products.

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