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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tips on how to write articles that make more money

Do you want an article that could earn you more money? Read and learn more about writing articles that could earn more money for you online.
Online writing is perhaps the easiest way and the best way for writers to earn in this modern age.  With the number of computer owners plus the internet all over the world, it would be impossible for an article to have no viewers.  But having viewers is not that easy unless you know the tips and tricks of writing an article that attract viewers and make money for you.
Although not all articles earn online, you can always write an article that could make you money more than your other articles.  If you are a writer, of course you can always think of a good topic to write about that will have more viewers which means more earnings.  The trick to earn money by writing is to write an article that can build a good traffic.  Having a good traffic to your article of course means more clicks which also mean more money to earn.
Here are some simple and easy tips to follow when writing articles that sell.
Write articles with the top key words
You can search the web for words and phrases that build more traffic.  Unlike in traditional magazine writing where it is enough to write good articles to be read by people, online writing requires words and phrases that are usually searched in the website.  These words if used in your articles will make your article earn more money.  The more your article is searched the more traffic it could build which means more money in google adsense.
Write articles that people love to read
There are topics that more people want to read.  You can take a look at your articles and find out which articles have more viewers.  I noticed that articles about popular people, sports, medicine, politics, travel, how to’s and food are better read than articles about other topics.  Write more about popular topics so that more people will search your articles.
Write good articles
Learn to write good articles by avoiding too many errors.  Readers will be annoyed if they find out too many errors in your work.   Practice will make you a better writer.
Make the first paragraph interesting
The first line of your article plus the next five sentences will be the motivating factor of your written work.  If the reader does not find anything interesting in your article, your article will not be read.  As much as possible, put your best effort in the first paragraph of your article.  And don’t make the paragraph too long.  Put breaks for every few lines.  Crowded writing does not look good to the viewer.
Build links
Building links is one of the best ways to promote your work online.  Linking to other sites will build links back to your articles.  This means a better traffic to your article.
Learn from other writers
Read more about how other writers earn money online.  Take note about how they earn money and where they earn money.  You can learn a lot of things from other online writers.
Read and write more
Reading more and writing more will make you a better writer.  There are always new ideas and new information that you can gather by reading.  The more you read the more you learn how to write better.  Keep reading and keep writing; this will teach you more writing skills as you move on.
Writing online is easy but if you want to make money, you have to read and learn more about how to build traffic to your article so that it could make more money.  You cannot write an article and expect it to earn money instantly.  You have to do something to make it earn money.  Practice is still the best way to hone your writing skills and be a better writer.  The more you write the better your chances will be to become a better writer.

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