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Friday, June 4, 2010

How Much Can I Earn Online Using Google Adsense?

Many people are asking this question right after they get signed up with Google Adsense. It's pretty dis-heartening to find out you're making about a buck a day a few months after signing up and creating a site.

Then they wonder how it is that people claim to make thousands with Google Adsense. They end up believing it's all hype and a scam. But the truth is, if you understand how to work it, you really can make thousands of dollars with it.

Another mistake that 'newbies' make is thinking they're going to jump right in and rake in those thousands. But truth holds that you'll have to build up your profits gradually. You need to build your traffic and get your site noticed. Link-building is very important for creating a profitable site.

One of the biggest keys to Adsense income is creating content. By creating more pages and more sites you can increase your cash. If you're getting a dollar per day from one site, then that's $30 per month. If you make TEN sites like that, then you have $300 per month. And if fifty, then you can see how it escalates.

One thing to definitely watch out for are 'Adsense ready sites'. Some of these will have 'duplicate content' and all the search engines frown on this, and can spot it a mile away. Creating new and fresh content is the key to success in this biz. You can write your own, or hire it done through sites like 'Elance' or 'Get A Freelancer'. You can buy sites already made from spots like 'SEDO' and then put your Adsense code on them.

Once you start showing some income, then you can tweak the color and placing of your ads. By doing some of these different things for improving your site, you also improve your click-through rating, or CTR.

Read and study as much of the FREE information on the subject as you can. Learn the ins and outs of using Google Adsense and building sites that are optimized to get the most out of it.

It takes time in the beginning to learn about everything you need and to build up your site. But the payoff comes when you start raking in enough cash to quit your old nine to five job and stay home running your sites.

It's really rewarding, and it's fun to learn. And once you know how, you can duplicate it for yourself, and even get paid to help others. Write and ebook and publish it for even more profit. There are lots of ways of making good money on the net, you just have to put in the time to learn them.

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