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Friday, May 7, 2010

Overcoming The Online Money Making Distractions

Before you get into the methods of setting up your website and get things going online, there are some things that you need to try to avoid when you start in your money making online journey. I am talking about all the distractions out there. Let me share a story about this first.

About five years ago, I began pretty much right at the beginning. Not really knowing a lot about generating an income on the internet. Luckily, my background is in computer programming so I had a bit of a leg up there. I knew how to create a website and knew a bit about graphic design as well - enough to get me by anyway. So when I first started, I began by reading various money making methods online and worked on implementating these methods. The trouble was that I was bombarded by so many different methods on how to make money, that I kept getting sidetracked and wanting to try them all. I never really gave each method a good chance because I would not spend enough time doing the work properly.

It was only about a year or so ago that I realized that I needed to focus on just one thing and learn to do it really well. Once I figured that out, I was amazed on how well I started doing. I wish this was something that I would have figured out right at the first -- this is why I am sharing this here. I hope you all take this advice.

Remember, if you frequent some of the online money making and internet marketing forums, you will be bombarded by headlines like this:

"I earned $53,656 in 24 hours and you can too!"
"Learn how to get on the top of Google in 2 minutes"
"How to dominate and make a million per month!"

These aren't real headlines but you get the idea. It is easy to read things like this and get sidetracked and tricked into trying it out.

My advice when you start out is to try to stay away from the sales letters, hyped up headlines and other things that can easily distract you from your chosen money making task. Believe me, from someone who has experienced it, you will save tons of time and money.

Another huge distraction are forums. Sure, forums are a great place to learn new things about the various ways to make money, but it can also be a huge time waster. Myself, for one, got hung up in some of these forums and spent too much time reading and not enough time acting. You also have to be careful because not everything you read in a forum is true or correct. Remember to always verify everything you think is fact in a forum because it could be just someone that is not really qualified to post about the topics of that forum.

If you can figure out the balance between actual work and the "distractions" that come to you, you are going to be well on your way to succeeding.

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