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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Make Money Writing For HubPages

HubPages is a great site that offers freelance writers the chance to make money by composing blog like articles. Writers make money on HubPages through ads from Google Adsense that are listed all over their hub (as the page is called). Freelance writers for HubPages can also earn money through affiliate marketing with companies like Amazon and eBay.
  1. Visit HubPages homepage at http://hubpages.com/ (or link to it in the resource list below this article). Take a look at the first page...you can either choose to sign up right away with HubPages or 'take a tour' to learn more information on writing hubs and making money. If you take a quick tour of HubPages, you'll find information on everything from what a hub is, what to write about, what kinds of writing tools are available, how you can interact with other hubbers, and how to make money on HubPages. I recommend taking this tour to help you decide is writing for and making money with HubPages is for you.
  2. Once you have all the information you need to understand HubPages, you can sign up for free by clicking the green 'sign up now' button. You'll need to choose a user ID and password, as well as agree to the terms of use on HubPages. Make sure that your user ID is something unique to you and one that you'll be happy with because it will be how others and the Internet community recognize you...and you can't change it after you've chosen one. When you are finished, click submit and check your email for a confirmation of your HubPages account set up. You'll need to click on the link in the email to verify your account and get started on HubPages.
  3. You'll need to enter your personal contact information on HubPages so that the company knows who you are and how you want paid for your writings. This information remains confidential and no one outside of the HubPages staff sees this anywhere. It's important that you put in your account information so that you can start making money on HubPages immediately. You'll need to sign up for a Google Adsense account (if you don't have one) and sign up for the other affiliates listed in HubPages (Amazon & eBay) if you want paid by them as well. See the resource list below for links to these sign up pages. Simply click the link and follow the directions to set up an account under each site.
  4. Next, you'll want to set up your profile and pay careful attention to your 'about me' page. Creating a good 'about me' page on HubPages is important because it's the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Your 'about me' page should be detailed and interesting. Tell visitors who you are and what you enjoy doing. Let them know why you are writing for HubPages (and not just because you want to make money) and what you'd like to share with the world. Explain any experience and education you have for writing hubs and what hobbies you enjoy. It's important to paint a good picture of yourself in your 'about me' page on HubPages so that readers want to visit your hubs often. A good 'about me' page makes more visits and more visits makes you more money.
  5. Pick a good photo to upload on your HubPages profile. Choose a picture that explains who you are as a writer and a person. If you aren't comfortable putting a photo of yourself on your HubPage profile, pick one of your pet, your house, your car, or a unique picture that draws visitors to your hubs. An interesting photo is one that encourages visitors to ask questions. For example, I use the picture of my kitty Gavin for all my profile photos. It prompts people to ask me about him and if he is my pet. They are also inquisitive as to why I'd choose that photo. My picture of Gavin gets people to interact with me and ask questions. Then, they become curious about who I am and it makes them want to read my articles.
  6. You can write about anything your little heart desires on HubPages. The site is easy to use and writer friendly for getting hubs done in a fast amount of time. You can also choose to use articles you've written for other sites and make them into hubs on HubPages (hubs, after all are just pages with an article you write). However, know that you cannot make a lot of money on articles you recycle. HubPages does not allow for affiliate marketing on these hubs and will mark them 'duplicate' when the site finds your article elsewhere. But, you can still earn money from Google Adsense ads. Your best choice is to start fresh and put new articles on your hub pages. Draw people in with something interesting just as you would do when writing for eHow or other 'how to' sites.
  7. You can check the status of your money making progress on HubPages under the 'statistics' link. Simply click on 'my account' at the top of the HubPage website. And click the link marked 'statistics' under the 'your hubs' heading. You'll see a page marked 'hub page statistics'. This page shows you all the hubs you have written, how many times each hub has been viewed, and how many comments each hub has received. It will also show you the date each hub was published. You'll use this statistic information often to find out how much traffic is being drawn to your articles. It will also help you to know whether you need more views and comments. You can usually get more views and comments by searching through other HubPage writer's hubs and viewing and commenting on them. You can also sign up for other writer's fan mail and get them to join yours.
  8. To find out how much money you're making on HubPages, you'll want to view your affiliate settings. Simple click on 'my account' at the top of the page, and then click on 'affiliate settings' under 'your account'. The affiliate settings page will show you the list of affiliates you are signed up with and those that you can sign up with to make money. After going to each affiliates homepage (listed in the resource list at the end of this article) and signing up with them, you'll want to come back to this 'affiliate settings' page in HubPages and input your affiliate ID numbers. You can find them on your Google Adsense, Amazon.com, and eBay.com affiliate pages under your 'settings'. Once you have all this information put into the 'affiliate settings' page on HubPages you can start to assess your money making progress by coming to the 'affiliate settings' page under 'your account' in HubPages as often as you like.
Tips & Warnings:
  • Write, write, and write some more to make the most money on HubPages...the more content and hubs you have, the better chance you have of making a good amount of money on HubPages.
  • Ask other writer on HubPages for input...all the hubbers on HubPages are very helpful and can offer some great advice on your money making adventure on HubPages...don't be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • Check out other writer's work to get noticed...viewing and commenting on other hubs is one of the best ways to get traffic to your own hub and make more money.

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