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Sunday, November 21, 2010

50 Self-Reflecting Questions To Ask Yourself As A Blogger

This is something I have been wanting to write up for a while without it sounding too cliché. This is not a post full of questions to ask yourself before starting a new blog, but a post to reflect on your current blogging habits.

What I want you to do is just go through this post and read all the questions either out loud or in your head.

Then, simply answer them. Now, I am not asking you to share these answers with anyone else if you don’t want to. I’m not even asking you to share your answers, period. What I am asking you to do is be as honest as possible in all of your answers. Don’t answer questions like #13 with a lie, because then you will be missing the whole point of this post.

I want you to really reflect on the kind of blogger you are, and lying won’t help you do that. The reason for this is because some of the questions I came up with will really cause you to think about your actions and motivations as a blogger. With those thoughts in your mind, it can really help you make the changes needed to become a better blogger.

If you have any questions, or need clarification, just comment. I respond to all comments, so I will be more than happy to explain anything left unclear. :)

50 Questions To Make you Think

  1. Is it okay to be hypocritical in your articles?
  2. Do you think you owe someone for commenting on your blog?
  3. Do you define your blog as a success if you [intlink id="2270" type="post"]make a lot of money[/intlink] from it and get a lot of comments per post?
  4. Are you a conformist, or an independent?
  5. Is anything you write truly a great piece of writing without some lies or a little over exaggeration?
  6. Is it better to get facts from someone else, or conduct your own experiments for results?
  7. Is everything a “guru” says always the right solution for you?
  8. Do you truly think PageRank is worthless?
  9. How would you honestly feel with a PR0 blog?
  10. Is it worth replying to comments on your blog knowing that most of your replies will never be responded to or even read again?
  11. Do you think your blog will still exist next month? 2 months? 3?
  12. Have you discovered that writing your post first will help you write a better post title?
  13. Are the links you include in your blog posts really meant to help other people, or are you just trying to sell an affiliate product or drive traffic to another website?
  14. Are you really blogging to help others, or just to make profit?
  15. Have you ever thought of not approving a comment because it is negative knowing nobody will find out?
  16. Is it wrong to comment on your blog under a different name?
  17. Do you plan for the future, or for the present in regards to your blog design?
  18. Is it worth emailing larger bloggers knowing they probably won’t get back to you or even read your message because it doesn’t “meet their standards of being replied to”?
  19. Are you ever willing to edit an image you use in your blog post to make it look more appealing and eye catching?
  20. Are the images you use in your blog posts have a literal or metaphorical meaning that relates to your article?
  21. Do you think people who comment on your blog with keywords in their name are worth being replied to, or even acknowledged in your blog?
  22. Are you a “thinker” and “planner” instead of a “doer”?
  23. Have you realized from experience, or by seeing that list posts are not as hard to make as they seem to be?
  24. Do you think it is beneficial to make a change to your blog that your readers will like, but you may not be fond of?
  25. Is there something you have been wanting to change/add/remove from your blog, but haven’t gotten around to it?
  26. Do you value every comment you get on your blog the same, regardless of the content of the comment?
  27. Do you ever leave out information in your posts and try to let your readers fill it in in the comments section?
  28. How many times do you think about your blog when you’re away from the computer?
  29. Do you avoid posting controversy on your blog because you have none to post, or you’re afraid someone might disagree with you?
  30. Are you easily discouraged?
  31. Do you think that hard work now will pay off later, even after months of hard work and no results?
  32. Do you avoid trying to create relationships with other bloggers because they have a larger blog, or are more well known than you are?
  33. Are you making the best of your social network/media profiles?
  34. Do you ever add personality into your posts (ex: smiley faces, jokes, etc.)?
  35. Do you add “friends” on social network/media sites because you want them to read you blog, or because you actually want to become friends with them?
  36. Would you feel more accomplished if you got 20 comments from “regular” bloggers, or just 1 comment from a highly respected “famous” blogger?
  37. Are you being as personal as you can with your readers (picture of yourself, small bio, etc.)?
  38. Do you believe comments on your blog with more writing should be valued and rewarded higher than comments with less writing?
  39. Are you more embarrassed when someone points out a spelling/grammar mistake, corrects wrong information, or when someone strikes down your article?
  40. Do you think your posts should be concise, or filled with extra information?
  41. Do you make the title of my posts clear so the reader understands what the article is about before jumping to the content?
  42. What do you think when a post you put less effort into gets a bigger response than a post you put more effort into?
  43. Does it bother you to see someone younger than you have a more successful blog?
  44. Are you afraid to make an investment in something that could help your blog substantially because you’re afraid it won’t work?
  45. Do you add a fresh perspective to a subject, or just regurgitate it?
  46. Do you tend to cut out some information that could be useful to some people because you don’t want your post to be “too long“?
  47. Look at your blog articles. What is the ratio of pillar articles to regular articles?
  48. Have you kept up with posting consistently over the last month? If not, why?
  49. Are your blog posts full of information that will remain relevant over a long period or time, or for a shorter period of time?
  50. Are you afraid to ask questions to your readers that you don’t know the answer to?

No More Questions!

I know there were a lot of questions, and I hope you didn’t feel overwhelmed. Hopefully this post has helped you figure out and come to terms with the kind of blogger you are. Let me know what you thought of this post. These questions weren’t the easiest things to come up with as I wanted to go a little deeper than most bloggers would.





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