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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Part II: Why Some New Marketers Fail

People who are new to affiliate marketing are often excited with the prospect of earning thousands of dollars a month, without the hard work of developing and packaging their own product. After all, there is an easier transition from the pressure of creating your own product to just focusing on marketing a product.
It’s almost the perfect win-win situation. Customers get what they want while you get to give valuable help and earn commissions in the process. Is it really that simple? Not by a long shot.
You will still need to flex that creative marketing muscle to attract visitors to get interested in your affiliate links. What people do no not know is that affiliate marketing is not a ‘one-stop-shop’. There’s no fool proof automatic system that will do all the work for you. Truth be told, there are no hard and fast rules to ensure what works and what doesn’t. Here are sine if the reasons why some marketers fail:
1. No proper training.
Newbies who come to affiliate advertising do not realize that they have their work cut out for them. It’s not as easy as just posting a few ads here and there. It’s not an exact science, and it can cost you and your host valuable business if you make too many mistakes. Not only that, it can even ruin reputations if you deliver sub standard performance for a well known product.
2. Rushing across many mediums and markets.
Newcomers who jump in different programs without a through understanding of their niche markets are setting themselves up for disappointment. Choosing the right niche is important. A good rule of thumb is to choose a product or service that you will be happy to use yourself.
3. Duplicating content of the host business.
Most host businesses cut off affiliates who do not offer their own unique approach to marketing a product. It’s really not cool to copy an established product’s own marketing material. This only makes you compete with your own host in Google rankings, and just spams the list with duplicate content. Visitors are more likely choose between you and your host, or worse, you can get ignored because your affiliate link is as obvious as a banner ad.
4. Spamming
Desperation doesn’t look good on any marketer. If you’re into stealing email lists or spamming through other media, you will just hurt your host’s reputation and even decrease sales big time.
5. Giving poor content with no value.
Part of being a good affiliate is paying close attention to value creation. The most popular sites are often those with real and practical solutions that answer a need or a problem. If you do not have what people are looking for, they would not bother listening to your pitch.
Which affiliate expert is the best one for you?
Getting the right people to show you the way may be overwhelming at times. Too many people are claiming to be experts in the field. Some even make exaggerated success stories when all they do is just talk about earning money. You know you are with the right teachers when they offer value and nothing else.
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