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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Top 10 Proven Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Ever since I started blogging on my first blog Internet Business Blog (it’s a history now) back in March 2006, I never ever saw blogs as a marketing aid. Blogging for me was just a tool to get my pages indexed fast on Google and increase my rankings. Now, after almost two years in blogging I understood that, blog can prove to be very helpful in building a brand as well as in SEO. I gradually learned how to blog and continue to learn and apply whatever I read from people online.
Here I’m sharing with you my Top 10 Tips that helped me to increase traffic to my blog. This has helped me and would surely help you too, if you continuously do it.
1. Comment of other blogs : It has been proved that commenting on other’s blog could increase traffic to your blog. Leave good comments blend it with humor, people love humor. When you find some controversial post simply put your comments in a memorable form, like you’re a grown up, controversies are the most effective way to become famous with least amount of effort but be sure not to fire people against yourself.
Traffic that is unstoppable2. Submit your articles to Social Media Sites : Social media sites are the best places where you could submit your articles and get an instant boost of traffic to your blog. If people like it they will surely link to it, hence increasing even more traffic. While top Social media sites are the best ones, you must also consider to submit your articles to niche specific social media sites. This would give you considerably good amount of recognition for your work.
3. Comment on online communities : Join and take part in the online forums and communities. Don’t forget to add a signature with your blog URL. Your comments on these communities and forums would reward you in becoming a respected part of the community as well as get you work.
4. Bookmarking Articles : Ask your visitors to bookmark your articles. Sites like StumbleUpon, del.icio.us, Google Bookmarks and del.irio.us could provide you with loads of traffic.
5. Interact with blog commenter : Make friendly relations with your blog commenter. Make them feel at home and they will make you feel at home. It’s that simple. Always try to help your commenter with some useful resource, if that is not possible lead them to a place which would solve their problems, don’t worry about they leaving your site, if they like your help they will return.
Traffic signs to stop traffic6. Write with a Consistency : Write at least 3-5 resourceful articles a week. Doing this will let your visitors understand that you are a dedicated blogger, who cares to help. If you’re not consistent enough to write then why would your readers would be consistent to visit your blog.
7. Submit your blog on Blog Directories : Submit your blogs to Technorati, Techmeme, Blogcatalog and other blog directories. Blog directories are also a place where you could submit your blogs and get traffic, initially when your blog is fairly new.
8. Link to other’s Article : Linking in and out helps a lot. Firstly, it helps you in providing proof about your thoughts as well as helps you get people link to you for providing a resourceful article.
9. RSS Feeds : Always syndicate RSS through feedburner, why? Because they are the best. Syndicating feeds also results in increasing traffic, as the people who are in list of your feed would definitely come back.
Traffic night scene10. Be Patient : This last tip is the most important one, this tells you to be patient. Whatever you do, be it building a big house or making a million dollars, everything takes time, so does our online venture. Consider this, if you have stepped in to Internet Marketing, then you didn’t get involved by chance. It’s that even your destiny wants you to get in it. If you’re patient enough to cross the initial period of failure then your future would be full of colors of success.




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