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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My 10 Online Money Makers

Hola! This is my guide to 10 Online Money Maker. Hope you like it. (http://www.fljosh.com/online-money-makers-part-1/)
Before you start reading this article, please put this in your mind that there is NO way to earn money without working! So many people think that they can make money instantly and live a luxurious life, but this is too far from reality. There is no other way to earn instant money without working hard.You might think that there is some one who makes a fortune in a matter of time like celebrities. Celebrities do make a fortune for one movie or a music album, but have you thought sometime how hard their work nature is? They need to work almost everyday to finish a contract and stay up late midnight, memorize scripts, and all the other stuff that’s natural in their work field. So this is only shows that working is a requirement of making money.
Today, there are a lot of gigs (ways to make money) out there especially in the Internet. Internet has gone so far that people use it all the time and is part of their lifestyle. Making money in the Internet is sound to easy if you happen to hear it first time, but It is not really an easy work. Money is in the Internet! You just need to find it and work for it. There are so many ways to earn money online and that is why I am here writing this article to show you how to make money online.
Here is a 10 online money makers:
#1. Launch your own blog.
- This seems to obvious for some of you folks, but majority of money making online starts in your own page. First, create your own blog by signing up for free blog page at typepad.com or blogger.com. Then, put up an ads from Google’s AdSense or TLA’s Ads. You can make money when visitors clicks on your ad. Then advertise your blog. When I say advertise your blog, you need to promote it to everyone!
#2. Offer your local businesses in your area to “Piggyback” them in your website.
- This has a lot of work, but it will earn you a lot of money. Go out and check your local businesses and ask them if they have website, and if they don’t have one, you can offer them to piggyback their business in your website and then talk about the fees afterwards.
If they already have website, ask them to advertise their business in your website with a 125×125 banner or something with a monthly fee or it depends on your strategy.
Please remember when talking about business with other business people stay in your own line! Do not cross their line and piss them off. If they doesn’t want to piggyback with you or advertise in your website, don’t force them, don’t be push-y. Rather, if they refuse to piggyback and advertise with you, give them your business card and just tell them (in a nice way) to call you if they decided to piggyback or advertise with you.
#3. Create a local “Yellow Page” type website.
- This is a very challenging way to make money in my own opinion because it will do a lot of work and a lot of time outside searching for businesses in your local area. Create your website and choose a theme of your Yellow-Page like website (i.e. Restaurants in Boca Raton). In my given example, go out and search for all the restaurants in your local area and gather all the informations you can get from them, then organize all of the informations and publish it in your Local Yellow-Page Like Website. Afterwards, you need to promote your website and post flyers and go to door to door in residential areas and or schools. The best place to put your banner is at the airport near your area.
When you get a reasonable visitors in your website (keep it running with all the restaurants information in your website for a month) that’s the time to start making business with all the restaurant owners in your area. Make a proposal to put their “Restaurant-Name” in the main page and ask for your desired fee.
Simple enough? Yes it is very simple but it will take you from 1 month to 5 months to start making money.
#4. Sell your art works online.
- This is sound funny, but it works! The theme is make it simple but elegant. Go buy yourself a watercolor and special papers. After you get all the materials, start painting with your water colors anything you want. A single stroke of blue water color in your vintage-looking paper with a nice vintage frame can cost $100-$150. Sell it in eBay or put up your own Art Gallery website and start selling your arts!
Water Color = $3-$5
Specialty Paper = $20-$30
Frame = $10-$40
Try it and you will see how easy it is to make money with your artistic side.
NOTE: If you have a crappy and ugly looking art, this opportunity is BEST for you!!
#5. Help others sell online.
- You can ask your friends or family to sell something for them by asking them to check their garage or attic for used and unused items that worth selling online and ask for a percentage of the profit of course. You will be surprised that you can earn money by doing a simple stuff as this.
You can use Amazon.comand eBay.com
#6. Create a classified ads website.
- This is far the most unknown for others. If you have a website, you can put up your own classified ads right in your website by using pre-installed tools or by using wordpress blog’s various Classified Ads plugins. First, offer people a free classified ads for the 1st month or up to 5th month of free ads. Then if you developed thousands of visitors you can set up a price of $3 or more per ads they’re going to submit.
#7. Launch your own travel service.
- You can put up your own website about Travel Service in your own area. If you know your area very well and you area offers an exquisite beauty that can drive tourists in, this is a good money making business. You can offer tourists to look up for a cheap hotels, cheap car rentals, and you can offer them a personal tour in the area. Just make sure to beat the prices of orbitz.com or travelocity.com, but don’t worry you still can be in the top of the line by giving a personal tour in your area with a fee that none of those websites mentioned above can do!
#8. Online data entry.
- This is a job of data entry. They called it Cyber Date Entry or Online Data entry. There is always some businesses who needs someone to enter informations in their website. So go for it and let the money roll in!
#9. Tutoring Service Online.
- If you are good in Math, English, or any other skills, you can put up an ad in Craigslist.com or in your local bulletin board offering a tutoring lesson for a fee. you can do this by Private or set up a private class with 5 or 10 people per session. Use your knowledge to make money!
#10Write Online for an extra cash.
- Do you have a lot of free time? You can use it to earn cash by writing help guides and just any simple articles online. Sell your service at any classified ads online or just sign up at Bukisa.com or eHow.com for free. Bukisa and eHow is social networking websites with a twist. You write, you earn cash.
Thank you for reading.

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