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Friday, August 6, 2010

VigLink: Easy way to make money from content links

There is an easy way to make some extra cash from the content that you put on your blog. It’s coming from VigLink, which is a content monetization company. Every time you write about a product or service on your blog, VigLink will convert the normal links for that product or service into an affiliate link automatically. All you have to do is just add the Java script code VigLink offer before the closing body tag in your blog template and keep the rest to this content monetization company.
Whenever we write a positive review about some product or service on our blog, are actually motivating our blog readers to purchase that. And if any of our blog readers make a purchase, we actually become eligible for a commission if there is some website offering affiliate program for that product. VigLink has actually tied-up with more than 12,500 affiliate networks and will collect our performance across these networks. They will send our collective payments from all affiliate networks and keep 25 percent of our earnings as their commission.

VigLink Installation

VigLink accepts all major blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and TypePad into their content monetization program. And for start making money from VigLink, create a publisher account on VigLink and install the Java script code provided before the closing body tag. Once you have successfully installed the JS code, VigLink will convert all normal links into affiliate links for each product they find an affiliate. Suppose you linked to a product available on Amazon or Ebay during your blog post, all VigLink will do is convert that normal link into affiliate link for you on that network. You will also get free from the tedious process of account creation, affiliate link addition on your blog from various affiliate networks.
There is no cost for joining VigLink network. It will take 2-3 minutes of time actually to setup your publisher account successfully with them. Here is a small video from Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink about how this network actually works:

Insertion of VigLink script does not chance your blog readers experience at all. They will not be adding any pop-unders, pop-ups, underlines etc to your links. All of your links will look clean as they were before the insertion of code from VigLink website. Blogger official blog Blogger Buzz has coverage about VigLink and monetization method here.

VigLink payment system

VigLink send payments via Check in US and through Paypal in countries where it’s applicable. $25 is the minimum payout and they charge 25 percent of your earnings as their commission and send the rest to you via check or Paypal.




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