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Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Twitter Tools to Manage Your Followers

Like other social networking sites, Twitter is about making contacts and following them. Active Twitterers usually have dozens of contacts which need management so as to maximize your social capital on Twitter. Here is a list of ten popular Twitter tools for managing your followers:

1. Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet acts as a personal Twitter agent for you, working by discovering and suggesting useful contacts that match your defined needs. All you need to do is log in with your Twitter username or email

2. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It is a Twitter directory. Using it, you can find Twitterers with similar interests as yours as well as benefit from the comprehensive Twitter Tool Directory for free.

3. Who Should i Follow

Similar to Just Tweet It, Who Should i Follow finds Twitterers of your interest by comparing with those you are already following.

4. My Tweeple

This is a wonderful Twitter tool that manages all your contacts, including those you are following and those who are following you, all in one place. You can update your list of contacts by a single click on any of the three options: Follow, Unfollow, and Block. Also, you can mark spammers and alert other contacts about a spammer.

5. MyCleenr

MyCleenr allows you to sort your Twitter contacts by the last tweets they made. This helps you remove any inactive contacts/followers you have been following. MyCleenr requires your Twitter password for signing in; however, it promises not to store it. This means the site’s guarantee to forget your password soon as your session ends.

6. TwitBlocker

Here is a special tool for managing constantly tweeting or chatting friends while you are working online. With TwitBlocker you can temporarily block a contact from constant chatting brought to your notice by simply making a click. The blocked contacts are restored upon restarting your browser. So if you need to keep someone off for a while, get TwitBlocker

7. Twitoria

Twitoria is a helpful tool for managing your Twitter contacts as it reveals your contacts which have been dormant for a long time, ranging from a week to a year. This helps you decide to stop following them or just follow them elsewhere.

8. Twimailer

A truly helpful tool in managing your followers is Twimailer. It works like an automatic delivery service and delivers messages and emails from Twitter directly to your primary email address. So you don’t have to resort to Twitter or a related site every time any of your followers posts a tweet, or people who are following you make contact.

9. FlashTweet

For Twitterers with many friends/followers, FlashTweet is yet another ideal tool. Using it, you can monitor your followers from your multiple Twitter accounts and insert RSS feeds, all at once.

10. Twittangle

Twitterers who are entangled in a crowd of their many followers can untangle the mess by using Twittangle. It is a free tool available and works by allowing you to rate and tag contacts such that the tool automatically compiles a custom timeline for you.



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