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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Future of Internet Marketing: How to set yourself up for Success

Internet Marketing is quickly becoming the method of choice for a way to make money fro home (or anywhere else on the planet you choose). We live in the information age and people are making a ton of cash by selling that information. Even information that is freely available to anyone can be packaged into a valuable product and, if done correctly, can make you a ton of cash.
Social Networking
Social Networking
When you add Social Networking to the mix, with sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, the potential is outrageous. No, I’m not trying to sell you a bunch of hype in this post. I’m just trying to set the stage for something. Don’t worry, just keep reading . . .
What is happening right now is that individuals are setting up Internet marketing empires that generate a ton of cash on autopilot. The process that a lot of the Internet Marketing gurus follow is first to make a lot of money with a method that works for them, then teach others to do the same and, in return, make a bunch more money.
There are some downsides to the way this happens. One of those downsides is that a lot of individuals get “caught in the crossfire”. By that, I mean that there are many people that see what these so-called “gurus” are doing and how “easily” they are doing it, and decide that if they can just give them a ton of money to learn what they do, they can become overnight successes, not realizing what those so-called “gurus” had to do to get to where they are today. The result is often misguided hope and lots of money lost.
As any industry grows, the natural thing that happens is that there is more and more competition. For example, when the first bloggers started blogging, there was hardly any competition and it was fairly easy to get high rankings and significant traffic. According to Technorati’s 2008 report, there are over 133 million blogs in the blogosphere, with over a million new ones rising every week. I know, it’s kinda crazy.

The Future of Internet Marketing

There is one thing that is extremely obvious when it comes to increased competition. It tends to have a polarizing effect – separating the competitors into two groups: The group that falls by the wayside and the group that rises to the top. The question you need to ask yourself is – “which one of these two groups are you in?”.
Big Businesses
Big Businesses
Since stores like Walmart came on the scene, a lot of smaller businesses have gone out of business. Where I live, there was a family that owned a carpet store that was doing pretty well. Then Menards moved in about a half hour away and there business dropped within months, causing them to close up shop and suffer the fate of many unemployed former business-people.
It’s becoming increasingly obvious that if you are going to survive in the online business arena, there needs to be something about what you are doing that will cause your business to thrive when others are falling by the wayside.

So what hope is there?

The beauty of online business is that individuals (yes, you and I) can set up empires that are very similar to what BIG businesses are doing and, in many ways, more effective. In order to thrive in the midst of stiff competition, you need to run your online ventures like a Business.
Home Business Owner
Internet Business Owner
What do I mean by this? No more toying around and hoping that a million bucks will land on your lap because you found the right gimmick. No more jumping from information product to information product to information product wasting a ton of money. Educate yourself on how to find a scam, and then find a profitable niche, and build a Big Business around it. Yes, it will take a lot of work – A butt load of work quite frankly. But in the end, you will have something that you are proud of. Something that will continue making money for decades, and set you up for the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of.
This post is not intended to be a discouraging post. It’s just one where I’m being real about what’s out there and where you can go with your online success. I WANT you to wake up (if you aren’t already awake) and give yourself the “kick in the butt” that you need (the same kind I give myself every so often). I’ve spent a lot of money in the past on “Get Rich Quick Schemes” until I realized that schemes don’t last, and can often end up hurting you and the ones you love. Remember, it’s not all about making money. It’s about being successful and helping others to do the same.
I’m going to be making a number of posts on how to build your business, because it’s becoming a passion of mine and I really don’t want people to make some of the mistakes I made in the past. So come back often.


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