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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Best ways to promote your blog

 In order to succeed in blogging the quality of content is very important. However, only content cannot help in making a blog popular. You need to know about various successful tools for blog promotion. Internet is full of a large number of blog promotion tools and websites. Here are a few ways which you can use for promoting your blog.
 Digg is a social news site that can help users find blog posts and web pages of interest as well as promote pages and blog posts they like.Digg users can add "friends" to their networks. This is where Digg gets social. Users can comment on submissions and share submissions with each other.You can add your blog at Digg. You can add your posts and if people like it, they will digg it. More diggs indicate increased popularity of your blog. It is very easy to use Digg. Numerous people use Digg for promoting their blog. Google picks up blog posts from Digg in a fast manner.
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.Facebook is the most popular social networking site with over 350 million members. Not only is it a great tool to connect with friends, family, colleagues and more across the world, but it's also a great tool to increase traffic to your blog.Adding your blog to your Facebook profile is a great way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it. When you add your blog to your Facebook profile, each time you publish a new post, a snippet of that post appears on your profile's home page as a status update. Every friend that you're connected with on Facebook will automatically see that snippet on their Facebook status updates page where they can click on it and visit your blog to read the rest of the post (and if your Facebook profile is public, everyone with Internet access can see it).
Technorati Media is an integrated online media company with an ad network, three owned web properties, and an ad technology platform. Technorati.com, the flagship site, is the world’s first and largest blog search engine and a robust community blogging platform.Numerous bloggers have already added their blogs at this website. If you add your blog at Technorati then it will help a lot in its promotion. You can meet likeminded people here. Do not doubt the reliability of this website by focusing on its name. It is a wonderful tool for blog promotion.
MyBlogLog is a blogging directory and community that also provides statistics tracking to registered users of the site. Registration is free. The statistics provided by MyBlogLog are not as robust as those provided by most of the other stat trackers available.This service is offered by Yahoo for blog promotion. Here, you would be able to meet a large number of bloggers and you can ask them to visit and join your blog. You may leave your comments on other people blogs and they will return the favour. It is a trusted method for blog promotion.
 Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website owned by Yahoo! that can help users save, share and find online content such as blog posts.Del.icio.us is also a great way to find content of interest, because you can easily search using relevant tags. Having the ability to subscribe to feeds for your favorite tags makes it even easier to find content of interest.Del.icio.us should certainly be a part of your social bookmarking plan to promote your blog, but don't rely on it to bring in torrents of traffic.
 Launched in 2005, Reddit is a social news website that displays news based on your personal preferences and what the community likes. Your preferences are determined based on your history of voting stories up or down.So reddit evenly counts for your blog traffic.
7.  Getting blog traffic by link building:
  1. Exchange links with other bloggers
  2. Use BlogRush
  3. Submit to RSS directories
  4. Submit to blog directories
  5. Submit to general directories
  6. Start a 2nd blog and link to yourself
  7. Create and give away blog themes (with a link to your blog in the footer)
  8. Create free plugins
  9. Create link bait
  10. Participate in blog carnivals
  11. Comment on DoFollow blogs 
8.Joining communities:
  1. Join communities at MyBlogLog
  2. Join communities at Bumpzee
  3. Join communities at Blog Catalog
  4. Start a community at any of these sites
  5. Comment on other blogs in your niche
  6. Email your friends and contacts about a new blog post that may interest them
  7. Email your readers to say “thank you”
  8. Email other bloggers to introduce yourself
  9. Link out to other blogs
9.Internal Links:
A great deal of blog promotion tips focus upon how to promote your blog on other people’s blogs and sites – but a great way to promote your blog post is to do it on your own blog.
One thing that I try to do with my best posts after I publish them is to think about where I could promote it on my own blog.
While it is at the top of my blog’s front page (the primary place to promote it) if you think hard you’re bound to find a few other posts in your archives that you could link to this new post. Find places where you’ve covered similar topics before and add your link as a ‘related reading’ link or even add a link to your new post within the content of an old post.
You might also want to add your new post to previously written ‘sneeze pages‘ or your sidebar if it’s a key post. Every link you add on your own blog to your new post potentially sends your current readers to your new post but also helps your blog with Search Engine Optimization (internal links count too).
10.Other social networking sites:
  1. Netscape
  2. Magnolia
  3. MySpace
  4. YouTube FORUMS:
  5. AuthorityBlogger
  6. Stumbleupon 
The above discussed ways to drive traffic to your blog covers the entire basic scenario to drive a quality traffic to your blog and hence enhance your blog rankings.A deep research on how to drive traffic to a blog mainly  ponits out to the above ways. Though, suggestions to the improvement of the post will be greatly acknowledged. Leave comments if any...............



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