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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make Money Online With Your Own PTC Business

PTC or Paid-To-Click is big business. Many thousands of people all over the world use PTC sites to make an extra income on the side as well as their regular income. PTC sites work by you simply clicking on a link or viewing an Ad for about 5 seconds and you get paid for it. The payments per click you make are set on each perticular site but normally range from about 2-5c. Obviously if you are clicking 20 Ads per site and are using 10 sites a day you can make around $5.00 or more a day from doing this. And you get paid for what ever earnings your referrals make as well. So you can see why people use these sites on the daily. And they provide people with a regular and residual extra income.

But being an end user of PTC sites can be a very boring and tiresome task sometimes. Many people don't have the time to spend 20 minutes on each site clicking Ads only to spend another 20 minutes on another site clicking their Ads and earning money and doing this one by one until you have reached your daily earnings limit.

Fed up of working for PTC sites? Make them work for you and cash in on the ever growing lucrative PTC industry!
Start your own PTC business with a Free PTC script. Free Domain Name & Free Hosting. Contains everything you need to start your own PTC business and includes the NeXtGen PTC Script ready to go!

This contains everything you need to start your own PTC business and includes the NeXtGen PTC Script. Just have it set up for you and then all you need to do is modify it to how you want it depending on the name and theme of your site. Set the amount earned for clicks and minimum payout amount and then just find some Advertisers which is easy to do.

PTC Script
- Our NeXtGen PTC script offers you a high quality PTC bux site build with modern web 2.0 technologies.

Domain registration - We will register your .com domain under your own name at the registry.
Hosting - We will host your PTC script on one of our powerful servers. We can guarantee an uptime of 99.9%!
Technical support - We will install the PTC script and help you out in case of technical hurdles.

All you need to do is install the script on your site and you're ready to go and start making money from your very own PTC business. All you need to do then is get the members who you can pay with either Paypal or Alertpay etc. The more members you have the more you will make! Once the script is set up and your site is working properly how you want it. It is just a matter of finding members for your site. This is not a real hard task. There are many ways to find members for PTC sites. You can post on PTC/GPT type forums that you are a new site and for people to test you out.I am sure if you know anything about this industry and know how to install scripts on a server then you know how to go about getting traffic to your site and how to climb up in the search engine ranks for certain keywords.

Tips to get your business underway
  • Choose a good "keyword" based domain name.
  • Post on forums launching your site.
  • Release press releases and articles.
  • Use link directories and social bookmarking.
  • Find advertisers on PTC/GPT type forums.
Be patient but work at it. Over time your site will start to get busy and will have regular returning members. Make money online from the Advertisers. All you do is set a price to pay your members and then keep a percentage of it for yourself.

The NeXtGen PTC contains more information on what you need and what to do. It costs just $9 a month. You can make that back and much more with this. The more members you have the more you will make. It depends on you. Start your own PTC business today. The rewards are waiting, you've just got to take them.




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