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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Convert Your Articles Into Video and Make More Sales

To say, “Video on the internet is huge”, would be an understatement. A great way to jump in to the making videos is by taking the articles you already have and make videos out of them. How you ask, well it actually very simple. You use Microsoft Power Point and Camtasia if your on a PC and Keynote and a software like Screenflick for MAC.

The process is very simple. You take one of your article and create a slide show out of it using Power Point or Keynote and the you run through the presentation and record it with Camtasia or Screenflick. For best results, it is a good idea to narrate your presentation and use the “floating head” display if you have a video camera or web cam.

This does two things, it makes the video much more interesting and gives the viewers a personal connection to you by hearing your voice and seeing your face. This creates familiarity and trust and make people more apt to listen to what you have to say and actually take action on your advice.

You don’t even have to rewrite your articles. There is no fear of duplicate content, I would however, re title your videos to something different then your articles. That way it won’t get filtered out of the SERPs on the same pages as your articles.

Once you have your videos created you want to get it on as many video sharing site that you possibly can. That means upload it to YouTube all the other video sites you can find. There is a great service called Traffic Geyser that does all the video submitting for you and is a great way to leverage your time and the amount of traffic your videos will generate.

By doing this you will really ramp up your marketing campaigns, and join ranks with the elite marketers. It is so simple, and the results you get are way too good for you not to do it. Go ahead and make a video today and get it out there on the web sending traffic back to you.




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